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Meanings when Upright: Inner peace, inner power, kindness, good health, bravery

Meanings when Reversed: Stress, anxiety, doubt, pain, lack of security

What is the Strength card?

Representing strength and power, the Strength tarot card indicates someone's inner power and what it takes for them to overcome the challenges that are present. As per the illustration of the card, the woman stands for fearlessness and bravery. The lion may or may not be a symbol of challenges, and the woman is shown to have taken control of the lion. According to the Strength card, you should stand firm on your decisions and not fear external opposition. This card stands for control over adverse situations and a brave outlook toward life. In addition, it says that you may experience challenges in all aspects of your life, but you will be able to achieve victory.

Meanings and aspects of the Strength card:

As we know, each tarot card has two meanings, and the Strength card has an Upright meaning and a Reversed one. So here's its influence as per its position:

What is the Meaning of the Upright Strength card?

The Upright Strength tarot card stands for power, courage, strength, and patience. This card makes people aware of their inner strength and helps them overcome every life challenge. This card urges people to look into themselves and their inner strength and makes them tap into this energy to work through problems effectively. Moreover, the Strength card says you should stay optimistic, brave, calm, and collected while dealing with issues. If you can take charge of your life and assert dominance, you will succeed in all your plans.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Strength tarot love reading says that you're an intense lover who possesses deep passion regarding their relationships. Your relationships are fierce and passionate. However, you may be taken over by jealousy, anger, or other intense emotions. Besides this, this card also suggests that you are compassionate, kind, and empathetic. In addition, you don't leave any stone unturned to make your partner happy. You're someone who knows how to take care of your partner, and your empathy helps you understand your partner's perspective, needs, and requirements.

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Finance and Prosperity

If this particular tarot card appears in your reading, you should know that you're in a comfortable place in terms of your finances. Concerning your money, you should avoid unnecessary spending and focus on saving more. However, you're lucky with their income and will never face any shortage. So, while paying attention to how and how much you're spending, it's also necessary to enjoy the good times.

Career and Profession

Only you're in the way of your career growth because your intense emotions often take over you and stop you from achieving success. If you're able to control these emotions, such as rage, resentment, and unnecessary desire, you will be able to move significantly farther in life. In addition, it is advisable to have faith in yourself and not let fear or stress steer you away from your path. All you must do is believe in yourself and not let anything else take away your dreams from you.

Health and Vitality

A signal of good health, vitality, and fitness, the Strength card says that you will be able to overcome all your health issues. Furthermore, this card is an indication of balance between your mind and body. This card comes as a sign of hope for people who may have been suffering from health issues, as it says that soon you will be able to win these battles and happier times will prevail. Moreover, it is essential to adopt healthy living practices that will make your life easier regarding your mental and physical well-being.

What is the Meaning of the Reversed Strength card?

The Strength tarot Reversed card says that you may be stuck in a situation where you're powerless. These situations will negatively affect all aspects of your life, and you won't be able to get to where you want to be. The Reversed position of the Strength card reminds you that you should gain control over your emotions before trying to gain control over your situations. This card tells us that you are often prone to emotional outbursts, which limit your potential. While you possess courage and power, you're unable to access them due to your irrational feelings.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Strength card indicates insecurities and instability in a Reversed love tarot reading. There may be a certain amount of insecurity that stops you both from pursuing your desires and hobbies. For example, in your relationship, one of you may be excessively controlling over the other, and this quality is causing problems in your love life. Moreover, single people are told that due to their bad decisions, they're unable to grab the relationship of their dreams.

Finance and Prosperity

In terms of money, the upside-down Strength card says that you should exercise caution and address the problems related to your financial situation. For example, if you excessively spend your money without thinking about where you're spending, you may face issues with your money. In addition, your financial situation is connected to your health. In an attempt to earn more or manage your finances, you may compromise your health.

Career and Profession

Due to your lack of motivation, creativity, and drive, you may not be moving forward in your professional life. While you may have done everything in your power to achieve the life of your dreams or to attain success, your lack of self belief may make it difficult for you to reach your goals. To progress or gain advancement concerning your job or career, you should maintain a healthy balance between your emotions and mental state. This necessary balance will allow you to earn good things and attain success.

Health and Vitality

Even in a Reversed health reading, this card is a sign of good health. You may be prone to following unhealthy lifestyles, but the Universe is aware of you and will protect you from illnesses. Moreover, this card suggests you not compare yourself to the people around you. This comparison may cause unnecessary grief in your life. It is essential to note that everybody leads a different life, and your struggles differ from others. So, you should not compare your problems with others, as your mental health can worsen because of these reasons.

The meaning of the Strength tarot card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

One-card tarot readings are performed to get straight answers to yes or no questions. Here's the meaning behind the Strength tarot card yes or no reading:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

The Strength tarot card yes or no reading, mainly represents yes as an answer.
The Strength card represents someone courageous, heroic, kind, and confident.
The spiritual strength tarot card's meaning is courage and power.
The Strength tarot card feelings are about overcoming problems and controlling our emotions.
This card asks the seeker to keep up with strength and inner power in a love reading.
The Strength tarot card number is eight.