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Six of Cups tarot card meaning

Known as the tarot card of childhood, children, and youthfulness, the Six of Cups tarot card meaning indicates a connection to the past and keeping our inner children alive. Most of us have grown so busy in our lives that we forget to appreciate where we came from. The Six of Cups tarot guide urges us to remember our past, love it, and give it its due recognition and appreciation. In addition, it also asks us to protect ourselves and keep our inner child happy. When it comes to the deep meaning of the Six of Cups yes or no card, we see that it also relates to nostalgia and memories. Where the Four of Cups dealt with regrets, and the Five of Cups dealt with pain around memories, the Six of Cups tarot guide works around nostalgia and happy memories.

Like many other tarot cards, the Six of Cups guide is also not a standalone. When analysed with the other cards in the spread, it may denote different feelings. In some cases, it may elaborate on the feelings of love, togetherness, and sharing. On the other, it may relate to loneliness and lost childhood. If this tarot card appears in your tarot reading, it is an indication that the Universe is asking you to protect your energy.

Often by our inner children, the Universe means our raw and pure energy. But, unfortunately, not a lot of people deserve a pure and clear version of you. So, learn to make the difference between who deserves your time and who doesn't. The Six of Cups yes or no tarot guide also asks you to cherish every memory you possess and not take things for granted.

The image of the Six of Cups advice tarot card shows two young children. The boy is gifting flowers to the girl, and there are six cups in front of them. While the children are the symbolic representation of the joy of childhood, purity, and love, the flowers stand for harmony and togetherness. Moreover, the six cups in front of them denote the happiness of life. For example, each of the cups stands for feelings such as the safety of the home, the beauty of childhood, joy, kindness, love, and affection.

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Six of Cups tarot card Upright

The Six of Cups Upright asks us to appreciate the power of nostalgia by referring to the beauty, peace, and happiness of childhood and the past. Given under is the six of cups tarot card meaning in elaborate:

Upright Six of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Six of Cups Upright talks about living in the past and prioritising memories. This tarot card possesses a varied range of interpretations. One meaning says that you enjoy reliving your past and love to go over the memories. While some may consider this a bad trait, that's not necessarily true. You living in the past means that you know the importance and value of life and that time moves on quickly. You are not fearful of change but are comfortable living in the comfort of the past.

On the other hand, another Six of Cups tarot card meaning when Upright relates to the children in your life. You may have ignored them and their needs, and the appearance of this tarot card comes as a reminder to love and appreciate them. It isn't long before children grow up, forget the protective blanket of childhood, and are launched headfirst into the world. Moreover, it would do you good to learn from children. Have you ever noticed how kids are quick to laugh and quicker to love? The Six of Cups as a person is someone who is exactly like a child. Don't hold grudges in your heart, and learn to live life to the fullest. All of us get limited days. So, don't waste your time by keeping negativity within yourself.

This position of the tarot card also focuses on the Importance of family and loved ones. When this tarot card comes up in your reading, it is safe to assume you will spend some blissful days with your loved ones. In addition, your days will be spent laughing, focusing on reunions, enjoying, and returning to the past. You and your loved ones may connect on childhood board games, old pictures, or interests you shared as your younger selves.

Upright Six of Cups tarot card in love

The Six of Cups love reading says that you will get a chance to explore your past connections and connect with people who were important to you in the past. The Six of Cups love outcome says that you will undergo a period of healing and rejuvenation, and love will shine through. In addition, your relationship will flourish and strengthen your compatibility with your partner. The dynamic that you both share tells that your love hasn't lost its old charm and is as strong as before. This tarot card also means that there is a strong connection between the past, present, and future. For example, you may have made some decisions in the past which are influencing your present and future.

Moreover, you will gain a newfound understanding and knowledge of your love life. Suppose you will find new ways to fall in love with your partner again. Furthermore, there will be ways through which your love life will strengthen, and everything will be fine.

Upright Six of Cups tarot card in finance

In terms of money, the Six of Cups advice says that you should expect life to take crazy twists and turns. Moreover, you will be provided with all that you need to succeed. Your financial condition is better than before, and you feel safer with your current situation. For example, you will receive unexpected cash or opportunities to grow your money. Besides this, you will be able to connect to someone who will provide you with invaluable guidance to help you manage your finances better. Although you're good with your spending habits, now is the time to be more careful and focus on providing for yourself.

Another representation of the Six of Cups Upright finance reading says that you will receive your due share of inheritance or even get some gifts from your loved ones. Since this tarot card is the card of childhood and affection, you should look forward to being showered with surprises by your friends and family.

Upright Six of Cups tarot card in career

The Six of Cups tarot advises you to build some bonds at the workplace so that you can learn from your mistakes in your work. The Six of Cups as feelings in a career reading says that you will receive help from the people around you and get the opportunity to grow and progress. Moreover, you will have to look within yourself and find out what to do.

Lastly, the Six of Cups as a person in career reading, does not fear relying on people, asking for help, and seeking support. You should always look forward to teamwork and working in cooperation with others. You can only become an efficient and valuable member if you know how to work with others. As you can clearly analyse everything, try to be more productive and sort out the problems step by step coming your way.

Upright Six of Cups tarot card in health

The Six of Cups in health requests you to treat yourself and others kindly. You will come across several instances where you or someone else will frequently fall sick. In such circumstances, you should cultivate compassion and love. While it is okay to focus on work, responsibilities, and commitments, forcing yourself to compromise your health for the sake of work is never okay. Furthermore, you will have to dig deep within yourself to find out what your soul seeks. For example, your heart craves rest, but you are not allowing yourself to take a break.

