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Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Cups is the second last Minor Arcana Tarot card in the category - Cups. The meaning of the Queen of Cups indicates a personality that is feminine, emotional, extremely caring, understanding and has a motherly nature. This person could be either you or someone you will meet in the future. Let’s explore this Tarot Court Card in detail.

Main Features of Queen of Cups

There are key facts associated with the Queen of Cups Tarot. Read them below.

  • Parts Of Queen of Cups Card - Upright and Reversed
  • Element - Water
  • Planet - Neptune and Saturn
  • Zodiac Signs - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Crystal - Malachite, Strawberry Quartz, Rainbow Bluestone, Bloodstone
  • A Yes or a No Card? - Yes

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Queen of Cups Symbol Meaning

It is essential to understand the image that represents the Queen of Cups Tarot card. It’s a good way to have a clear idea of what energy the Queen of Cups personality shows.

Below is a description of the picture in parts and what each part symbolises.

  • Queen: The Queen comfortably sits on the throne, admiring her cup, which has a closed lid. This indicates that she likes to keep her feelings to herself. It hints at establishing a connection with your inner feelings and subconscious mind.
  • Cup: The cup in the picture is the only closed cup from the whole deck of tarot card illustrations. It looks unique and beautiful. This signifies the importance of understanding your inner self and appreciating your reality as a person.
  • Water: In the picture, the Queen sits at the shore of the sea. The sea signifies the world's ever-flowing emotions. It asks us to be compassionate towards others and give them support when they are weak and emotional. The Queen’s nurturing nature is also shown through her blue robe, which again signifies water.
  • Pebbles: There are colourful pebbles laid down near the shore and in front of the Queen’s feet. This indicates that one should be well aware of all sides of the world - the good and the bad. One should remember all their hardships as experiences that made them grow as a person.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card - Upright

When the Queen of Cups appears upright in a tarot reading, it represents a caring, compassionate and emotionally intuitive woman in your life. She is someone who is deeply in touch with her emotions and spiritual side.

The Queen of Cups as a person is creative, loving, and nurturing. She signifies a mature, wise human who can offer emotional support and advice. The card reminds you to connect with your heart, listen to your intuition, and show more love to yourself and others.

Let us have a quick look into what the Upside Down Queen of Cups mean in different spheres of life before we read it all in detail.

Queen of Cups AspectsQueen of Cups Keywords (Upright)
LoveCompassionate and Caring
CareerEmotionally Stable
HealthIn flow with Physical Activity
FinanceFocus on what is important
SpiritualityHighly Intuitive

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning In Love

When it comes to Queen of Cups love, it signifies deep emotions, compassion, and intuition when upright. If you're in a relationship, your partner is devoted, caring, and emotionally intuitive. He or she can understand what your emotions are trying to convey.

The Queen of Cups love here can also represent a new love interest with these qualities coming into your life. This person will be sensitive, nurturing, and deeply connected to their emotions and spirituality. They would value emotional intimacy and seek meaningful connections.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning In Career

In career readings, the Queen of Chalices or Cups represents work that involves your creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence. You may find fulfilment in fields like art, music, counselling, teaching, or healthcare.

If you're looking to change jobs, look for work that allows you to help and nurture others in an emotionally meaningful way. The Queen of Cups career card says that you work best in a cooperative environment where you feel supported and valued.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning In Health

Health-wise, the Queen of Chalices or Cups suggests that your emotional and mental well-being are closely tied to your physical health. Moreover, it can indicate the chances of pregnancy for women. Take time for self-care and nurture yourself through creative interests, spirituality, therapy, or counselling.

Moreover, the Queen of Cups as action hints at staying well-hydrated, spending time in nature, and expressing your feelings can help you maintain health and balance. Be open-minded to the messages your body is sending you. If you are able to heal yourself, you will also heal others.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning In Finance

Financially, the Queen of Cups Tarot encourages you to make choices that align with your values and priorities in life. Look for ways to invest in causes you care about or ways to generate income through your creative talents or spiritual gifts.

You need to work on your Queen of Cups as intentions. Review your budget and spending to ensure your money is being used consciously and for things that really matter to you. Stay optimistic- your intuition and ability to manifest what you need will guide you.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning In Spirituality

Spiritually, the Queen of Cups Upright signifies deep intuition, compassion, and emotional wisdom. Spend time engaging in spiritual practices that nourish your soul meditation, creative pursuits, divination, or worship.

Here, the Queen of Cups as action, asks you to look within to strengthen your connection to the divine. Use your intuition and nurturing qualities to support others on their spiritual journey. By accepting self-love and emotional maturity, you'll continue progressing in your own spiritual development.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card - Reversed

In the case of Reversed or Upside Down Queen of Cups, it indicates you may be having trouble balancing your emotions. You could be acting manipulative or melodramatic without realising it. You may also control your feelings instead of expressing them in a healthy way.

