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Four of Cups tarot card meaning

Symbolising pain and disappointments; the Four of Cups tarot guide relates to spiritual blockages, inner pains, traumas, and unhealed pains. The 4 of Cups meaning highlights the sad parts of life and asks people to analyse what's going wrong in their lives. In addition, it also focuses on failed relationships and problems. For example, the Four of Cups friendship reading may indicate that you and your friend are displeased with each other and your friendship is not at its best.

However, this tarot card does not only focus on the negative. It also compels people to seek solutions rather than wait for someone to help them. The Four of Cups advice is to look at the opportunities and solutions. Instead of focusing on what you've lost, learn to look for the things you can achieve. Sometimes, taking a break and refocusing on a task can ensure success, balance, and stability. Moreover, human beings are not built to be machines, so it is okay to take a break.

The Four of Cups meaning rests in its pictorial depiction. This tarot card showcases a man whose back is facing a tree, and he is lost in deep thought. Likewise, the youth is consumed with thoughts and is unaware of the cups around him. The three cups are the cups of lost opportunities, and the hand holding one cup represents solutions and prospects. Thus, the Four of Cups tarot guide urges you to pay attention to the future, find new ways to succeed, and focus on the good.

Four of Cups tarot card Upright

The Four of Cups Upright stands for regrets, grief, pain, and rejections. Here is the interpretation of the Four of Cups keen tarot card in the different aspects of life:

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Upright Four of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Four of Cups Upright comes as a warning or advice. Per the Four of Cups advice, you should not let life pass you by and pay attention to how to change everything for the better. It is true that bad things are bound to happen, and it is truly painful to handle everything by yourself, but you have to stay strong. If you lose simple battles, you will never be able to win wars. Therefore, it is essential for you to tap into your inner energy and focus on how to stay away from negativities. Moreover, you have lost several opportunities and chances because of fear, regret, or self-doubt.

While it is okay to doubt yourself once in a while, you should not focus on demeaning yourself. Unfortunately, it has become a habit for you to push yourself into a bottomless pit of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and pain. Instead of fixating on the adverse, look for solutions that will allow you to flourish in life. The Four of Cups as feelings says you're scared to explore your potential. Furthermore, the 4 Cups tarot guide also says you must do your best to keep yourself balanced and not let fear control you.

Moreover, this tarot card asks you to be aware of your actions and surroundings and be careful of what you do. Don't stay stuck in the past; look forward to the future. It is advisable to discard laziness and your habit of procrastinating. Instead, take charge of your life and push forward. You can't keep yourself as a hostage in your own life, and it is high time for you to understand that you're the main character. You're in charge of your existence and cannot let external factors hurt you and your living. So, stop feeling like a puppet and be brave. Trust the Universe, and everything will get better for you.

Upright Four of Cups tarot card in love

The Fourth Cups card shows love as a feeling based on past mistakes and experiences. And because of this, you are unable to concentrate on your present. For example, you may have hurt your partner in the past and are fixated on that so much that you don't remember to count the number of times you made your partner happy in the present. This throws light on the fact that you find it hard to forgive yourself and are too harsh upon yourself. Furthermore, more often than not, you ignore the goodness of your partner, too. Therefore, it is advisable for you to pay attention to not just your needs but also your partner's. Don't hurt them by acting ignorant and hurtful.

If you're single, the Four of Cups friendship tarot card says you may find a new lover in a friend. You are advised not to ignore the signs and know when to pay attention to them. The Universe urges you to let love enter your life and not push away potential partners or love interests. Furthermore, the Four of Cups meaning also asks you to love freely and let go of self-limiting beliefs.

Upright Four of Cups tarot card in finance

When it comes to finances, the Four of Cups advice is that you should be very careful with your financial management. Your habit of focusing on others' victories stops you from winning. For example, you're too fixated on your colleagues' and friends' monetary situation. Instead of focusing on how to better your condition, you let jealousy play you on its fingers. Don't allow jealousy and sadness to overcome the goodness in you. Furthermore, to be financially secure, you must push yourself out of your comfort zone and improve your life.

