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Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

In a tarot reading, the Six of Cups card revolves around happy memories and nostalgia. It gives you a chance to look back in time and enjoy happy old memories. Also known as the ‘happy memories' card, this Minor Arcana card reminds you to find happiness in the present moments and never let go of your inner child. However, sometimes, its appearance can also indicate a reconnection with someone from the past.

Main Features of Six of Cups

Let's explore the Six of Cups more in tarot reading! But first, let's look at its main features: elements, planets, zodiac signs, and much more!

  • Parts of Six of Cups Card- Upright and Reversed
  • Element- Water
  • Planet- Sun
  • Zodiac Signs- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  • Yes or No Card - Yes
  • Crystal- Emerald

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Six of Cups Card Symbol Meaning

Taking a look at the pictorial representation of the Six of Cups tarot card, we see two children playing with the beautiful white-coloured flowers. One kid is offering a cup filled with flowers to the other, teaching the lesson of ‘sharing is caring’. Behind them, we see a soldier or a guard standing near a castle or manor house doing his duty.

However, the major spotlight of the image is the six chalices or cups filled with white lilies. Below is the detailed meaning and representation of each symbol used in the Six of Cups tarot image:

  • Two Children: The scene of two children offering a cup of flowers to one another seems peaceful and calm. It shows their strong friendship bond, love and care for each other. The card teaches us the value of sharing and charity.
  • Six Cups: The major element of the Six of Cups picture, the six cups hint at growth and development. Sometimes, the cups in tarot card readings tell us about the individual's current emotional state.
  • White Flowers/ Lilies: The white flowers or lilies shown in the Six of Cups tarot picture represent purity, innocence, childishness, and immaturity. In some places, the white flower is also used as a symbol of the first and innocent love.
  • The Castle/ Manor House: The castle or manor house shown in the picture revolves around the warmth, security, and affection our home provides. It also showcases the familial wealth a person enjoys.
  • Guard/Soldier: The guard or soldier standing in the back represents safety and security. The two children playing with flowers are safe and secure, away from any harm.

Six of Cups Tarot Card- Upright

Also known as the ‘Nostalgia card’ or ‘Childhood Card’, the Six of Cups upright in a tarot reading revolves around the energies of childhood, happy memories, healing and comfort. It takes you back to the good times when you were just a kid, teenager or young adult.

Getting this card in a tarot reading is a sign of reconnection with someone from your past. It could be an old friend of yours or even a past lover. When facing life's challenges, the 6 of Cups upright card encourages you to tap into your innocent and sensitive nature to find solutions within yourself.

Six of Cups AspectsSix of Cups Keywords (Upright)
LoveHealing, Meeting with the ex-partner, Happy Memories
CareerLearning lessons from the past, A Fulfilled Job
HealthHealing from the past, Attention to lifestyle choices
FinanceReceiving financial gifts and financial support from parents
SpiritualityForgiveness and reconnection with your inner child

Six of Cups Upright Meaning in Love

The appearance of the Six of Cups Upright card, in love reading, hints that soon your past is going to knock at your door. A relationship that ended suddenly or your old friend whom you lost contact with is soon going to approach you, tagging along so many pleasant memories. Meeting them will take you back to the times when you were so in love and happy together. It is no less than taking a short trip down memory lane.

For committed couples, the 6 of Cups love card promotes open and honest communication. The card tells you to share how you truly feel about your partner and then find solutions accordingly. At the same time, it also indicates that maybe you both are high school sweethearts and feel completely ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Six of Cups Upright Meaning in Career

On the professional side, the Six of Cups career card strongly suggests a stable and fulfilling career, but with a little twist. It says that sooner or later, you will plan to return to the job profile, company, or organisation you worked with in the past. But before you do that, it is important to remember the things that forced you to move forward to a new job or company.

Also, if you run your own business, the Six of Cups upright card is no less than a blessing. The card senses that for quite some time, your business has been facing a rough patch and struggling to make ends meet. But now, the situation seems to change and brings a period of growth for you. At the same time, it asks you to learn lessons from your past mistakes and move forward.

