What is Major Arcana?

Originating in the early mediaeval era, tarot cards and the practice of tarot reading have been popular for ages as a way to predict the future. It is to understand the spiritual elements that govern us and the messages that our angel guides have for us. Tarot reading and its predictions are dependent on many factors. They are our energies, the energy of the Universe, the vibe of the reader, and the things coming up for you.

Furthermore, it is believed that tarot cards have an aura of their own. They are in tune with the reader's energy and the energy of the person whose reading is being done. If you have questions regarding tarot reading or wish to get personalised tarot card readings? Go to InstaAstro's 'Talk to Astrologer' page and book a consultation with an astrologer or tarot reader. Our professionals have years of experience and will be able to give you the answers to all your questions.

What is the Major Arcana deck?

Every tarot deck is divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Amongst the seventy-eight cards, twenty-two cards are of the Major Arcana deck, and the remaining fifty-six cards are of the Minor Arcana deck. Like most studies of the spiritual, tarot cards have various stories and beliefs linked to them. For example, it is widely believed by most tarot readers that the first card of the Major Arcana deck, the 'The Fool' card, is the main element or character. The rest of the cards contain his story or journey through life.

In addition, every card is a lesson or experience earned by the Fool, and how they learn new things. Understand how to work through life, and the enlightenment they receive by the time they reach the end of the last card of the deck, the 'The World' card. So, this deck pays attention to the reasons behind events and the journey a person goes through to attain spiritual, emotional, and mental maturity.

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What are the Major Arcana cards and their Meanings?

There are twenty-two Major Arcana cards, and each card spread has its distinct meaning and interpretation. As tarot reading is intuitive and personal, every card's meaning can vary from person to person. In addition, if you wish to understand the importance of these cards in depth. It is advisable to talk to astrologers and tarot readers who will be able to give you the insight you seek if you feel lost. So, go to InstaAstro's website and get in touch with tarot readers of your choice based on their credentials.

Although each card can be understood differently by two different individuals, our esteemed tarot readers have compiled some of the more general meanings of each card. You can read them by scrolling down. Furthermore, these meanings are the Upright meanings of the cards, and one can understand the Reversed meanings under the guidance of InstaAstro's tarot readers.

    Here are the meanings of the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana:

