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Page of Wands Tarot Card

Page of Wands tarot card meaning

The Page of Wands tarot guide image portrays a young man, presumably a page, holding a wand in his hand. This man looks happy, confident, and secure with himself. A page is employed as the attendant or caretaker of someone of high status. In addition, pages were known to get direct training from knights and warriors. Thus, they would often offer themselves as attendants to knights in return for their training.

Coming back to the youth on the image of the Page of Wands tarot card, he looks like he has high spirits, and we can determine this from his clothes. Someone's outfit can help us know their exact mood and personality. For example, you tend to wear bright clothes when you are in a good mood. However, when certain situations are against you, you prefer to wear dark outfits. By the young man's outfit, we can determine that he is happy and prosperous. The feather on his hat stands for victory. The colour of his clothes depicts various virtues and qualities such as drive, motivation, dedication, pride, and bravery. The man is of an honourable stature, and he possesses the potential to win in every aspect of life.

This tarot card comes as a message that even though you're stuck in adverse situations, you possess the ability to grab victory. Your determination, passion, and hard work make you capable of fighting challenges. When the Page of Wands yes or no card appears in your tarot reading session, it indicates that you can achieve everything you desire through determination and consistency.

Page of Wands tarot card Upright

The Page of Wands Upright refers to courage, faith, joy, and enthusiasm. This tarot card reminds people to enjoy the little things in life. In addition, here are its meanings in several areas of our lives:

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Upright Page of Wands Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

High energy, inclination towards adventures, and overflowing enthusiasm are the adjectives which best describe you and this tarot card. More often than not, you are brimming with excitement when stepping foot into a new venture or plan. The Page of Wands as a person highlights that you are a headstrong person who is not fearful of the uncertain. In addition, you always anticipate the journey rather than the destination. For you, life is all about making leaps of faith and not letting the fear of uncertainty hold you back.

Furthermore, you enjoy testing your creative boundaries and are always up for some brainstorming. Finally, your outlook towards life is that of a carefree person. You believe that whatever is destined to happen will happen, and you're looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities these events bring to your life.

However, this tarot card also acts as a messenger of caution. It reminds you that you should always check the waters before jumping. This means it would be best to always analyse all the options, possibilities, and factors before deciding. In addition, you must wait before making any significant choices. For example, if you wish to make some investments, it would be wise to analyse the factors surrounding this investment. The Universe urges you to remember that sometimes it's essential to wait instead of taking action.

Upright Page of Wands tarot card in love

Love is just around the corner, and you just can't wait! You will meet someone who will make stars shine in your eyes, and you will feel happier than ever. The Page of Wands love reading indicates that new energies are coming your way, and you will get several opportunities to flaunt your skills and achievement. You have achieved everything by yourself; thus, being a little proud of yourself is not wrong. However, don't go overboard and make people think you're selfish and self-absorbed. Learn to maintain moderation when talking about yourself. Times are changing for you, and you will find yourself meeting people like you. On the one hand, this may cause some conflicts. However, on the other hand, you will find your soul partner.

If you're already in a relationship, then now is the time to explore ways to connect with your partner on a spiritual level and welcome new opportunities in your life. Planning some wholesome activities that will bring your partner closer to you is advisable. Furthermore, luck will favour you in your love life. So, per the Page of Wands as feeling, you will feel blessed and happy that everything is finally going your way.

Upright Page of Wands tarot card in finance

When it comes to your money, income, and finances, the Page of Wands meaning indicates that although you will have prosperity and happiness in your financial life, there will be some crises too. This tarot card urges you to save more and spend less. You will receive some extra money, which will make you tremendously happy. However, you will be tempted to spend this money recklessly. For example, you will wish to spoil yourself by buying some items such as new clothes or shoes. Although your peers will push you to spend this extra cash, it would be unwise. Instead, you should save as much of this money as you can.

You are being told that saving money should be your priority right now. However, the more you save, the better you will be. Moreover, you will also be able to avoid financial struggles because of your habit of saving. Furthermore, you will thank yourself and your spirit guides for having steered you on the right path. So, don't spend mindlessly, and focus more on saving.

Upright Page of Wands tarot card in career

As we already know, the Page of Wands is the tarot card of expectations and new possibilities. Hence, several opportunities for growth, success, and prosperity are coming sooner than later. You will receive the chance to explore new areas of change, and you will be able to expand your horizons. For example, a new project may roll out your way, and you will have to take charge of it. You will have to establish yourself as the leader and make critical decisions. In addition, your input will be valuable for the whole team. Your professional environment will be wholesome and uplifting, and your tasks will be essential to the overall success of the company. So, keep reminding yourself that you're an integral member.

On the other hand, it is advisable to maintain caution and know when to rush headfirst into a project. Remember to take your time weighing your options and analyse all factors before making any choice. Furthermore, only accept tasks to which you're entirely devoted.

Upright Page of Wands tarot card in health

The Page of Wands tarot guide in health urges you to engage in your journey to better living. While you won't necessarily face any health issues, keeping yourself safe and working on improvement would still be best. For example, try to take up a sport you haven't tried yet, and engage in any form of physical exercises, such as long walks. While physical exertion is significant, maintaining a good diet is essential too. So, remember to incorporate nutritious diets into your daily routine.

The message of the Page of Wands yes or no card is that you may have to give extra attention to your health. While you will not experience any major health issues, it is still important to focus on the future. Don't let your professional work commitments interfere with your health.