The Four of Cups meaning in a money reading, talks about monetary problems, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction. You are unhappy with your circumstances and are unable to reach a point of safety. This tarot card comes as a message asking you to be more active in your life and take charge. Again, don’t be a puppet and do things that will change your life for the better. It is in your hands to take charge of your life and do the best for yourself.

Upright Four of Cups tarot card in career

The Fourth Cups Upright tells you you have a lazy approach towards your career. You will find it difficult to find the motivation to get work done, and it will be challenging for you to compete with anyone. Because of jealousy, you will not be able to complete a professional competition. Like the Four of Cups finance reading, you will be more focused on other people and their progress instead of your efforts and work. In addition, you won't receive any support from your colleagues. You will notice that your seniors are favouring your coworkers, and you're not getting any appreciation. These aspects may affect you negatively.

All of these factors will diminish your motivation and determination. Furthermore, you will feel anxious and distressed. Your low productivity will be due to these aspects, and you will feel sad. While there is no sure-shot solution to these problems, you are urged to keep working hard and let luck fall into your arms. Moreover, the 4 Cups tarot suggests people stay focused on their goals.

Upright Four of Cups tarot card in health

The Four of Cups as feelings in a health reading says you will be depressed and anxious. Nothing is going right for you, and you feel lonely. In addition, you believe you will never be able to get out of your problems, and these thoughts give rise to more and more health issues and challenges. You may even fall prone to fevers, body aches, and stomach issues. Most of these problems will arise due to stress, and it is advisable for you to manage your stress through meditative practices or physical activity.

Focus on your betterment, and don't worry about the outcome. You will only be able to battle all the adversities of life if you focus on your health first. It is essential for us to keep ourselves healthy and safe. Nobody can stay strong all the time if their physical and mental health is deteriorating by the minute. So, make some lifestyle changes and then see how life flourishes gets better. Moreover, individuals must always prioritise their health and well-being over the other unimportant aspects of life.

Four of Cups tarot card Reversed

The Four of Cups Reversed yes or no card highlights getting out of bad phases and changing yourself for the better. This position of the tarot card urges us to introspect or look within ourselves, find out what is wrong, and then solve it. Now, here is the Four of Cups Reversed meaning about life’s aspects:

Reversed Four of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

Where the 4 of Cups meaning Upright talks about nostalgia, pain, and regrets, the Four of Cups Reversed talks about breaking free and being independent. The Four of Cups Reversed yes or no tarot card says that you slowly understand what is going wrong in your life and know your mistakes. In addition, you're trying your best to break free from the shackles or chains of the past and are ready to explore what life has to offer.

The Four of Cups Reversed also says that you will try your best to find the solutions to your problems and will try to isolate yourself so that you can find what you seek. While pushing people away or staying alone is not entirely good, it will be good for you. You will learn some key factors about yourself, and it will help you go farther in life. These teachings will form the basis of your life, and will allow you to move ahead.

Lastly, the Four of Cups Reversed advice asks you to be aware of your actions. Focus on yourself, but never stop growing. Improvement and change are the only constants of life, and it would be beneficial for you to keep working on yourself to become a better, more stable, more secure, and happier version of yourself. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you are emerging victorious from your internal battle and finally in a position to expand your horizon. While it may be scary to see what is waiting for you, it will surely be worth it. You will love every minute of it, and this newfound courage will allow you to be happier and more secure in your identity.

Reversed Four of Cups tarot card in love

All about positivity and happiness. the Four of Cups as feelings in a love reading says that you will find new ways to fall in love again, you and your partner will share blissful moments, and your love life will flourish. In addition, the Four of Cups Reversed love reading also says that your relationship will see new excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment. For example, you and your lover will learn to spend time together, connect on mutual hobbies and interests, and even plan elaborate dates that will allow the both of you to feel loved and cherished. Furthermore, the Four of Cups advice for you both is that you should understand each other and focus on loving without any conditions.

