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Temperance tarot card meaning

The Temperance tarot meaning is all about balance, moderation, waiting, progress, healing, and discipline. This tarot card asks people to sync with the Universe and stay in touch with Mother Nature. One should not disrupt the flow and balance of Mother Nature's rules and laws. This is because everyone is under the influence of these laws, and it is necessary for people to go with these regulations instead of against them. The Angel on the Temperance tarot card represents these laws.

This divine element's position indicates balance and stability and the role of the Universe's laws in our lives. On the other, the river highlights moving forward and going with the flow. One should not be stagnant in one's life and should always work towards progressing and cultivating better things for oneself. According to the Temperance tarot card meaning, when this tarot card appears in your tarot reading, it symbolises positivity, happy changes, and progress. The Temperance tarot yes or no reading paints a positive picture and says that you are finally receiving the fruits of your labour and everything is working according to your plans.

The Universe is urging you towards a more conscious lifestyle and urging you to cultivate happiness, peace, balance, stability, and security. You have what it takes to go forward in life, so make good use of your knowledge and understanding. However, don't go overboard and ruin things for yourself. You may have to stop yourself from making rash decisions.

Furthermore, it is advisable to always think twice before making any significant decisions. The Temperance tarot as a person is someone who knows which moves to make when. Moreover, this individual is always considerate of the consequences of every action and thinks through things before taking any action.

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Temperance tarot card Upright

In the Upright position, the Temperance tarot meaning highlights moderation, peace, serenity, balance, and composure. The following is the detailed meaning of the Temperance tarot card Upright card:

Upright Temperance tarot card meaning and interpretation

In the Upright position, the Temperance tarot meaning relates to moderation and tolerance. People should know their limits and not do things that can cross other people's boundaries or bring imbalance in the overall energy. The Upright Temperance tarot card meaning and interpretation asks people to avoid negativity and live their best lives possible. One is presented with several blockages and challenges in life, but one needs to understand how to overcome these obstacles gracefully.

Furthermore, people should strive for balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives. The Temperance tarot card Upright card asks you to maintain a level-headed approach to life, be patient, adapt to different situations and circumstances, and grow your energy. You possess the key to success and happiness, so unlock all doors and do good for yourself. Besides symbolising moderation, discipline, balance, growth, and flexibility, the Temperance tarot also highlights the need for cooperation and harmony.

The main message of this tarot card is that everything should be done in moderation, and people must always instil stability in their lives. Everything should have a proper time and method, be it relationships, career prospects, finances, health, or anything else. For example, if you feel overwhelmed with life, take a step back, review your plans, and approach things from a new perspective.

Similarly, if you think you haven't been doing enough, it is time to shake yourself out of this stagnation and charge forward. The Temperance tarot advice asks you to take your time with everything, wait out the things happening around you, and then launch yourself into the situation.

Upright Temperance tarot card in love

The Upright Temperance in a love reading suggests the arrival of positivity and good things in your life. Since the Temperance tarot comes as a lucky sign of love, it says that you will be pleased in your relationship, and nothing will be able to dampen your mood. Furthermore, the Upright Temperance tarot card in love also says that you will receive several blessings from the Universe and will be able to manifest everything that you wished for.

When this tarot card comes up in a love reading, it indicates that the two people in love are truly soulmates, and nothing can part them. While you will have immense bliss and joy in your relationship, it is advisable to keep working towards creating a wholesome environment for each other, learning from your mistakes, and finding common ground to resolve conflicts.

The Temperance tarot card Upright card in love says that if you're single, you'll soon meet a highly compatible person who will be your ideal partner. So, don't be afraid to make the first move if you genuinely believe this new person is meant for you! The Temperance tarot love single people reading says that this person will bring several positive changes in your life, put a new meaning to love, and just be the best for you. The Temperance tarot love feelings indicate happiness, security, safety, and togetherness. Lastly, the Temperance love reading asks you to enjoy what you have.

Upright Temperance tarot card in finance

When Upright, the Temperance card meaning in finance, advises being careful with your money-related decisions and wise before making any choice. You are the Master of your money, so it is essential for you to be aware of how to spend your money the right way and how you can expand your financial plans in the appropriate direction.

When the Temperance appears in a money reading, it says that your current financial position is safe, secure, and stable. You have worked hard to master the art of balance and will have happiness and prosperity. However, per the Upright Temperance tarot card in finance, it is essential for you to go over your plans every once in a while.

As a messenger of the Universe, the Temperance tarot card meaning says that you may have to reevaluate and review your goals when things change in your life. With new changes come new alterations and growth, so make sure to edit your plans as you go ahead. In addition, don't forget to build a strong foundation for your future self. It is time for you to learn when to spend more and when to save more.

