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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Cups, the eighth card in the Suit of Cups, revolves around the energies of emotional detachment, transition and dissatisfaction. This card shows someone walking away from their old life to find something new. It tells us to listen to our inner feelings, say goodbye to the past and make changes for a better and happy future. The appearance of the 8 of Cups tarot card hints towards a journey of growth and self-discovery, even if it means leaving familiar things behind.

Main Features of Eight of Cups

Let’s start by checking out what sets the Eight of Cups tarot card apart! We will explore its main features, including associated planets or elements, to know what factors make it special.

  • Parts of Eight of Cups Card- Upright and Reversed
  • Element- Water
  • Planet- Neptune, Saturn
  • Zodiac Signs- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  • Yes or No Card- No
  • Crystal- Emerald

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Eight of Cups Card Symbol Meaning

When we take a look at the 8 Cups tarot picture, we see a person leaving behind eight cups. It seems that he is walking away from these eight cups towards the big mountains. Even walking towards a new direction, the person appears to be sad and hurt. Moreover, the sky appears to be dark so it might be nighttime. Here is a detailed explanation of each element in the appearance of the Tarot 8 Cups:

  • Cups: The eight of cups represent all of the things that a person is unhappy and unsatisfied with. This could be a feeling, relationship or situation that no longer makes him happy. The cups seem to be placed in a pyramid, indicating the person’s sense of hurt, loss and dissatisfaction.
  • Person Walking Away: The main character of Tarot 8 of Cups is a man walking away or leaving behind what he had before. This could hint towards his past relationships, achievements or anything that does not work for him anymore. This is why he has begun a new journey in which he bids goodbye to the old things to find something even better.
  • Mountains: The mountains shown in the picture hint at the upcoming challenges or obstacles in his journey. It shows that the person has to overcome or deal with these challenges to reach his destination, i.e. personal growth, emotional satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • Moon and The Sun: Interestingly, in the dark sky, we see both the Sun and the Moon depicting the overall psyche of the individual. The moon represents the inner emotions, thoughts and feelings and tries to act as a guide or source of inspiration for the person. At the same time, the Sun focuses on consciousness.
  • Dark Sky: In the picture, the sky appears to be dark, signifying the scary or unknown future of the individual. Since the future is unknown, a person can expect good things and room for change in the future. Although obstacles await in the future, there's always room for transformation and change.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card - Upright

The appearance of 8 of Cups upright is a clear sign for the individual to move on and leave behind whatever does not make them happy anymore. It could be a relationship, a job or even a situation. Instead of wasting energy and effort to make the situation as it was before, the Eight of Cups says it is better to leave them.

Getting this card does not mean leaving things in the middle and running away. In fact, this could be about finding something better for oneself. In addition, it is a reminder that changes can be scary, but they also hold the potential to lead the individual towards growth and new opportunities.

Eight of Cups AspectsEight of Cups Keywords (Upright)
CareerShort break or walking away from the job
LoveLeaving relationships
HealthLetting go of poor lifestyle choices
FinancePrioritising happiness over money
SpiritualityIntrospection and soul-searching

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning in Love

When it comes to love and romantic relationships, the appearance of the 8 of Cups love card is not considered auspicious. Also known as the ‘break-up card’, the 8 Cups tarot card focuses on the energies of fear and toxicity. Maybe the thought of getting abandoned by your partner is making you worried. Or you are someone totally unhappy with your current relationship and want to attain peace and happiness.

Amidst these feelings, there is one thing you know for sure: Your partner or your relationship is no longer the source of your happiness. This is why you now want to focus on your growth and development. This card gives you the courage and boldness to leave behind everything holding you back. Now is the time to close the old chapter and begin a new one.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning in Career

On the professional front, the 8 of Cups tarot means that you are not happy with your current situation at work and want to walk away. Maybe you are not getting the pay you deserve, or the environment at the workplace is toxic and affecting your health, the 8 of Cups card senses. This is why you have come to a decision to leave your toxic or unfulfilled job behind and focus on something better.