Six of Cups Upright Meaning in Health

When it comes to health and well-being, the Six of Cups in Tarot spotlights someone who has not been well lately. It could not be you but a person around you. So, the Six of Cups card asks you to look after them and take proper care of their health. In a health tarot reading, the Six of Cups upright usually brings attention to lifestyle choices.

If you are not paying attention to your health and are suffering from health disorders, now is the perfect time to start listening to what your body needs. Also, if you are thinking about starting your own family, the 6 of Cups card says the timing could not be more right. In other words, the 6 of Cups tarot card meaning is a positive sign of pregnancy.

Six of Cups Upright Meaning in Finance

One of the strongest and most positive cards in tarot, the Six of Cups is all about receiving monetary gains, support, and gifts. Getting this card in your financial reading means that soon, you are going to welcome financial abundance in terms of family inheritance. If this is not the case, then your parents or guardians will be your support system.

Another 6 of Cups meaning in finances is that soon you will think about moving back to your parents to achieve financial stability and security. It means that your parents will help you to get back on your feet. However, things might get a bit tense since you will be totally dependent on your parents for financial resources. The card says this is the correct time to grab the financial opportunities that the universe blesses you with.

Six of Cups Upright Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the 6 of Cups meaning is to avoid complexity in spiritual practices. It reveals that maybe you are using way too complicated or complex spiritual practices that are not even required right now. Remember that your ultimate goal is to reach your desired spiritual destination. You can reach there even using simple methods and go to spiritual practices.

Another Six of Cups meaning in the spiritual world is to look into the practices, rules and rituals that you used to follow in childhood. Basically, the Six of Cups tarot card tells you to go back to basics and find out the ways through which you can establish a strong connection with your inner soul. Following the old spiritual rules and seeking help with them is one such way.

Six of Cups Tarot Card- Reversed

The appearance of Six of Cups in reverse position senses that you are still stuck in your past. Maybe you are enjoying the comfort and warmth of the good old times and do not want to return to reality. In this case, the 6 Cups reversed card asks you to move on from your past, even if it provides you with happiness and relief.

Moreover, the Six of Cups reversed tarot card also senses the energies of matureness and independence. It hints that you are slowly walking away from childish behaviour and are willing to make mature decisions like a grown adult.

Six of Cups AspectsSix of Cups Keywords (Reversed)
LoveStruggle with moving on and letting go of the past
CareerIssues at work, Lack of creativity and motivation
HealthHealth issues due to past unresolved traumas
FinanceFinancially Independence
SpiritualityAffected spiritual Journey due to past issues

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning in Love

The appearance of the 6 of Cups upside down in a tarot reading indicates that a lot is happening in your love life right now. Maybe your relationship that was once filled with spark, love and excitement has now become boring, dull and dead. Not being able to forget your painful past could be one of the reasons behind a rough patch in your existing relationship.

The Six of Cups reversed love card senses that the painful moments of your past relationship are stopping you from taking a chance in love once again. This is why you have closed all the ways that lead to your heart. You feel vulnerable and scared that you may not experience that kind of love again. In this case, the 6 of Cups advice opens your heart to love and coming out of your comfort zone.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning in Career

On the professional side, the Six of Cups career card suggests the energies of boredom, stuckness, and stillness. Where once even thinking about your career and job made you thrilled and excited, now it makes you bored and dissatisfied. The reason is repetitive work with no creativity and passion, which makes you feel like quitting your current job and looking for something more exciting.

You find it so difficult to remain motivated at work that completing your daily tasks seems like a struggle. Another Six of Cups tarot card meaning in career is that your work or job is associated with the people who have dealt with past emotional trauma and are underprivileged. So, the Six of Cups advice you to analyse whether your current job will lead you to your desired goals or not and then make a rightful decision.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning in Health

Health-wise, the 6 of Cups highlights the unresolved traumatic incidents you may have gone through in the past. Due to these unresolved issues, your health seems to suffer, and you deal with major health issues. However, the appearance of the Six Cups reversed in health reading does not always mean health issues related to past abuse or trauma.

