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The Chariot

Meanings when Upright: Direction, guidance, determination, control, ambition

Meanings when Reversed: Lack of control, helplessness, hopelessness, force, obstacles

What is the 'The Chariot' card?

The Chariot tarot card meaning states that everything rests upon willpower, winning, and optimism. The illustration of the Chariot tarot card shows a charioteer on the Chariot. This person is the embodiment or representation of strength, and the Chariot is the representation of willpower. Moreover, the Chariot is also a symbol of victory, and it appears when the seeker is destined for success. The appearance of this strength tarot card is a sign from your guardian angels and spirit guides. The energies around you, including the energy of the Universe, are telling you that you will win at all your problems.

Meanings and aspects of 'The Chariot' card when Upright or Reversed:

Each card represents two meanings. Here's the importance of the Chariot tarot card in terms of its Upright or Reversed position:

What is the Meaning of the Upright 'The Chariot' card?

All about victory or triumph, the Chariot card acts as an element of hope and encouragement. As we already know, the charioteer represents power; he's the hero of the card. The appearance of this card signals the opening of new opportunities, new doors, and control over adverse situations. This card is also a symbol of ambition, and it says that one can win at everything and overcome all obstacles if one keeps up with the right mindset.

However, one should also stay aware of all the possible risks and avoid straying off course.

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Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Chariot tarot love reading asks you to take control of your relationship. This control doesn't mean you should scare your partner or control their decisions. It means that you should focus on your goals regarding your love life and make conscious decisions keeping in mind your partner. It is essential to manage the wheels of your relationship by working in sync with your partner. If any of you fails to work on the relationship, you will both experience conflicts and hard times.

Finance and Prosperity

The meaning of the Chariot tarot card in terms of a finance or money reading says that you need to look into the blockages which might be keeping you away from financial security. These issues hold a significant position in your life, and because of them, you're unable to achieve the life of your dreams. However, you need skill. Your creativity, inspiration, and one-track mind will help you to overcome these issues. Moreover, the card suggests you take a leap of faith and invest in areas of real estate or cryptocurrency.

Career and Profession

In terms of career and job prospects, you will go far in life because of your determination and focus. You're highly motivated, driven, and ambitious. These qualities will push you further, and you will be able to attain success in all aspects of your life. So if you're looking to change a job, you should go for it now, as the Chariot card is giving you signs of success and prosperity.

Health and Vitality

If your health issues have been making you feel low and upset, then this card says that you will be able to overcome these battles and bring forth a change in your mood. While this journey toward ideal living may be difficult, you will win as you are resilient and strong. However, the Chariot represents abdominal issues, and it is advisable to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Meaning of the Reversed 'The Chariot' card?

The Chariot Reversed reading says it's time to regain control of your life. You may hesitate to make crucial decisions or stay true to what you want, but it's essential for you to move past these issues. It is easy to blame your circumstances and the people around you, but you should take responsibility for your actions. Your situations are not being forced on you, and you have the power to overcome these challenges by taking charge. In addition, you should look into things that are holding you back and make significant changes. This could be a period of need for more action and adventure. So, walk lightly, and address things carefully.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Chariot tarot card upside down, meaning in terms of love and relationships, is about strong desires and steering out of control. You may wish to fall in love and have abandoned your goals, but there are better ways to attain what you want. Moreover, you may have been channelling your energy in the wrong areas, due to which your current relationship is suffering. The Reversed Chariot card can also be seen as a negative influence, as it signals that your relationship is destined to fail and cause you harm.

Finance and Prosperity

While it may be fun to spend or use your money however you want, you often make bad decisions that put you in the wrong spot with regard to money. Even if this doesn't apply to you, you may have to be cautious about your money as there is a strong chance of losing all your prosperity. The Reversed Finance reading asks you to make better choices in terms of your money, and it is advisable to be careful about where you spend your money and how you spend it.

Career and Profession

When the Chariot card is in an upside-down position, it signals a lack of control, determination, or motivation. You may have lost your focus in your career, and the upper hand that you once had is not yours anymore. If you dream more than you work, you will never be able to succeed in your profession. To make things work in your favour, you have to put in efforts that will make things easier for you. Moreover, this card says that you may be careless regarding your future.

Health and Vitality

We know that the Upright card is about taking charge, and the Reversed card is about the lack of control. However, in a Reversed health reading, the Chariot card asks you to take charge of your health. This is because there are signs that you may lose control of your life and suffer from various health issues. Although your health is relatively good at the moment, it may deteriorate if you don't pay attention to its needs and requirements.

The meaning of 'The Chariot' tarot card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

One-card tarot readings help people to arrive at quick answers to simple questions. Here's the meaning of the Chariot yes or no reading:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the Chariot yes or no reading, you can get answers in yes or no, and you should be aware of your future.
The Sun or Helios is associated with the Chariot tarot card.
The Chariot card meaning is all about overcoming challenges and obstacles.
Since the chariot tarot meaning is all about overcoming blockages, the chariot tarot card appears to be strong-willed people. Therefore, this card is often associated with the strength tarot card.
The Chariot in love reading says that you should act on your decisions.
The Chariot Reversed says you should learn to let go of things and stop being rigid.