Use this time to analyse your true passion or what you want to do and then plan accordingly. However, the appearance of the Eight of Cups does not always mean leaving your current job. Sometimes, it hints towards taking a short break, such as a vacation from your job.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning in Health

When it comes to your overall health and well-being, the 8 of Cups upright card reveals that the current situation you are suffering from is affecting your health negatively. However, you are not to be blamed here since whatever happened in the past was totally out of your control. Getting this card in your health reading is a sign to keep your mental and physical health above everything.

For this, you first need to leave behind the old habits or poor lifestyle choices you made in the past. Moreover, this card comes as a sign of warning for people dealing with mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression. Now is the time to focus only on the positive things and take help from the medical experts if needed.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning in Finance

When it comes to finances, the Eight of Cups tarot card reveals that you are dealing with financial ups and downs. Maybe your decision about a certain investment was not right, or you did not pay attention to your expenditures and spending. So, getting the Eight of Cups card in an upright position for your finances comes with advice for making your financial future better by making the right decisions now.

For that, you need to identify what went wrong in the past and learn from your past mistakes. You may start by handling your finances better and carefully planning them. When it comes to investments, the 8 of Cups upright warns you to be extremely careful. Use this time to research the market trends and be aware of the risk factors involved.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning in Spirituality

Pulling the Eight of Cups upright in a spiritual reading is all about healing, self-discovery and introspection. Instead of getting attached to the material world and things, the 8 Cups tarot asks you to focus on the ways you can connect with the divine. Along with detaching yourself from materialistic things, you also need to let go of your old habits, routines and activities and start fresh for introspection.

This is because your past or old habits may act as a barrier between your spiritual growth and self-discovery. Doing this will provide you with the clarity and confidence to move forward. Moreover, the Eight of Cups as feelings asks you to engage yourself in activities that activate the journey of self-growth and development, such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or even praying.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card- Reversed

When 8 of Cups reversed appears in a tarot card reading, it highlights the energy of confusion and lack of motivation and determination to move forward. This is where the person feels confused about whether to leave things behind and make a fresh start or return to things or situations even though you do not seem to be happy or satisfied.

Maybe an emotional attachment, fear of failure, or sudden changes in your life stop you from making a rightful decision. Though getting this card in a tarot reading might be confusing, it also gives you a chance to listen to your heart and gut feelings before making any big moves. Doing this will lead you to a period of satisfaction, happiness and comfort.

Eight of Cups AspectsEight of Cups Keywords (Reversed)
CareerDisconnection and Fear of Change
LoveGoing back to a past relationship
HealthSelf-care and Healing
FinancePrioritising money over happiness
SpiritualityNo self-awareness and blockage in spiritual growth

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning in Love

When the 8 of Cups love card appears in a reversed position, it hints towards a possibility of a reunion with your ex-partner or not moving forward at all. Thanks to the fear of being alone or the emotional attachment with your partner that is forcing you to stay in your unhappy and toxic relationship. You do want to change things, but you are not totally ready to leave behind the happy memories or the moments with your partner.

So, pulling out the Eight of Cups reversed in the love tarot reading gives you a chance to think again about what you truly want and choose accordingly. The card says it is completely okay to feel scared, but neglecting your own happiness is not. This is why the card asks you to make up your mind first and then move forward with your action plan.

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning in Career

On the work front, the 8 of Cups as feelings hint towards fear of change, failure and hesitation to move forward for a better future. Maybe you are not happy with your current job or business and are tired of making unnecessary efforts. But despite this unhappy and unfulfilled situation, you do not want to make changes and take risks.

Fear of losing a stable income or paycheck and failure is what stops you from walking away. You have no option left other than accepting your toxic job or a business with no growth and profit. But all of this can change, and you can witness a fulfilling and satisfying career if you are courageous enough to take a risk and chance. So, it is the golden chance to get rid of your fears and worries and be open towards new opportunities.