The Six of Cups as a person is someone who knows how to maintain a good balance between their health and any other factor. Moreover, you should focus on prioritising and helping yourself. You will have to go through some tough times, which will test your patience and stability. So, be kind and keep illnesses at bay.

Six of Cups tarot card Reversed

The Six of Cups Reversed yes or no card talks about growing up, maturing, and moving on with our lives. Here is the interpretation of the Six of Cups tarot guide when Reversed:

Reversed Six of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Six of Cups Reversed yes or no card indicates that you're a prisoner of the past and are unable to move forward in life. You have secluded yourself, buried your inner child, and forced yourself to grow up before time. Furthermore, all these factors say that these forceful changes are slowly taking away your control. For example, you have forced yourself to mature before time, and now you don't know how to have fun or enjoy life. Your innocence was stolen from you, and the Universe says you're the reason for this drastic change and maturity.

On the other hand, you are stuck in the past and are not finding ways to live in the present. More often than not, you rethink your past or try to relive your past memories to feel in touch with yourself. However, your old self has died, and you don't know how to revive your last spark and energy. In addition, all your actions are posing a threat to your future. You wish to make changes but know how to.

The Six of Cups Reversed reading says you should focus on the present and look forward to the future. However, when you keep blocking your blessings by living in the past, luck takes a backseat and refuses to help you grow. For example, you may be in a happy relationship, but because of your inclination towards the last, your relationship is suffering. So, don't wait for anyone to pull you out of this phase. Instead, do it yourself and work towards the future.

Reversed Six of Cups tarot card in love

When it comes to love, the Six of Cups love outcome in the Reversed position says that you are stuck in the past and past relationships. For example, you still expect your ex-partner to knock on your doors and win you back. However, that is not going to happen, and you may have to keep waiting endlessly. So, instead of looking forward to someone who will not come, focus on welcoming new potential partners. In addition, you should stop isolating yourself and venture out into the wild.

However, if you are already in a relationship, the Six of Cups love reading when Reversed says you may feel trapped or stuck in your love life. You are unhappy with your relationship, and it is time to make changes. Instead of living in the past, look for new ways to fall in love again and enjoy your partner's company.

Reversed Six of Cups tarot card in finance

In terms of your finances, the Six of Cups advice is all about gaining maturity and learning from your past errors. It is time to take charge of your finances, adopt adulting, and stop procrastinating. You have spent enough time daydreaming about what could have happened if you had done a few things differently, but now it is time to realise that you are in control of your life, decisions, and choices. So what does the Six of Cups mean in finances? Well, it's all about growing up and realising that you're earning now and can finally fulfil all your wishes and desires.

You should find peace in your independence and freedom. But, likewise, don't forget to appreciate all you have earned. You have worked hard to reach a point where you can finally do what you want with your money. But, while it is okay to enjoy your money and the perks it brings, it's not okay to overspend or waste it. So, be wise with your decisions.

Reversed Six of Cups tarot card in career

The Six of Cups Reversed in the profession and career reading indicates a lack of energy, motivation, and determination. Even though you wish to work and engage in your responsibilities, you find it extremely challenging because you feel that nothing is going your way. You want something to push you out of your comfort zone so that you can explore your true potential and power. For example, you are planning a trip which will allow you to connect to your inner self and even find some essential answers that you have been seeking. These plans will allow you to expand your vision and get in touch with your productive side. In addition, you will find new ways to stick to your professional commitments.

Moreover, even though you have been feeling bored and tired of life, you will come across people who will provide you with knowledge and guidance, or you will get a divine realisation. The Universe will send this awakening your way, and you will be able to change everything.

Reversed Six of Cups tarot card in health

The Reversed health reading of the Six of Cups says that you will have to undergo some serious health issues which will stop you from feeling your best self. In addition, you will see that these problems are also taking a toll on your mental health. Most of these ailments will stem from past traumas, and you will find it challenging to deal with them. You feel you will not be able to overcome your health problems, but the Universe is here to remind you that you possess everything you require to feel better and healthy. Moreover, you should make some significant changes in your lifestyle so that you don't fall sick often.

The Six of Cups advice in a health reading urges you to tap into your inner energy and allow yourself to relieve yourself of all health issues. Moreover, you should promise not to give up and work your way upward. Basically, the first step would be to analyse the cause behind these issues and then focus on the solutions.

How to read Six of Cups tarot card?

Every tarot card has two distinct meanings in terms of its position. Here is the meaning behind the Six of Cups yes or no reading:

Upright: Yes.

Reversed: No.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Six of Cups tarot guide represents children, childhood, our inner children, childish inclinations, innocence, and purity.
The Six of Cups as a person is compassionate, nostalgic, pure, and cooperative. This individual hasn't lost their inner child and is always loving.
The Six of Cups yes or no card's zodiac sign is Scorpio, and its element is Water. With Water as its element, the Six of Cups tarot card is a card about inner feelings and emotions.
An essential advice from the Six of Cups tarot guide is to be kind to others and yourself.
The Six of Cups Upright in career says you will experience growth and progress. On the other hand, the Six of Cups tarot card meaning in career when Reversed says that you will be stuck in your professional ventures..
The Six of Cups Reversed yes or no reading indicates a negative answer to your question. This position of the tarot card urges you to reconnect with your inner self.
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