Page of Wands tarot card Reversed

In the Reversed position, the Page of Wands meaning relates to low confidence, belief, disappointments, and fear. Here is the role of the Page of Wands card in the different aspects of our lives:

Reversed Page of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Page of Wands Reversed says that you possess all that you need to succeed in life. Your creativity, dedication, motivation, and drive are at their peak; all you need is the correct output to channel your energy. For example, you may have gotten an important professional project or academic assignment. You know what you want and how to do it, but you're just not getting the inspiration to start. In addition, you need some motivation to move in the right direction.

The Page of Wands tarot guide urges you to sit with your ideas and make changes when possible. While there's no doubt that your idea is good, there is always potential for betterment or improvement. Focus on the critical aspects of your plans and ideas and analyse them from different perspectives. This tarot card says that caution should be maintained when it comes to idea output.

The primary message of the Page of Wands Reversed yes or no tarot card is to stick to constant change and growth. Allow yourself to be open to new perspectives, and don't let external factors pull you down. You will get all you desire, but you will have to have faith in yourself. Don't pull yourself down by overthinking. It is essential to work on your self-belief and efforts. Furthermore, the Page of Wands Reversed yes or no, says that you will achieve everything only when you start trusting your gut and the process.

Reversed Page of Wands tarot card in love

Ups and downs are all seen in your Page of Wands Reversed love reading. This tarot card represents headstrong people unafraid of heading out into the unknown to get what they desire. So, you are ready to venture into what you want, but your partner may not have the same mindset as you. As a result, there are chances of your relationship failing because your partner is unsure of whether this relationship is meant for them. In addition, your relationship is slowly deteriorating, and you feel trapped in your love life.

Furthermore, per the Page of Wands love reading Reversed; you and your partner are at odds with each other due to differing opinions and views. However, the only way to improve this aspect of your relationship is to sit down and have a conversation. Post that, it can go in two ways: either you and your partner will split and move along with your respective lives, or your relationship will improve. So, don't waste time and make a decision soon.

Reversed Page of Wands tarot card in finance

While the Upright Page of Wands indicates an inclination to save more and make wise choices, the Page of Wands Reversed suggests the opposite. Likewise, the Page of Wands prediction shows a fast incoming financial crisis has come upon you. As a result, you will face turbulence in the financial aspect of your life. However, don't lose heart, and make plans as to how to push away oncoming difficulties. It is essential for you to review your money-related plans and introspect regarding what you're doing wrong. For example, you may have taken your good fortune for granted, had not saved, and had taken things lightly.

This moment is a moment of learning, and you should learn never to take things for granted. Take responsibility for your actions, and make sure to do better henceforth. Bad things will happen and are usually avoidable. So, take steps that will allow you to tackle anything life throws at you.

Reversed Page of Wands tarot card in career

When upside-down, the Page of Wands in a career reading highlights unhappiness in the workplace, problems, conflicts, and arguments. You will feel stuck in your current situation, and your heart is weak from thinking about all the alternate versions of yourself you could have grown into if only you had done some things differently. Your sadness is valid and understandable, but you should know you're not at the end of your fight. There is still a long way to go, and things are yet to bring you what you desire. Maybe you should try to review and rework your plans or decisions. For example, the Universe understands that you're frustrated, but taking it out upon yourself, your loved ones, or your colleagues is inadvisable. Moreover, your unhappiness in your profession indicates that you lack the drive and motivation for this line of work. You may have planned to do something but ended up stuck in something else.

The Page of Wands tarot guide urges you to remember that life is ever-changing and you have the ability to build the life of your dreams. So don't get weak and tired; instead, stand tall and fight for your desires.

Reversed Page of Wands tarot card in health

The health reading of the Page of Wands throws light on your deteriorating mental health. You have either spent a lot of time fighting a recurring illness or are just tired of life in general. Your professional life has an integral role in your health, and the problems you face are due to work stress. Try to maintain an essential balance between your professional and personal life. Once you let these two aspects mingle, several things start going wrong. For example, you feel constantly tired, irritated, and weak. This may be due to anxiety and stress adopted from your professional life. It would be best to analyse what's going wrong, arrive at its root cause, and eliminate the factors affecting you negatively.

This tarot card requests you to maintain peace and allow yourself to make plans which will aid you in your journey of achieving good health. While it is essential to be career-oriented, it is not wise to be obsessed with it. Your obsession with your work problems has paved the way for illnesses to compromise your vitality, energy, and stability. Instead, work on your betterment, and don't let external aspects demotivate you.

How to read Page of Wands tarot card?

The meaning of the 'Page of Wands' card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

In a tarot reading, People can read a tarot card in two positions: Upright and Reversed. Here's the meaning behind the Page of Wands Reversed yes or no and Upright yes or no, in the Page of Wands yes or no reading:

Upright: Yes.

Reversed: Yes, but you will have to work on your self-belief and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Page of Wands meaning is about new energy, enthusiasm, and beginnings. This card says that great things are coming your way, and you will be lucky to have them.
The Page of Wands as feelings says that you are excited about stepping forward into a new aspect of life and are patiently waiting for your dues to come to you.
The Page of Wands as a person is someone who enjoys new experiences and is enthusiastic about new adventures and opportunities.
The Page of Wands zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and its ruling planet is Jupiter.
The Page of Wands love reading implies new bonds, a stronger foundation, and passion in a relationship. But moreover, it also stands for enthusiasm and deep love.
The Page of Wands tarot guide advises people not to lose sight of the end goal and stay positive. In addition, you should keep looking for new opportunities to grow.