The Temperance advice in finance readings asks people to grow up, be an adult with their money, and only use it wisely. When this tarot card appears in a money reading, the Temperance yes or no tarot presents room for growth, progress, and change. While you are doing things the right way, you still have a long way to go.

Upright Temperance tarot card in career

The Upright Temperance tarot card in career urges you to strive for balance, structure, and stability in your professional life. While you are calm, composed, aware, and disciplined in your approach to your career, you may have to work a little on your patience. The appearance of the Temperance tarot highlights the need for setting goals and objectives. You may have to chalk out a proper plan for the future to help you retain your motivation and keep you from losing purpose and direction. In addition, you will be able to grow spiritually and professionally.

It is also essential to learn how to navigate through the challenges of life and do your best to steer clear of negativity. Furthermore, the Temperance tarot meaning urges you to be wise before making any decisions and think twice before engaging yourself in any task. For example, when you're offered opportunities to grow and progress, think before you accept them. The Temperance tarot combinations with other cards say that you may end up in problems if you don’t pay close attention to what you are choosing for yourself.

In addition, individuals should also be aware of their actions in a professional setting. While you will have everything you imagined, you will have to be careful in your actions, choices, and decisions. This tarot card asks people to be aware of what they are doing for themselves and for the people around them.

Upright Temperance tarot card in health

In terms of health, the Temperance tarot symbolises the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle and keeping yourself healthy. You are advised to avoid working in extremes and instil moderation and discipline in your life. Per the Upright Temperance tarot card in health, you will have good health and well-being, but it wouldn't hurt to do better for yourself. The first step would be to address any underlying health issues or identify areas that frustrate or have exhausted you. Then, chalk out a plan that will help you be at your best in these aspects.

Next, instil stronger boundaries and explore newer and better ways of living. Since the Temperance tarot card meaning also relates to rejuvenation and healing, its significance in a health reading says that you will go through a period of healing and renewal of energy. You will find yourself possessing new enthusiasm, spirituality, emotional awareness, and physical vitality.

For example, when it comes to expecting mothers, the Temperance tarot pregnancy reading says that your baby will be healthy and the pregnancy period will be smooth and enjoyable. Lastly, this tarot card asks you to take care of yourself even if you're surrounded by chaos and imbalance. The Temperance trusted tarot card helps you gain perspective on your actions and reminds you why it is essential to choose and do good for yourself.

The Temperance tarot card Reversed

When Reversed, the Temperance card meaning talks about chaos, disbalance, exhaustion, disorder, and extremes. Here is the meaning of the Temperance tarot card Reversed:

Reversed Temperance tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Temperance in Reverse highlights everything opposite to the Temperance tarot card Upright card. Where the Upright Temperance tarot card meaning talks about balance and stability, the Reversed Temperance points towards imbalance, disharmony, recklessness, lack of moderation, rigidity, and lack of spiritual growth or awareness. The Reversed Temperance tarot card meaning and interpretation says that you are paving the way for chaos, stress, and destruction to enter your life. In addition, you have gone through a period of negativity, and nothing is going according to you.

The influence of this tarot card indicates that you have lost touch with your inner self, and everything is falling apart. While rewiring your brain and lifestyle is hard, the Temperance in Reverse begs for caution and introspection. You will have to change yourself to accommodate the big changes in your life. In addition, you may have to reclaim your old self and do everything in your power to connect with the old you. You cannot keep living a life of rigidity, stagnation, and imbalance.

The Reversed Temperance tarot yes or no card paints a negative image and says things are falling apart around you. Imagine a burning and collapsing building, then imagine yourself in this chaos. The Temperance tarot yes or no asks people to push themselves out of chaos instead of staying in it.

Furthermore, it is time for you to discard all the things that don't serve their purpose anymore and do things the right way. Stop being impatient, and trust the Universe. When you believe that a higher purpose awaits you, you will be able to turn your life around. This tarot card also stands for chaos in the different aspects of your life. For example, you may experience conflicts in your love life or career and instability in your finances or health.

Reversed Temperance tarot card in love

The Reversed Temperance in love says that you will have to experience several conflicts and disappointments in your relationship. These setbacks will negatively affect you and your partner, and things will not be at their best. The coming up of the Reversed Temperance tarot card in love indicates increased misunderstandings, chaos, conflicts, lack of communication, and insecurity. You and your partner are stuck in a situation that has no easy way out.

So, keeping this in mind, ensure that you spend at least a few minutes each day trying to reconnect. The Reversed Temperance tarot love feelings reading says that you may need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner to discover what is missing in your love life.

A relationship can only survive if both the involved people are willing to work together. The appearance of the upside down Temperance tarot card indicates that both of you feel disrespected by the other and are not happy with each other's company. Furthermore, per the Temperance tarot Reversed, everything will only fall into place if you and your partner are willing to work together.