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning in Health

The Eight of Cups card revolves around the energies of self-care, healing and transformation. Enough about regretting the things that happened in the past! Now is the time to take action and take charge of your own health and well-being. The Eight of Cups card in reversed position asks you to take necessary measures to keep your health in good shape.

First, you need to stay away from the things that drain all your energy and make you stressed or worried. Remember that now, there is no place for negativity in your life. Changing your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits such as exercising, consuming healthy meals, or engaging in meditation or yoga practices are the keys to a happy and healthy life, the card says.

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning in Finance

The appearance of the Eight of Cups reversed card means making bold and risky decisions for your finances. This means leaving your current job or financial habits and trying something new for a better future. But at the same time, Tarot Eight Cups reversed reveals that you have blocked all the ways for changes in your life. Maybe you are too afraid to lose your current financial stability, and the thought of taking risks makes you stressed.

However, in some cases, despite your past efforts and hard work, your finances have not been the way you expected them to be. This is why the Eight of Cups reversed cards suggest you be courageous and prepare yourself for a better financial future ahead of you. But all of this is only possible if you let go of your fears and follow your heart and passion.

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the Eight of Cups reversed senses some sort of blockage or disconnection from the spiritual world. It says that maybe you are too invested in your past issues or traumas that thinking about spiritual and personal growth seems like a dream. So, the advice from the Eight of Cups reversed card is first to pay attention to your current issues and try to resolve them.

Remember that in order to establish a connection with the divine, you need to remove the negativity first. Another 8 of Cups meaning for spirituality is that you lack self-awareness or the ways to find your spiritual purpose. Again, the advice is to remove the blockages in your path first and then think about your growth and success.

Eight of Cups Yes or No Meaning

In a yes or no tarot reading, the 8 cups tarot indicates emotional detachment and the act of walking away from the situation. However, the Eight of Cups meaning differs based on whether it appears upright or reversed. So, let us see how these positions help the reader to make a better decision about his current situation.

  • Upright: No- If a person pulls the 8 of Cups upright in a yes or no tarot reading, the answer is an absolute ‘no’. This is because the 8 of Cups yes or no card means that your desires will not serve you with growth, emotional fulfilment, and satisfaction. So, the only option left now is to look for another option, accept your reality and focus on moving forward.
  • Reversed: Yes- The 8 of Cups reversed yes or no position, brings clarity and confidence. Whatever confusion you are facing now, the card senses that soon you will witness a clear path to success. But for this, first, you should put all the negativity aside and focus on what your heart says. Following your inner feelings and intuition is the only key to reaching your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Eight of Cups in a tarot reading hints at the departure or walking away from the things that are not good for the reader. Getting an Eight of Cups tarot card means a clear indication of letting go of the painful past and looking at the bigger picture instead.
In a yes or no tarot reading, the Eight of Cups is a ‘no’ card. Pulling an 8 of Cups yes or no card generally means that a situation the reader is currently dealing with is coming to an end soon. So, instead of hoping that everything will get better, the reader should focus on his happiness and decide to close the chapter.
The advice from the 8 of Cups is to be strong and walk away from the things that no longer serve and provide pain. Though leaving things that are close to the heart may seem painful and difficult right now, it is only for the person’s betterment and will show fruitful results later.
The Eight of Cups as feelings hint towards emptiness and dissatisfaction. It says that maybe the reader is feeling completely alone, empty from the inside and wants to fill this void. Here, the feelings involved are caused due to emotional unfulfillment. Despite several efforts, the reader cannot fill the void as the situation is not in his own hands.
The 8 of Cups meaning in the future position is that soon, all the doubts and problems will fade away, and the person will get clarity. Moreover, in the future, there will be a period of transformation where the individual’s major focus will be towards finding his true self.
The Eight of Cups love in an upright position indicates that the reader’s unhappy and painful relationship is the reason he wants to separate and walk away. However, in the reversed position, the same tarot card hints that he is not ready to let go of the relationship completely, even though he is not happy and fulfilled.
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