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Eight of Wands tarot card meaning

The Eight of Wands in tarot is about victory over complicated and complex energies. The image of the card showcases eight wands, which represent things in progress and the general flow of circumstances—this image of the tarot card talks about smooth sailing and achieving success easily. Moreover, the 8 of Wands meaning says that people should leave their worries to the wind and enjoy the time they have.

The message of this tarot card highlights the importance of living in the moment and not allowing trivial things to ruin the present. The Eight of Wands advice for people is to take leaps of faith and not lose heart. In addition, it is essential for us to focus on the crucial things in life. You can attain success only if you know when and where to channel your energy, focus, and motivation.

The Eight of Wands yes or no card poses you with affirmative answers in every reading. However, you should know how to interpret and understand these answers. Furthermore, one should know how to handle things and should not lose heart if one faces minor setbacks. According to the Eight of Wands tarot guide, life is about having fun and learning.

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Eight of Wands tarot card Upright

Every tarot card in tarot card reading has two meanings. The Eight of Wands Upright showcases progress, action, outcomes or results, decisions, and enthusiasm. Here are the 8 of Wands Reversed and Upright meanings:

Upright Eight of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Eight of Wands meaning Upright, indicates that your struggles and challenges are coming to an end. However, you might still have to face some complex situations, but you will be able to conquer these challenges. In addition, it is the best time for you to invest in yourself and your growth. The Eight of Wands in tarot reading tells you to keep the faith and move forward. You have what it takes to fulfil all your dreams and aspirations. So, don't wait for others to push you. Make your path and work hard. When the Eight of Wands tarot guide appears in the Upright position, it asks people to take charge of their lives and strive for greatness.

The Upright 8 of Wands meaning is all about building something worthwhile, living in the present, and learning to let go of the things that don’t serve their purpose anymore. Besides this, the 8 of Wands as feelings says that you are often doubtful of life and the things happening around you. The Universe urges you to let go of these apprehensions and follow the flow. Use this boost of energy and change your life for the better.

Upright Eight of Wands tarot card in love

The Eight of Wands love reading says that new happiness and excitement are flourishing in your love life. You and your partner are in sync, and everything is going smoothly. However, some things are lacking. For example, you and your partner feel things are not as sweet as before. However, you will soon be able to change this. If you're single, the Eight of Wands reconciliation reading also says that you may get back with your ex, and everything will work out in your favour this time.

Don't get overwhelmed by external factors and a new surge of energy. The 8 of Wands tarot card in love asks people to be careful with their decisions and not let their fears and anxieties take control of their decisions. This position of the tarot card serves as a reminder that everything gets better in the end, and if it doesn’t, it's not the end. So, it's better to keep going.

Upright Eight of Wands tarot card in finance

The Eight of Wands as how someone sees you in a financial reading, says that you are a spendthrift and you often don't know how to save more. In addition, money will not stay as constant in your life. So, you need to understand how and where to invest your finances, and you should take your time with your decisions. Moreover, you will be tempted to overspend. So, be wise and make better choices when it comes to money. It is rightly said that money is not a constant and has the ability to flow out of hand if people are not careful with their choices.

The Upright Eight of Wands tarot card in finance says that your choices surrounding money are rash, and you often end up making the wrong choices. So, it is advisable for you to get in touch with experienced and learned people or consult financial advisors to help you make better financial investments. These pieces of advice will help you a lot, and you will be able to build a better future for yourself.

Upright Eight of Wands tarot card in career

The Eight of Wands career reading indicates quick progress and actions. You will be presented with opportunities for professional trips and travel excursions. In addition, you are in a comfortable position in life, and everything is working in your favour. This reading also says you are a little overwhelmed and overburdened by everything happening around you. However, you will need to cultivate positivity and happiness to go forward in life. So, discard any negative thoughts and work on your self-improvement.

The Eight Wands tarot card presents a varied reading under career and highlights the good, bad, and ugly of working in a corporate setting or having a business. This position of the Eight of Wands tarot card says that you will receive several prospects of growth and transformation in your professional life. Still, you will have to be careful with your choices and avoid burdening yourself with things that don’t have space in your life. When this tarot card appears in a reading, it reminds people that sometimes it is okay to say no to things and prioritise themselves.

Upright Eight of Wands tarot card in health

The Eight of Wands meaning in a health reading indicates that you will be active, healthy, and at peace. You will quickly recover from any illness you're suffering, and everything will go according to plan. Your treatments will work tremendously, and you will be able to rejuvenate your energy, vibe, and health. However, there are chances for you to endure some sports injuries or due to other physical activities, so be careful. The Eight Wands tarot card says it is always better to be careful now rather than be sorry later.

While it is good to have fun, enjoy the present, and immerse yourself in different adventures, you should also know when to stop, take a break, and start again. This position of the tarot card warns that you may cause a deterioration in your mental health if you don’t take care of yourself properly and don’t seek medical help when needed.

Eight of Wands tarot card Reversed

The Eight of Wands Reversed means failures, stagnation or no progress, missed chances, negativity, and procrastination or laziness. Here is the meaning behind this position of Eight of Wands.