  • The Fool:The first and primary card of the Major Arcana deck, the 'The Fool' card. It consists of a youth who is unaware of his surroundings and figuring life out one step at a time. It represents new beginnings, a fresh start, love tarot, new and better energy, innocence, and carefree personalities. This card urges people not to dwell on things that don't serve their purpose anymore. Have faith in the future, and keep working every day to achieve better things.
  • The Magician:Since this card represents intelligence, wisdom, control, and intuitive feelings, its message is to highlight the significance of communication and knowledge to survive in the world. The 'The Magician' card asks people to believe in themselves with a sense of purpose. So pay attention to their goals and dreams, and know they can manifest anything through willpower.
  • The High Priestess:The card of spirituality, intuition, feminine energy, power, enlightenment, and the Moon. 'The High Priestess' card symbolises the working of the Universe, protective energy, and sensitivity. This card daily tarot aims to urge you to be more in tune with yourself and the energies around you.
  • The Empress:The 'The Empress' card asks people to connect with their feminine side, regardless of gender. This feminine energy will help them create beautiful things and instil balance in their lives. This card suggests you notice the abundance of good things around you and focus on working on your creative ideas to grow patience and love in life. Furthermore, the appearance of the 'The Empress' card says that one can make things work in their favour if they are open to changes.
  • The Emperor:The number four stands for stability and balance. Thus, the 'The Emperor' card asks people to get in touch with their inner leader, cultivate structure and solidity, and remind us that we hold immense power within ourselves. This card tells people to analyse their circumstances and work to reclaim their ability to attain success.
  • The Hierophant:The 'The Hierophant' card represents commitment, the search for truth, spiritual knowledge or wisdom, religion, responsibilities, and ceremonies. This card suggests you follow the rules, play it safe, and not rebel. However, it also indicates that if you follow the rules only to fulfil your worldly needs, you will never be pleased in life. Also, it is essential to have faith in God, the Universe, and yourself, as with this belief, you can attain peace and let go of the chaos.
  • The Lovers:All about commitments, partnerships, relationships, love, romance, dynamics, and harmony in relationships. The 'The Lovers' card talks of balance and happiness in personal relationships, the trust and unity shared between two people, and the strength to overcome obstacles. It is advisable by this card to pay attention to all your relationships, see how things are functioning to choose the best option between two possible factors. So decide what you must do to sustain a happy and healthy relationship.
  • The Chariot:The 'The Chariot' tarot card represents success, focus, dedication, merit, travel, energy in changes, and opposites. This card is about moving forward, a journey into the future, and letting go of the past. It would be best to avoid getting frustrated with disappointments, as rejections will take you further in life. In addition, you need not travel your journey toward attaining success alone. It is advisable to tag along with someone who has similar goals. But, it would help if you decided whether you want to walk on this path of self-reflection by yourself, or with someone, such as your partner.
  • The Justice:As the name suggests, the 'The Justice' card represents justice, fairness, balance, mediation, and legal cases. This card is the card of logic and works on the Law of Attraction. Whatever you think, you are welcome in your life. For example, if you cultivate happy and positive thoughts, you will welcome positive things. But if you constantly think of negative thoughts, you will bring harmful things upon yourself. Also, this card tells that if you have been wronged, you will receive justice, and those who have been unjust to you, will receive their dues. However, if you have been the unjust one, now is the time to change yourself.
  • The Hermit:The 'The Hermit' card symbolises wisdom, consideration, reflection, and taking time out for yourself. If this card is drawn in your tarot reading, you should try to remove yourself from any difficult situation. Take a breath, reflect on your plans, and then weigh your options. This is the right time to reflect on what you have been engaging in. Although you may not receive immediate answers, you'll realise what you need to do to attain better things.
  • The Wheel of Fortune:The 'The Wheel of Fortune' card is a balanced card that represents opportunities, a change in fortune, destiny, good luck, and an event which is beyond your control. This card is the card of Karma, and it urges you to be cautious of your actions and to think deeply before making any decision. Also, this card asks you not to fear change and take risks, as you might never know what new opportunity may change your life and how. Everything you give out to the Universe will return to you in multiples, so remember to be kind!
  • The Strength:The 'The Strength' tarot card represents willpower, passion, empathy and kindness, trust, cooperation, compassion, and success. This card also symbolises feminine energy and the ability to overcome challenges. Your struggles are not unimportant, and the Universe will soon bless you with victory. To achieve better results, you must change your demeanour into a gentle one. Since you prefer to work alone, it would be best to use your inner strength to overcome adverse situations. In addition, try referring to your combination of intellect and emotions to create a happy environment around you.
  • The Hanged Man:Representing endurance, delays, sacrifices, progress, spiritual suffering, and acceptance, the 'The Hanged Man' card implies the opportunity to change your perception and perspective of life. Furthermore, if you wish to attain greatness, you have to make substantial sacrifices. For events to work in your favour, you must stop forcing them to flow in a specific direction and let things take their natural course. Sometimes when things don't seem to work in your favour, you should try to change your approach to them and see if changes are coming your way or not.
