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Eight of Cups tarot card meaning

The Eight of Cups meaning urges you to prioritise yourself and lose things which don't push you forward in life. In addition, you are asked to be mature and strong. This is because you are someone who takes life headfast and requires a lot of energy and power to handle every situation. Therefore, it is essential for us to be brave and strong. More often than not, most problems can be solved if you use your brain more than your heart.

Furthermore, you will have to face some things which will force you to grow up. In addition, you will find yourself in a position where a lot of things will pile up on your plate. While these events will be overwhelming, you will see that they are helping you become more mature, stable, and secure. You will place yourself on a pedestal from where you will be able to see things clearly and understand what is happening. Most importantly, you will also understand why these things are happening to you.

The pictorial depiction of the tarot card shows a man with his back facing us, walking with the support of a wand or stick. This wand acts as his backbone, and he is stepping into the future. The symbolism of the Eight of Cups meaning says that the man is walking away from the cups because the eight cups are no longer serving their purpose or doing any good to him. This shows that the man is not afraid to venture into the unknown. Likewise, you should be brave and strong.

It is necessary for you to prepare yourself for unknown things to happen to you. Moreover, life doesn't give heads-ups to people. So, handle things with bravery, strength, and power. You will have to see a lot of things in life. So, don't be afraid and take charge of the things happening around you.

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Eight of Cups tarot card Upright

The Eight of Cups Upright represents running away from situations and escaping difficult circumstances. This position of the tarot card says that you are scared to face things. The following is the Eight of Cups meaning when Upright:

Upright Eight of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Eight of Cups Upright indicates that you often try to escape difficult situations or circumstances that test you. This position of the tarot card highlights that you don't like being in a position where you don't have a solution or know how to handle things. In addition, the Eight of Cups yes or no tarot card tells you that your life is going through some changes which are not entirely positive. Although you will learn several things from them, it will be difficult for you to stay afloat amidst all the chaos and upheaval.

You are trying your best, but you're also scared of what is going to happen in the future. When you face uncomfortable circumstances, you feel trapped and scared. The Universe and your spirit guides want to let you know that it is human nature to be afraid, but you should not lose your mind over it. Instead, try to stay strong and fight everything that comes your way. Once you battle your inner dreams, everything will get easier for you, and you will be victorious.

Lastly, walk away from things which are not meant for you. When you keep yourself stuck in places where your presence is not required, everything goes wrong, and you feel worse by the minute. It is essential for you to understand the difference between right and wrong. So, avoid staying stuck in the wrong situations. Walk away from the things which hold you back, and don't let you grow.

Upright Eight of Cups tarot card in love

Much like the Seven of Cups love reading, the Eight of Cups love reading asks you to rethink your relationship and see what course it is taking. You will also have to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner. This talk will allow both of you to focus on what is important and determine whether this relationship is going the way you want it to. Furthermore, you should remember that you don't always have to compromise. Sometimes it is okay to prioritise yourself and make yourself feel good. The Universe notices that you love and appreciate your partner. But do you love yourself? The Eight of Cups love session says that it is time for you to love yourself.

Focus on the minute details of your relationship and find out what is going wrong. In addition, you and your partner have a lot more growing up to do in terms of your emotions. Both of you find it difficult to communicate or express yourself in a healthy manner. So, introspect, review, rethink, and realise. You should not cling to this relationship if it is not serving its purpose. It's essential for you to focus on your mental peace and happiness. So, don't put that at risk.

Upright Eight of Cups tarot card in finance

The Eight of Cups advice in a finance reading asks you to focus on your happiness and not run behind money. You have been overstressing yourself by constantly thinking about earning more money. While it is natural instinct for everyone to wish for financial stability and security, one should not compromise their health and mental peace. You have been looking for more and more ways to earn money and invest in. The Universe is here to remind you that you have the maximum stability at present, but you will lose it if you keep running behind money.

In addition, you shouldn't settle for a mediocre life. Per the Eight of Cups tarot guide, you should be a little selfish and use your money well. Seek out opportunities which will give you freedom, but don't overdo it. Also, don't settle for the bare minimum; always look for personal happiness and satisfaction.

Upright Eight of Cups tarot card in career

The Eight of Cups yes or no card in career talks about unfavourable circumstances, problems, and issues. You are not receiving the understanding and support that you expected from your colleagues. You feel that whatever you desire is slowly waking away from you, and you find it hard to fit in. In addition, you have lost your work-life and personal life balance. This chaos is causing much distress to you, and you can't seem to figure out how to get back on track. In addition, you believe that you don't have the appropriate resources to deal with this boredom or lack of motivation.

Through the Eight of Cups tarot, your spirit guides are asking you to look for other professions. Your present job is not meant for you and is not ideal. For example, you may be a creative writer stuck in a 9-5 desk job. This is making you very upset, and you are over-stressed and anxious. Instead of engaging in meaningless jobs, you should start applying to places which fit into your interests and growth criteria.

Upright Eight of Cups tarot card in health

The Eight of Cups meaning in health, you are experiencing bouts of stress and anxiety. You feel that nothing is going right, and you cannot do anything to lessen the chaos of your life. Be it your profession, academics, love life, or finances; you are facing problems that are taking root in your health. You are undergoing some days, which are weakening your mental health, and in turn, your physical health is also deteriorating.