Reversed Eight of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The 8 of Wands Reversed comes as a warning sign and asks you to avoid every rash decision. You have to be very careful with what you're doing, and it is essential for you to think deeply before making any decisions. According to the Eight of Wands inverted tarot card meaning, things will go wrong if you hurry. Moreover, you are lacking some essential elements in your plans, because of which you are not making much progress. It's time to sit down, introspect, and review your goals.

Try to change routes and address things from different perspectives so that you can maintain motivation and determination. The 8 of Wands Reversed tarot card says that every choice and decision has a consequence. The Universe spares no one and is impartial in its judgment. Thus, people should be careful and wise with their decisions and avoid making choices that will bring negativity and problems. When the 8 Wands Reversed appears in a tarot reading, it begs for caution, care, and careful consideration in every aspect of life.

Reversed Eight of Wands tarot card in love

The Eight of Wands love tarot reading suggests misconceptions, miscommunications, and chaos in the relationship. You and your partner are victims of misunderstandings, because of which your relationship is deteriorating. According to the Eight of Wands Reversed, there are certain external factors that are negatively affecting your relationship and making you and your partner worry about your dynamic. While it is clear that the both of you love each other a lot, you are facing conflicts due to a lack of communication and understanding between each other.

It would be best if you and your partner tried harder to understand each other and evaluated your actions and words. It would be unwise to make impulsive decisions, say some wrong things, and do harmful actions. So, be careful and wise when it comes to your love life. Moreover, try to keep talking to each other to build a stronger bond and dynamic. Strong communication can improve a lot of things in a relationship.

Reversed Eight of Wands tarot card in finance

The Eight of Wands finance reading indicates blockages, frustrations, and unfulfilled desires. First, you have made some huge investments requiring you to make more investments repeatedly. However, that's not ideal. You are frustrated because your bank balance is not increasing, and you don't know how to make more investments. The 8 Wands Reversed tarot card says that things are not working according to your plans and you are not able to understand how to improve the negative factors surrounding finances.

You may have made wrong financial decisions, now bringing sad consequences to your life. Since the Reversed Eight of Wands tarot guide highlights the result and consequence of all actions, you are reminded to make better decisions in the future. Lastly, you feel financially insecure, unstable, and unhappy. But you should also note that you're not losing any money. So, that's one good aspect of the Eight of Was Reversed in finance reading. Moreover, this aspect highlights the potential of improvement in the financial front of your life.

Reversed Eight of Wands tarot card in career

As per the Eight of Wands career reading, you are failing to stay happy in your job. At the present moment, you are unmotivated, directionless, and lost. These aspects may be due to lost opportunities. On the one hand, you're losing prospects and chances. On the other hand, you are missing out on new possibilities coming your way. You feel that you are stuck in a fast-paced life with no time for yourself. However, have you wondered who is the cause behind this lifestyle? You are someone who enjoys working and is even considered a good employee. However, you are not particularly good to yourself. The 8 of Wands Reversed says that you do not take care of yourself properly, and that is why you often lose out on good opportunities.

So, if you fail to use the opportunities coming your way, this card can also be interpreted as life running out of your hands. Therefore, be careful and don't be in a hurry. The 8 of Wands as feelings in your career says that your career is moving too fast and you're overwhelmed by the pressure. In this case, it would be best for you to consult your peers, elders, and loved ones for advice and ideas.

Reversed Eight of Wands tarot card in health

The Eight of Wands yes or no in a health reading, says that you won't be able to overcome your health issues quickly. You will be overwhelmed due to health issues and ailments. These physical and mental ailments will take a significant toll on you, and you will start to isolate yourself. Moreover, your health will deteriorate until you make serious changes to your lifestyle or treatment plans. You will have to work hard to achieve good health, and the process won’t be simple, but it will be worthwhile.

Engaging in regular physical activities, working on hobbies, and spending time in nature would be best. The Reversed Eight of Wands is a warning that if you don’t take charge of your life, you will have to face serious consequences that will alter the course of your well-being. So, per the Eight of Wands Reversed tarot card, learn to be better before life forces you to get on track.

How to read Eight of Wands tarot card?

Single Card Readings are meant for concise questions. Here's the Eight of Wands meaning in Eight of Wands yes or no reading:

Upright: Yes, and your results are coming to you rapidly.

Reversed: Yes, but your results will take some time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 8 of Wands Reversed urges you to take charge of your life and stop holding yourself back. The more you hold onto the past, the worse your present and future will get. So, let go and move ahead.
The Eight of Wands reconciliation reading says that you and your ex-partner will once again connect on a spiritual level. You will find your way back to each other, and love will blossom again.
The Eight of Wands as feelings denote growing romance, romantic feelings, strong foundations, and moving towards goal achievement.
The Eight of Wands card says people see you as bright, triumphant, and happy. In addition, people believe that you are optimistic, high-spirited, and warm.
The Eight of Wands zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The connection between this tarot card and the zodiac sign is the habit of going with the flow, enjoying life, and allowing oneself to understand things at their own pace.
The Eight of Wands in tarot symbolises swift decisions, quick choices, and immediate action. Per the 8 of Wands meaning, people should learn to be on their feet at all times and should be wise with their decisions.
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