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Strength tarot card meaning

The meaning of the Strength tarot card relates to inner strength and power. People have what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles; they need to learn how to tap into this power and bravery. The Strength tarot card meaning represents courage, resilience, patience, and gaining control or dominance over our inner beasts. The visual representation or pictorial description of this tarot card highlights these qualities.

The woman in the picture of the Strength tarot card highlights the qualities of bravery and courage. She is taming a lion, and her hand is placed on the lion's head. This imagery indicates that the woman has the power to control the raw power of the lion. She does not fear the lion, which is clear from her expressions and body language. While the lion is a representation of power, passion, and desires, it also stands for the inner beast which rests within people. The whole image of the Strength card tarot highlights the major role of courage and strength. Individuals should be brave and headstrong in all their adventures, not fear change, and know how to handle life's adversities.

The woman's assertive look and posture indicate that she is confident and fearless in her interaction with the lion. The Strength tarot card asks us to be as courageous as the woman and tame our inner wars. A brave person can handle all adversities and achieve great things. However, it is also necessary for people to be logical, practical, and level-headed. One cannot get their desires if they are emotionally unstable and weak.

Strength tarot card Upright

The Strength tarot card Upright meaning indicates inner peace, inner power, kindness, good health, and bravery. Scroll down and read more about the Strength tarot card Upright card meaning and role:

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Upright Strength tarot card meaning and interpretation

In the Upright position, the Strength card meaning relates to the power to overcome challenges, face adversities with bravery, and be strong. The Strength tarot card Upright card encourages people to trust their intuition and inner strength, be brave, and handle obstacles with confidence and bravery. The Upright Strength tarot card meaning and interpretation also says that it is essential for people to keep an eye on their desires and make sure that these passions don't spiral out of control.

You should be in control of your emotions instead of your feelings getting hold of your rational and logical mind. Moreover, the Strength meaning tarot in the Upright position says that empathy and kindness go a long way, and people should tackle situations with understanding, compassion, and heart. More so, while dealing with other people, you never know what they are going through. So, it is advisable to be kind and gentle. However, don't compromise on your boundaries. Be assertive, but never unkind or hurtful.

The appearance of this tarot card in a tarot reading highlights the need for being strong, enduring and handling situations effectively, and instilling balance in all aspects of life. You become better when you learn to become more aware of yourself and your actions. While it is necessary to be brave, it is also essential to be calm and composed. You have to look at situations from every perspective and angle and only then make any decision or choice. In short, a person who knows how to analyse things practically, not emotionally, will always win. So, be optimistic and always strive for the best. Don't settle for less if you know that the best is what you deserve.

Upright Strength tarot card in love

The tarot Strength love reading in the Upright position talks about a balanced and happy relationship. The appearance of the Upright Strength tarot card in love indicates that your connection is based on love, trust, mutual respect, and compassion. You and your partner share similar values and ideals, making your relationship happy. However, you're often very fierce and passionate about your relationship, which can give way to jealousy and insecurity.

The Strength tarot card meaning in love, urges you to control and curb these inclinations or feelings and work on being more compassionate and empathetic towards your partner and relationship. If you and your partner sync, your relationship has the potential to get better. While you both are already doing the best you can to keep your relationship happy and thriving, there is always room for improvement. Lastly, the Strength card tarot asks you to be understanding of your partner's needs alongside your own. It would be best to instil balance and harmony in your love life. So, strive for a better bond and dynamic.

Upright Strength tarot card in finance

In terms of money, the 8th Major Arcana tarot card, the Strength, says that you are in a comfortable position with regard to your finances. You have worked hard to reach a place where you're financially stable and comfortable. In addition, it also implies that you are pretty wise and stable with your monetary decisions and choices. Your control over your decisions and discipline have allowed you to prosper and receive positive results. The appearance of the Upright Strength tarot card in finance says that you must stay focused and persevere in your financial journey.

Pay attention to your investments and spending, and don't waste your money. While it is okay to spoil yourself sometimes, don't overdo it. As people say, with great power comes significant responsibilities, so be wise and own up to your commitments. Learn to save more and spend less, make intelligent investments, and be careful with your income. You will not face any money shortage if you take the advice of the Strength tarot card and make good choices.

Upright Strength tarot card in career

The Upright Strength tarot card in career says that success and prosperity are constantly surrounding you, and you won't face failure if you're careful in your choices, calculative in your risks, and wise in your ethics. However, you're the one who makes success difficult because of your intense emotions and big feelings. Much like the woman tames the lion, you must tame your unstable feelings and emotions and work hard to be professional, calm, and composed. Your unbound rage, hatred, and unnecessary desires often make it difficult for you to succeed in your ventures.

More often than not, you're also very reckless with your work. You feel threatened sometimes, which makes way for anger to take control of you, and you end up ruining the good things coming your way. However, the Strength tarot card meaning also says that with some self-control, compassion, and understanding, you can grow in your professional career and progress quickly. All you need to do is work on your maturity, emotions, and decisions. Don't be reckless or rash in any of your professional choices.

Upright Strength tarot card in health

The Strength tarot health reading talks about vitality, good health, positivity, and inner strength. You are constantly working on keeping yourself fit, allowing you to feel physically and mentally stronger. Your lifestyle and balance between your mind and body have bettered your life, and you have also garnered a new-found strength and energy. The Upright Strength tarot card in health says that you have become a better version of yourself who is wise, thoughtful, and careful with regard to your health.