It would be wise for you to analyse what is going wrong, how it is affecting you, and what you can do to bring changes. It is vital for you to understand that there is no point in you compromising your health, and it would be wise to focus on prioritising your health. The Eight of Cups tarot guide in health asks you to take care of yourself and work towards stronger and better mental health.

Eight of Cups tarot card Reversed

All about staying stuck in life, and problems, the Eight of Cups Reversed symbolises restlessness, chaos, and unhappiness. Now, here is the Eight of Cups tarot guide interpretation when Reversed:

Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Eight of Cups Reversed yes, or no card says that you are doing your best and putting all your hard work into things. In addition, you are trying to bring changes in your life and hoping for the best. However, some part of you is scared to trust life again. You had to face some situations which forced you to grow up too quickly, and now you don't know how to handle things with anyone's help.

Basically, you find it very challenging to trust anyone but yourself. You feel that no matter what, you will get betrayed. Furthermore, the Eight of Cups Reversed also says that you are trying to solve things and are learning everything by yourself. You are putting in a lot of effort to build a strong and successful life.

Moreover, you are becoming mature by the day. However, it is advisable for you to work on your habit of staying in situations which don't do you any good. You will be able to succeed a lot more in life if you choose the things which are good for you and stay away from situations which are not.

Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card in love

The Eight of Cups reversed reveals that you are struck in a toxic relationship and want to walk away from your present partner. In addition, you are not able to find solutions which will bring you happiness and peace. You feel that your love for your partner is not enough in your relationship. It's true that love is important, but love is not enough to keep a relationship running. There is love and affection between the both of you, but your relationship is deteriorating due to several factors, including toxicity, negativity, and some other external factors. You and your partner are no longer able to keep this relationship running.

Furthermore, the Reversed Eight of Cups love reading says that you feel a sense of insecurity and instability in your love life. You don't feel confident, and it is challenging for you to realise your true potential. Lastly, you are being made to realise that you cannot walk away from your relationship, but it is impossible for you to handle the dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card in finance

When we talk about money, the Reversed Eight of Cups as a person suffers from insecurity and instability. You are unable to achieve financial freedom and security due to several factors. In addition, you also believe that your efforts are not getting you the result you expect. All of this is causing you to rethink your choices and is making you feel quite isolated and upset. You want to achieve financial strength, but it is not possible due to various reasons, such as inequality in terms of opportunities, conflicts, failed investment plans, and loss of money.

However, amidst all of this, it is essential for you to realise your true potential and seek out opportunities. Nobody will give you what you want, and prospects won't fall into your lap. So, seek out opportunities and work towards your ideal future. You should take breaks but avoid letting things go completely.

Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card in career

The Eight of Cups yes or no tarot card in career calls for serious change. You don't trust yourself at all and believe you're incapable of doing anything. In addition, you feel that fear has taken root within you, and now it is highly challenging to do anything without feeling anxious or stressed. You are stuck in your professional life, and your workplace is putting immense pressure on you. It is challenging for you to tap into your inner motivation and determination. Some factors changed you completely, and now you can't do anything without self-doubting.

The Universe asks you to trust yourself, the Universe, and your spirit guides. Good things will surely come your way if you learn to let go of fear and inhibitions. You are scared of the future, and this is blocking your manifestations. So, to achieve what you truly seek and desire, it is necessary for you to reject fear and adopt self-belief, confidence, and faith.

Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card in health

The Eight of Cups Reversed in health talks about compromising your health. Much like the Seven of Cups in health, the Eight of Cups tarot guide talks about knowingly hurting yourself and putting yourself in a position where your health will be at risk. In addition, you do not do things in moderation, thus, further worsening your vitality. Your spirit guides are imparting knowledge to you and asking you to focus on your health. Do not engage yourself in commitments which drain you of your energy, don't force yourself to overwork, and don't promise to do things which will leave an adverse impact on your health.

In addition, you should focus on changing your lifestyle and finding ways in which you can improve your current situation. You will have to undergo a period of tough circumstances. At this time, you won't find the time to take care of yourself and will be busy with several commitments. However, mentally prepare yourself to prioritise yourself and do better for yourself.

How to read Eight of Cups tarot card?

People can read a tarot card in two distinct ways- Upright and Reversed. The following is the Eight of Cups Upright and Eight of Cups Reversed yes or no:

Upright: No.

Reversed: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Eight of Cups as a person knows what they want but not how to achieve it. This tarot card acts as a buffer and reminds you to review and rethink all that you know about life.
The Eight of Cups tarot guide is a conflicting card that says you should discard things that do not belong to you and your life. You should only devote your time to things which help you progress or achieve the things you want.
The Eight of Cups love reading indicates confusion and conflicts in your love life. You should rethink your relationship and decide what you want to do with this dynamic.
Eight of Cups meaning in tarot relates to confusion, misunderstanding, and varying energies. You do not understand what to do, and this tarot card is here to tell you that you should introspect and make changes.
The Eight of Cups zodiac sign is Pisces, and its element is Water. These aspects make this tarot card a calm, peaceful, and stable card.
The Upright Eight of Cups as feelings denotes a feeling of abandonment, pain, fear, and isolation. You keep running away from things, and this causes problems in your life.
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