Sometimes, it hints towards the poor lifestyle choices made in the past or genetics that are the reason for your current health disorders. The 6 of Cups in reverse position is a bad sign for females trying to conceive. It tells that maybe their current health issues are causing problems in pregnancy or conceiving. Overall, the 6 of Cups advice is to put behind the past issues, start prioritising your health, and take immediate steps.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning in Finance

When it comes to financial matters, the Six of Cups reversed revolves around the energies of financial freedom and independence. The card reveals that you are no longer the person who needs financial support from your parents or guardian. In fact, you seem to have matured and are well aware of how to handle finances on your own. The appearance of 6 of Cups reversed reveals that now you are ready to take risks and move out of your comfort zone.

Moving out of your comfort zone means that you may be living with your parents but are ready to live life on your own terms. It simply means that you don’t need to be in the shell that your parents once kept you in. However, the thought of doing everything all alone makes you worried. This is why the 6 of Cups reversed advice you not to make any financial decisions in a hurry.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the 6 of Cups reversed meaning is to let go of the spiritual beliefs that do not work for you anymore and explore something else. The card senses that you may be still holding onto past memories and spiritual practices and are not ready to let them go. Remember that the spiritual practices that worked for you in the past have passed, just like your childhood.

Now, it is you and new customs and traditions that you need to follow in order to reach your desired spiritual journey. The 6 Chalices tarot card wants to make you remind that the longer you hold onto the old spiritual beliefs, the farther away you will be pushing your spiritual destination. This is why you learn to live in the present and decide what factors would work best for you.

Six of Cups Yes or No Meaning

In a yes or no tarot reading, the Six of Cups solely focuses on the energies of comfort, childhood, and happy memories. However, its meaning and interpretation can change completely in an upright and reversed position. So, let us take a look at the hidden meanings of the Six of Cups yes or no reading and see how quickly it solves your query!

  • Upright: Yes: Pulling a 6 of cups yes or no in an upright position in a yes or no tarot reading means a green sign or ‘yes’. This card encourages you to let go of the things that are stopping you from going after your passion and goals. Instead of focusing on the negative things, the Six of Cups yes or no, motivates you to cherish things that provide you with happiness, comfort, and relief.
  • Reversed: No: If you pull the 6 of Cups reversed yes or no card, the answer is a ‘big no’. The card senses that you are currently dealing with unresolved past issues and are not in the mood to engage in something new. This is why you are not acting upon the opportunities right in front of you and choose to let them go. In this case, the Six of Cups reversed yes or no card wants you to forget the past and just focus on the present.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Six of Cups in tarot card is all about happy memories from the past and nostalgia. The card reminds us to enjoy the present and cherish the innocence. Getting this card also hints towards reconnecting with a person from the past, such as an old friend or lover.
The 6 of Cups advice the reader to let go of the past events that are stopping them from moving forward. It encourages the reader to enjoy the present moments and live in the present.
The future of Six of Cups love reveals a happy and peaceful phase for the relationship. The card hints that soon, the reader will leave the tensions and worries behind and become carefree. This attitude will benefit his personal and love relationships, giving him a period of enjoyment.
The sixth card from the Suit of Cups, the Six of Cups tarot card, deals with the energies of nostalgia, happy memories, and childhood. In a tarot card reading, the appearance of the Six of Cups is usually positive and hints at cherishing and taking care of the hidden child in ourselves and following his lead.
One of the most positive cards, the Six of Cups yes or no is a ‘yes card’. It asks the reader to cherish the memories of his past and take care of his inner child. The appearance of 6 of Cups yes or no is an indication to chase one’s dreams and passions wholeheartedly.
The Six of Cups as a person is someone who loves to live in the happy memories of his childhood. Doing this gives him relief, warmth, and comfort, and it keeps his hidden childlike personality alive.
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