  • The Death:The 'The Death' card is the card of Scorpio, and it stands for change, transformation, sudden beginnings, and your perception of change. For example, the card's design depicts four reactions to change or 'Death'. There is a lady who refuses to look at Death, a king who has accepted his fate and defeat, a priest begging to be left alone. With a little boy who is in awe of Death. These images say that you can be ignorant of the changes happening around you. You can feel defeated and compliant with new things, you can resist change, or you can welcome it with open arms. Of course, everybody's outlook to change or 'Death' is different, and it would be unfair to fit everyone in the same box. Still, it is your responsibility to decide how you are going to react to new situations coming your way.
  • The Temperance :The 'The Temperance' card cautions you to be patient and calm by symbolising patience, resilience, self-control, balance, and understanding. It reminds you that a rushed task cannot attain success, and if you keep jumping back and forth between two different plans, you may ruin your growth and progress. Moreover, it is advisable to be kind, forgiving, and understanding to the people around you and yourself. In addition, be patient, cautious, balanced, compassionate, and at peace with yourself.
  • The Devil:This card of the 'The Devil' represents desire, obsession, manipulation, traps, and barriers. If this card comes up in your reading, you should realise that you're trapped in a particular situation. And the only way to move forward is to know what is acting as a barrier and then throw it out of your life. For example, if you don't break away from the habit of depending on other people, you will never be able to achieve things on your own. Moreover, if you have been turning to substances or people to provide comfort, that may be why you are in a trap. It would be best to let go of these patterns as soon as possible.
  • The Tower:The 'The Tower' card represents sudden and unpleasant changes, destruction, chaos, instability, and shock. The appearance of this card in a general reading suggests that a significant change is coming your way, which might have an adverse impact on your life. While the change may not be pleasant, it has been coming for a long time and is unavoidable. Since this change is unavoidable, you might as well learn to move with it, adopt a positive attitude, and plan what to do amidst the chaos.
  • The Star:Representing peace of mind, abundance, balance, inspiration, miracles, optimism, self-love, and fulfilled dreams, the 'The Star' card is a special card that depicts calmness and peace. You may have been dealing with tough times which may have made you feel unimportant and useless. But these adverse days have passed, and happier times are coming your way. In addition, you possess inner strength, which makes you capable enough to handle things independently, and your playful nature makes you everyone's favourite.
  • The Moon:The' The Moon' card represents misunderstandings, gaps in communication, fears, anxiety, stress, and lack of clarity. When this card comes in your general reading, you're being told that a considerable barrier is rising in your life. It may derail you from active communication, meaningful relationships, and strong friendships. This card hints at your innermost secrets, issues, and anxieties. Moreover, it may also point toward a person's deepest, darkest fears that keep them up at night.
  • The Sun:The 'The Sun' card symbolises happiness, New opportunities, and growth. With the appearance of this card, you can welcome stability in all aspects of your life. Moreover, this card indicates that you're a creative and fun person, and you must tap into that energy time and again to achieve great things. So, it is advisable to remember that you're in control of your future, and you should not miss any chance to take control of your life.
  • The Judgement:When the 'The Judgement' card comes up in a reading, it suggests that you may need to make a substantial change to move forward. Without letting go of the things that are not good for you, you cannot start your journey of happiness and self-reliance. Moreover, you may be very close to where you want to be, but to reach that place, you must reflect on your decisions. Understand the things happening around you, and make changes accordingly.
  • The World:The last card of the deck, the 'The World', shows people what they're supposed to be, their purpose in life, and how they can achieve all their goals. In addition, it represents completion, clarity in terms of circumstances and decisions, accomplishments, goals, objectives, appreciation and admiration, inner peace, and the knowledge to accept new opportunities and adventures.

It is advisable to talk to astrologers and tarot readers if you wish to understand the importance of these cards. They will be able to give you the insight you seek. Ignorance, defeat, and resistance to change are all possible, but you can also choose to welcome change with open arms.

The Major Arcana Cards and their meaning

the fool image
The Fool
the magician image
The Magician
the high pristres image
The High Priestess
the empress image
The Empress
the emperor image
The Emperor
the herophant image
The Hierophant
the lovers image
The Lovers
the chariot image
The Chariot
the strength image
the hermit image
The Hermit
the wheel and fortune image
Wheel of Fortune
the justice image
the hanged man image
The Hanged Man
the death image
the temperance image
the devil image
The Devil
the tower image
The Tower
the star image
The Star
the moon image
The Moon
the sun image
The Sun
the judgement image
the world image
The World

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There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana deck, and fifty-six cards in the Minor Arcana Deck.
The Major Arcana deck talks about a person's life journey, experiences, lessons, trials, and challenges.
The 'The Lovers' card represents companionship, relationships, and the bond between two persons.
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