So, take the proper steps and don't allow external negativity to control you. It would be best to resolve conflicts through active communication, understanding, and compassion. The Reversed Temperance tarot as feelings asks people to harbour emotions of kindness and understanding. Moreover, the Temperance tarot love reading says that even the worst problems can be solved through collective effort and consistency.

Reversed Temperance tarot card in finance

You have not been very careful with your financial decisions, and things are spiralling out of control. Per the Reversed Temperance tarot card in finance, you lack discipline, moderation, and stability. You go all in when you are spending and don't think twice before making transactions.

Furthermore, you often end up in problems because of your reckless behaviour and approach towards money. The appearance of the Temperance tarot Reversed says that your risky behaviour poses a threat to your financial independence and stability. You are playing a chaotic game, and it is time to understand that these risky decisions may cost you your financial stability and balance.

More often than not, you end up overspending, which leads to financial crunches and crises. If you wish to build a better future for yourself, then you have to mend ways immediately. Don't wait for a significant problem to make you realise that you have to review and change your plans and outlook towards money. In addition, you should also seek advice from learned individuals if you ever get stuck in any particular situation.

For example, if you're stuck somewhere and don't know where to proceed, then make sure to consult people who can help you gain a new perspective. These people may also be able to help you get back on track. So, per the Reversed Temperance tarot advice, allow these people to help you when you need it.

Reversed Temperance tarot card in career

The upside down Temperance tarot card in career highlights the need for balance and moderation in the professional aspect of your life. You have become increasingly reckless and impatient in your career and are experiencing chaos. Moreover, the Reversed Temperance tarot card in career also points out that you may be thinking of quick money-making schemes; however, these plans will never materialise.

Understanding that the Universe does not reward people who cut corners or take shortcuts to success is essential. You are responsible for your career growth, and it would be best to take accountability for your actions. The Temperance tarot combinations in the Reversed position say that one must work hard to achieve success. So, the Reversed Temperance trusted tarot asks for honesty and truthfulness.

In addition, you may also experience conflicts and tensions with your coworkers. Per the Temperance in Reverse, you are not receiving the support you require, which is frustrating. It is time to expand your horizons by ditching rigidity and allowing yourself to grow from others' constructive criticism and feedback. Don't be a hurdle in your journey; grab all opportunities for growth and knowledge. In addition, pay attention to your approach at the workplace, avoid taking everything personally and getting offended, and stay away from unnecessary arguments or conflicts. It is time to grow, learn new things, and release negativity or bad vibes.

Reversed Temperance tarot card in health

Have you ever wondered, “What does the Temperance tarot card mean in health?” then here is the answer you are seeking- The Reversed Temperance tarot card in health says it is time for you to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle and build a new perspective for your well-being. You have been avoiding the health issues that have been bothering you for a long time.

In addition, the Reversed Temperance says that your lack of balance and stability is causing your health to deteriorate day by day. Much like the message of Upright Temperance, where you're asked to work in moderation, Reversed Temperance also says the same thing. This position of the tarot card begs caution and asks you to be careful and wise.

You cannot keep troubling your health by overworking yourself and dealing with your life in extremes. It is time for you to learn how to manage the interlinked aspects of your life. For example, you have to bring balance and stability between your personal life and professional life. In addition, you also need to rethink your plans, introspect, and change your approach towards your well-being. Lastly, it would be best for you to seek medical help at the beginning of an emergency instead of letting the crisis grow over time.

How to read Temperance tarot card?

Every tarot card is understood in the Upright and Reversed position. A yes or no reading helps in understanding the message of the card in relation to short questions. The following is the Temperance yes or no reading:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

As a person, the Temperance trusted tarot is someone calm, composed, and balanced. This individual knows how to handle things with practicality, logic, and intelligence. In addition, they are stable, secure, level-headed, and wise.
The 14th card in the tarot is the Temperance tarot card. This tarot card talks about balance, harmony, and change. The connection between number 14 and Temperance focuses on the need for balance, moderation, enlightenment, growth, and progress.
The Temperance tarot advice says that the individual or seeker should protect their energy and stay away from toxicity. In addition, they should channel their energy in the right place and focus on doing better for themselves. It is essential for individuals to take care of their spiritual needs.
The Temperance card, also known as the Temperance tarot pregnancy card, represents pregnancy and childbirth. If this tarot card appears for an expectant mother, it indicates that her pregnancy journey will be smooth and she will have a healthy birth.
The Temperance tarot card stands for patience, balance, and knowing your limits. People should know when to stop catering to things and reject aspects that don't serve their purpose. In addition, individuals should handle things with care and focus on gaining control and knowledge.
The Temperance tarot love reading says that good things are coming your way. You can expect to receive several blessings and positivity in your life. In addition, your relationship will also teach you several things that will allow you to grow in life. So, learn to embrace every new change.
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