The Mother of Cups reversed calls you to take an honest look at your emotions and make positive changes. Learn to set healthy boundaries and express yourself constructively. Only then will you be able to develop meaningful, drama-free connections with others.

But before we actually read about the Mother of Cups reversed in detail, let’s quickly look at what we can expect from the Queen of Cups upside down in different spheres of life from the table below.

Queen of Cups AspectsQueen of Cups Keywords (Reversed)
LoveBlocked Emotions
CareerLack of Motivation
HealthEmotional Trauma and Laziness
SpiritualityLack of Empathy

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning In Love

The Queen of Cups reversed love signifies blocked emotion or unhealthy attachment in love. You may be in a relationship that is no longer right for you. It can also indicate emotional manipulation or co-dependence in a relationship. You or your partner may be acting needy, jealous or unwilling to give each other space.

In the reversed Queen of Cups meaning love, there could also be a lack of trust or empathy towards each other. It's time to let go of the past and open yourself up to new experiences. Learn to value yourself and set boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of by partners who do not have your best interests at heart.

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning In Career

In career readings, a reversed Queen of Cups can point to creative blocks, a lack of motivation or an inability to tap into your intuition at work. You may feel uninspired in your job or lack direction and purpose.

Alternatively, a reversed Queen of Cups career can indicate that you're too emotionally invested in your work and having trouble maintaining a professional detachment. Make sure to take time for self-care and set clear work-life boundaries.

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning In Health

The reversed Queen of Cups in a health reading can signify emotional health issues like depression, anxiety, addiction or other mental health conditions. You may be avoiding dealing with deep feelings or past emotional trauma that requires healing.

It's important to focus on the Queen of Cups reversed as feelings. Openly discuss your concerns with a mental health professional. In addition to opening up, practising self-care through exercise, meditation, art, or music can also help improve your emotional well-being.

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning In Finance

Financially, a reversed Queen of Cups points to poor decision-making due to being overly emotional or idealistic about money matters. You may lack practicality or live beyond what you can afford. Or you could be giving too much money away due to empathy for others in need.

To improve your situation, create a realistic budget, set financial boundaries and make sure major decisions are grounded and logical rather than based primarily on feelings. With financial discipline, you can achieve stability and security. The card hints at changing the Queen of Cups reversed feelings.

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning In Spirituality

Spiritually, the reversed Queen of Cups suggests your intuition and compassion may be blocked or imbalanced. You could be closed off from your spiritual side or lack empathy towards others. At the same, you may be unable to sense the wrong energies around you and may face betrayal.

To unblock your intuition, try creative visualisation, automatic writing, meditation or spending time in nature. Doing random acts of kindness and volunteering can help open your heart chakra and restore a sense of spiritual connection. With conscious effort, you can tap into your natural gifts when you focus on the energy of Queen of Cups as action.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card: Yes or No?

When the Queen of Chalices or Cups is considered in a Yes or No Tarot reading, we get straightforward answers. Tarot readers make sure that the questions are answered only in a Yes or No fashion.

What appears in Queen of Cups Upright Yes or No? - Yes

What appears in Queen of Cups Reversed Yes or No? - No

Let us understand Queen of Cups Yes or No through an example. Suppose you are in a relationship, and you wish to find clarity for things happening between you and your partner.

Now, you consult a psychic reader who looks over the Queen of Cups relationship in a Yes or No card spread.

If the Queen of Cups comes Upright, you mostly receive a Yes to all your questions. This means that you and your partner are caring and supportive towards each other. You both can manage difficult situations pretty easily.

Now, if the Queen of Cups relationship reading shows the reverse, you will receive a No to all your questions. This means your relationship needs emotional maturity and understanding. The Queen of Cups reversed advice that you both need to work on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Queen of Cups meaning indicates a feminine energy. As a Queen of Cups personality, you are emotional, understanding, caring and sense what is right or wrong (highly intuitive) when upright. However, this becomes completely opposite in case of Queen of Cups Upside Down (reverse).
Yes, the Queen of Cups is a fertility card. When upright, it can indicate chances of pregnancy for women. Here, the meaning of the Queen of Cups indicates welcoming motherhood and promoting good health and fertility.
The Queen of Cups is a Yes card, i.e. mostly positive. That means love, compassion and care for oneself and others. However, a Queen of Cups reversed yes or no card can give you a No, indicating that you may face some difficult situations.
The Queen of Chalices or Cups represents the Queen’s intentions. The Queen of Cups as intentions means that a person has a deep emotional understanding of the world. Although it is mostly a woman, even as a man, it indicates a person who wishes to make the world a better place through compassion or care.
The Queen of Cups, when considered for future situations, reminds you to listen to your heart. When logic and practical reasoning do not work, the energy of the card encourages you to express your feelings. This is especially true in the case of the Queen of Cups reversed love and career.
The Queen of Cups reversed feelings indicate that you are mentally exhausted and emotionally drained. Here, the Queen of Cups reversed advice that one must not be so hard on themselves and instead take a little rest.
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