It is advisable for both of you to pay attention to your actions, words, and decisions. Since actions speak louder than words, make sure to do all that you promise to each other. Moreover, if you are single, then you may see that new potential lovers are entering your life, and life may present you with opportunities to choose. Per the 4 of Cups Reversed, this new person will change your life for the better.

Reversed Four of Cups tarot card in finance

In terms of your money and monetary situation, the Four of Cups Reversed yes or no card says that you will experience stability, security, and prosperity in your life. Currently, there are no problems coming your way, and you will be able to spend some happy days with yourself and your loved ones. However, this doesn't mean you overspend or ruin your financial stability. For example, avoid excessive transactions and purchases, and only focus on the necessities. In addition, try to pay attention to your spending habits and make conscious decisions.

It is necessary for you to know how and when to spend. You have emerged victorious out of all your unfavourable situations, but it is essential for you to see that times can change quickly, and you shouldn't test your luck. Instead, seek new opportunities and make good use of your energy and optimism. Your money will increase only if you choose to work hard every day. So, don't get lazy, and work towards a better future. Moreover, according to the 4 of Cups in Reverse, you must do everything to build a strong future for yourself.

Reversed Four of Cups tarot card in career

The career reading of the Four of Cups Reversed tarot card says that you will be able to progress in your professional life, and several new opportunities and prospects will roll your way. There are chances for you to receive your share of appreciation, and you can expect a positive environment at your workplace. Furthermore, per the 4 of Cups in Reverse, you won't face any problems at your workplace. You will be able to overcome all obstacles and challenges.

Luck will present you with possibilities and chances that will allow you to change your life and build something worthwhile. Lastly, don't forget to keep yourself on the path of hard work, consistency, and effort. Also, don't try to take any roads which will land you in trouble. You should avoid all those works which require you to ignore your morals and values. The Universe says that any business or profession that promises you fast, easy, and effortless money or success is not worth it.

Reversed Four of Cups tarot card in health

With high energy, vibration, and power, you are ready to conquer life. You have pushed through a phase that tested your patience, made you question yourself time and again, and affected you negatively. Now, you're in a position in life where everything is working in your favour, and luck is by your side. In addition, you feel a drastic shift in your energy. Your health has also improved due to this shift or change, and you believe you can achieve all you desire. Nothing can affect you at this point in life, and you are stronger than ever.

In addition, your mental health has improved, too. Earlier, you were mentally weak, which in turn made you physically weak or vulnerable. However, right now, you are strong and healthy. You have made some significant changes in your lifestyle, which has allowed you to feel better than ever. Now, all you need to do is maintain good health and always focus on the best. Don't let external factors ruin your mood or health. It is essential for people to know how to maintain balance and only engage in stuff that will make people happy, healthy, and joyous.

How to read Four of Cups tarot card?

People can read a tarot card in two ways- Upright, which means straight, or Reversed, which means upside-down. For example, the following is the meaning of the Four of Cups yes or no reading. This 4 of Cups yes or no reading will provide short and crisp answers to your questions.

Upright: No.

Reversed: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of relationships and marriage, the Four of Cups tarot card indicates conflicts, problems, and chaos. Unfortunately, you're focusing on the wrong things and are not aware of the implications of your actions on your relationship.
The Four of Cups zodiac sign is Cancer, and its element is Water. The connection between the two makes this tarot card stable, harmonious, and balanced. Moreover, with Water as its element, it highlights the ability to change and adapt.
The Four of Cups meaning in tarot reading highlights regret, sadness, and pain. This tarot card symbolises the opportunities we have lost and our roots in the past.
The Four of Cups as feelings says that you are tired of life and are unhappy with your present scenario. You believe that your life is out of your control, and you're too bored even to try and regain your power.
The Four of Cups advice is to take charge of your life, avoid making the same old mistakes, and stop focusing on the past. You cannot go back in time to change things. Instead, you should try to improve your future.
The Four of Cups Reversed love reading tells you that there are chances of love flourishing in your life. You and your partner will grow closer to each other, and life will be peaceful.
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