The appearance of this tarot card indicates that you're finally at a place in life where illnesses are not coming your way, and you feel more enthusiastic and energetic. Furthermore, your fitness levels have increased. Like the lion, you now possess untapped potential and energy ready to burst out of you. So, now is the best time to expand your horizons by adopting better and newer lifestyle changes and having fun. However, don't do anything to risk this new and better version of yourself!

Strength tarot card Reversed

The Strength tarot card Reversed meaning is all about stress, anxiety, doubt, pain, and lack of security. Here is the Strength Reversed meaning in detail:

Reversed Strength tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Strength Reversed meaning relates to everything opposite to the Upright meaning. In the Reversed position, the Strength tarot card meaning says that you have lost your inner spark and no longer have the upper hand in situations. In addition, you often fail to understand or identify what is going wrong. Besides this, even if you can identify the unfavourable things, you fail to work on them and do things better. This may be because of a lack of confidence and belief. Self-doubt has taken root in your life, and you cannot regain self-confidence.

The Reversed Strength tarot card meaning and interpretation also says that you are stuck in some situations or circumstances testing you and feel powerless. Your unresolved inner conflicts have taken control over your logical and practical mind, and you feel increasingly insecure in everything you do. Furthermore, the Strength Reversed tarot also points towards the problematic relationship that you share with yourself and others. You're growing more and more bitter because of your situation, which is causing you to lash out at your loved ones and hurt them.

While the Strength tarot card Upright card reminds people to be kind and understanding, the Strength card Reversed says that you will stop being considerate of others and become selfish. This tarot card's appearance is a warning from the Universe that you should get back on track and become a better version of yourself. You cannot keep blaming yourself or others for your life's adversities. So, stop acting like a victim and reclaim your lost aura, energy, and power.

Reversed Strength tarot card in love

The Strength Reversed love indicates that your relationship is on the path to destruction, and you are not doing anything to keep it safe. The Strength Reversed as feelings in love say that you are feeling quite insecure and unstable in your relationship, because of which you and your partner are engaging in more and more conflicts. There are certain aspects of the relationship which are destined to cause problems in the relationship. For example, you may be more dominating and controlling than the other.

This quality is causing chaos in your relationship; you and your relationship no longer share the same ideals or values. A certain amount of insecurity may also stop you from pursuing your desires. Per the Reversed Strength tarot card in love, you and your partner are ignoring your problems instead of dealing with them, causing many more issues. It would be best for you and your partner to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation, which will help you improve your relationship.

Reversed Strength tarot card in finance

The Strength card Reversed in finance highlights the importance of paying attention to your financial decisions and choices. You can quickly drown in debt or poverty if you're not smart with your money. Your bad habits, such as excessive spending, investing your money in the wrong areas, and not listening to the advice of your loved ones, will lead you to financial crises. There is a severe lack of control and management on your economic front. Moreover, it is essential that you reassess your financial habits and evaluate your financial plans. Learn to identify your mistakes and make changes as and when required.

The Strength tarot Reversed in finance also states that you should stop being rigid in your approaches and understand what is going on. For example, you want to start saving more and spending less, or you may want to explore extra means of income; however, you are not welcoming of people's advice and guidance. Per the Reversed Strength tarot card in finance, you have to understand that there will always be some people who are more knowledgeable and learned than you. So, remember to accept guidance and criticism and make your life better. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to know the difference between right and wrong and choose the right path for you.

Reversed Strength tarot card in career

In terms of profession, the Reversed Strength tarot card in career reading suggests a lack of confidence and belief. You are failing to establish a mark and showcase your worth because you're not confident enough. You feel that other people are much better than you are, and this comparison is causing serious issues in your professional life. The upside-down Strength tarot card says that you should work on uplifting yourself and stop pitying your situations.

Due to a lack of motivation, determination, creativity, and inclination, you are unable to achieve the life of your dreams. While efforts are essential to success, the right mindset is also required. You have to keep faith that things are bound to get better, and everything will surely fall into place. The Universe listens to people who are assertive and headstrong. You must work on balancing your mental and emotional states to be at your best and achieve whatever you desire. Stop being a background character in your story, and take charge of your life. It is time to flourish!

Reversed Strength tarot card in health

When it comes to health, the Reversed Strength tarot card in health reading points to your deteriorating health and how you are risking it more by ignoring your mental and physical needs. However, the Universe has your back, and things will surely get better if you start prioritising your health. In addition, this position of the tarot card indicates that it's time for you to make some lifestyle changes that will allow you to feel rejuvenated and better. You cannot keep comparing yourself and your life to others. You don't seem to understand that everyone leads a different life and lifestyle is different too.

Some people may work harder than you, and some may do less work than you do. So, comparing yourself to others makes no sense. The Strength tarot health reading asks you to be aware of yourself and your body and do things that align with your needs and requirements. Furthermore, this tarot card advises you to rest properly, recharge, pay attention to any nagging health issues, and seek support from medical professionals and loved ones for complete recovery. Your ongoing struggle and suffering can end if you take the proper steps.

How to read the Strength tarot card?

A tarot card can be read in the Upright and Reversed positions. These positions indicate the meaning of the tarot card and help people understand its significance in their reading. Similarly, a yes or no reading also allows people to understand the significance of the tarot card in simple words. The following is the Strength yes or no reading. Through the Strength tarot yes or no reading, you can know what the Strength card says for your simple and short questions:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

The Strength tarot card yes or no reading, mainly represents yes as an answer.
The Strength card represents someone courageous, heroic, kind, and confident.
The spiritual strength tarot card's meaning is courage and power.
The Strength tarot card feelings are about overcoming problems and controlling our emotions.
This card asks the seeker to keep up with strength and inner power in a love reading.
The Strength tarot card number is eight.
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