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The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Meanings when Upright: Moderation, peace, serenity, balance, composure.

Meanings when Reversed: Chaos, Disbalance, exhaustion, disorder, extremes.

What is the Temperance card?

Depicting an angel, the Temperance trusted tarot card represents the Universal laws of Mother Earth. In addition, it highlights the fact that all people are under the obligation of these laws, and they shouldn't disrupt nature's flow. The angel's position is a symbol of balance and stability, and the river stands for flow or the need to keep moving forward. The Temperance tarot as a person is all about moving forward and not staying stagnant in life. The Temperance tarot advice focuses on cultivating harmony, patience, and putting faith in the Universe. When this card appears in your reading, it is a sign that you have learnt how to manage life and its turbulence.

Meanings and aspects of the Temperance card:

Each tarot card has two distinct meanings in terms of its position. For example, here are the meanings of the Temperance card when Upright or Reversed:

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What is the Meaning of the Upright Temperance card?

The Upright Temperance urges people to live a life of moderation and tolerance. According to this card, it is advisable not to overdo anything or welcome an imbalance in your energy. As per the Upright reading, you should avoid any stress or chaos which can negatively affect your energy or vibe. If you maintain a level-headed approach to everything in life, you will be able to manage things properly. When this card appears in this position, remember that the Universe is happy with your attitude toward life and your composure. However, it would be best to know when to adopt which approach. For example, if you're overwhelmed or anxious with little things, you should know how to control this energy. Likewise, you should also know how to stand your ground and not crumble under pressure.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Temperance love feelings reading says that you will have all the things you have manifested for your relationship. As a result, you and your partner will share a strong bond that will withstand all of life's trials and tribulations. In addition, it is also a sign that you and your partner are soulmates and nothing can part you. On the other hand, the Temperance tarot love single reading says that if you're single, life will soon present you with the relationship of your dreams. But, it is essential for you to know how to balance your energies and create harmony between your love life and other aspects such as work or academics.

Finance and Prosperity

The finance reading of this card indicates that you will be safe and sound in terms of your finances. Since you have mastered the art of balance and stability, you will know when to save more and when to spend more. However, this card acts as a message which says that you should be mindful of your finances. If you don't start saving now, you will face several issues in the future. In addition, when you start being careful of how you spend your money or how you save, you will live a better life.

Career and Profession

The Temperance tarot career reading says that it is imperative to set goals and objectives. If you fail to chalk out a plan for your future, you will risk stability and security. However, you are strong and diligent. So, you will be able to build strategies and ideas and act on them. This tarot card advises you to be careful about your choices and avoid making rash decisions. For example, if you receive an excellent professional opportunity, make sure to give good thought to it before accepting it. In addition, you should avoid losing patience and be open to criticism or conflict on your professional front. Just know how to handle such situations, and you're good to go!

Health and Vitality

In life, balance and stability are essential aspects. However, they are all the more significant when it comes to our health. The Upright Temperance Health reading says that you should know how to balance all aspects of your life. Start by going over all the areas where you may have lost your patience or over-exerted yourself. Then, plan how to control yourself in these areas. Next, it is time to extend your boundaries and explore new ways of healthy living. You may also adopt various treatments for your underlying health issues. In addition, this card is an indication that your mind, body, and soul are in harmony with each other.

What is the Meaning of the Reversed Temperance card?

What does the Temperance tarot card mean when Reversed? The answer is simple: the Reversed Temperance tarot represents everything opposite to its Upright meaning. The Reversed position of the Temperance tarot card stands for chaos, stress, and destruction. If this card appears in your reading, it signifies that you have undergone a period of disbalance, destruction, and negativity. This card is an indication that things are not going according to you and you are being pulled between things. You must revisit your old self, invoke the blessings of your angel guides, and work on self-improvement. The coming up of this card is a message for you to introspect and find out what's lacking in you and your approach to life.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Temperance tarot love feelings, when Reversed, are all about conflicts, disappointments, disagreements, and insecurity. You and your partner are stuck in a rough patch, and there's no easy way to get out of it. You may believe your partner is disrespectful towards you, and you need to learn how to address this topic. Moreover, you and your partner may have avoided or disregarded each other's needs and requirements. In addition, this card tells you that, right now, you and your partner are conflicted with each other and are not working as a team. Before jumping to conclusions, exploring ideas and brainstorming solutions together would be best.

Finance and Prosperity

In a money reading, the Temperance tarot card represents extremes. For example, either you are too free with your money and are constantly overspending, or you are too frugal or tight with your money. You don't enjoy spending on yourself or anyone else and are always worried that you will run out of your finances. However, it would be best if you also remembered that it's okay to spend some time and treat yourself once in a while. On the other hand, this card is a representation of financial hurdles. You may need to take some urgent action in order to save your money or to establish stability. It is essential for you to instil balance. Overspending will bring debt, and not spending enough will bring bitterness. So, be careful with your choices and know how to act when.

Career and Profession

In terms of your professional life or career, the Reversed Temperance tarot card implies that there will be several issues or conflicts. For example, you may have a chaotic relationship with your co-workers. In addition, you may also be rejecting constructive criticism or feedback, which will help you to improve. It is up to you to decide how you want to be known by the people around you. Do you wish to be perceived as someone difficult to work with? Or do you want to be known as someone open to discussion, criticism, and overall growth? So, pay attention to your approach and stay away from unnecessary arguments or trouble.

Health and Vitality

The upside-down transition of the Temperance card in a health reading stands for imbalance or problems. You are choosing to act a certain way or opting for specific ways negatively affects your health. You are not paying attention to your mind and body's needs. It is not advisable to ignore your physical and emotional requirements. Over time, you will get used to feeling low, and that's not good. So, make conscious decisions and remember to tune in to your inner needs. Self-balance and introspection are essential aspects when it comes to health and vitality. The more you ignore your inner callings, the more miserable you will get with each passing day. Before any major damage or illness befalls you, open your ears to your inner voice and instil peace within yourself.

The meaning of the Temperance card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

One-card tarot readings are ideal for quick readings. Here's the purpose of the card in a Temperance tarot yes or no reading:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

As a person, the Temperance trusted tarot is someone calm, composed, and balanced.
Some vital Temperance tarot combinations are: Temperance+High Priestess, Temperance+The Lovers, Temperance+The Magician
The Temperance tarot advice says that the individual or seeker should protect their energy and stay away from toxicity.
The Temperance card, also known as the Temperance tarot pregnancy card, represents pregnancy and childbirth.
The Temperance tarot card stands for patience, balance, and knowing your limits.
The Temperance tarot love reading says that good things are coming your way.
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