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The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star tarot card depicts a young woman sitting beside a pool with two water jugs. She is seen pouring water from the jug into the pool. At the same time, her left and right hands represent the subconscious and the conscious, respectively. The first jug waters abundance and the cycle of life, and the second jug means the five senses. The water from this jug flows in five water bodies and is the source of all life and its senses. Besides this, the woman kneels with one foot firmly placed on the ground, symbolising her judgement, willpower, and practicality.

The other foot in the water represents her intuition, feelings, and emotional understanding. Lastly, the seven stars represent the seven chakras, and the larger star symbolises her strong qualities. The Star tarot card meaning is all about maintaining stability, welcoming positivity, and healing from past traumas. You will have to assess every situation before making a firm decision. Make sure to understand what a situation is asking of you, and only then make a judgement or decision.

The Star tarot card meaning says that in some situations, you will have to judge according to your intuition or gut feeling, and in others, you may have to go with your judgement. The Star tarot card of the day says that every day presents a new opportunity, and it is up to you how you choose to make use of these prospects coming your way. The first step to living a happy and successful life is to let go of negativity and embrace the many beauties of life. You will have to rewire your brain into accepting the positives before the negatives.

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The Star tarot card Upright

Every tarot card has two meanings. Tarot the Star card is all about new beginnings, redemption, positive change, hope, and healing. Here are the meanings of the Star Reversed and Upright:

Upright Star tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Star tarot card Upright card is all about positive growth, change, and peace. This card's arrival establishes that you are in tune with your inner self and the Universe. The Divine energy surrounds you at all times, and connecting with the spiritual realm is easy. As an individual, you have grown to reject negative thoughts and opinions. You have worked hard to steer clear of adverse situations which have been holding you back.

In addition, you are slowly prioritising yourself over external factors. For example, if you were told to act a certain way and be a specific version of yourself, you are now rejecting these negative bonds. You slowly realise how you indeed are and what your heart desires. The Star tarot card of the day allows you to achieve all your dreams and stay connected to the Divine energy of the Universe.

Furthermore, the Upright Star tarot card meaning and interpretation says that you are protected by the energy of the Universe and don’t have to fear the challenges coming your way. According to this tarot card, all you must do is keep faith in your heart and believe that good things are meant for you. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay true to yourself and let everything else be how it is, then handle things as they come.

Upright Star tarot card in love

The Star tarot card meaning love edition, highlights your connection to people. You are finally ready to reject all emotional baggage and allow yourself to connect fully in a relationship. Moreover, your energy in a romantic relationship is pure. You may make mistakes, but know when to apologise and repair broken relationships. In addition, if you are single, this card suggests that there is scope for healthy relationships and healing through love. Finally, if you have been reeling from a breakup, know that the Universe has your back, and things will soon fall into place.

This tarot card is meant for you to know that you have the power to build something substantial for yourself. If you are wondering, “What does the Star tarot card mean in love?” the Upright Star tarot card in love for committed people says that you and your partner will get a chance to grow closer to each other through spiritual connection, and it is time for you and your lover to give time to each other and work hard to build your relationship in the right direction. The Star tarot card meaning love edition, says that you and your soulmate will be able to take your relationship to the next level.

Upright Star tarot card in finance

The Star tarot card, regarding money and finances, highlights economic management and good things coming your way. If you have been planning to save more and spend less, this card indicates that you can find the right ways to do that. In addition, you will also achieve long-term financial plans and goals. All you have to do is make the right moves and grab all the opportunities that come your way. If you have faith in yourself and your power, then no financial crises can stop you from receiving the blessings of the Universe. However, it would be best to be wise about how you spend your money.

For example, if you let your emotions control your financial decisions, you must undergo money constraints. So, be careful with how you spend your money. The Upright Star tarot card in finance further asks you to make strong and stable plans and decisions. Don’t spend your money on a whim, avoid making investments without thinking about it first, and don’t lend money to people you don’t trust. The Star tarot card Upright card in finance says that it is better to be careful now than sorry later.

Upright Star tarot card in career

Regarding your career, the Star tarot Upright card is about success and positivity at your workplace and in your profession. So, when this card appears in your reading, it is a sign that things will go your way subsequently, and you will be able to achieve career stability and success. For example, if you have been awaiting a positive outcome from an important interview or meeting, then according to this card, you will receive just that. In addition, the Star tarot card stands for peace and relief.

So, the appearance of this card in your career reading suggests that you will welcome better opportunities, calm workplace situations, and supportive colleagues. The Star tarot card Upright card in career says that you are finally in a place where you can relax at your workplace and not let external negativity have a big effect on you. While it is true that people may sometimes have to give importance to the negative parts of life too, it must not take complete control of the individual. So, while you deal with problems, learn to embrace the positive side of life, too.

Upright Star tarot card in health

The coming up of the Star tarot card in a health reading tells that you will undergo a period of quick healing and strengthening health. Moreover, you will experience fewer health issues and challenges. You will be able to overcome all your illnesses, and your immunity will get stronger than ever. For example, the Star tarot card pregnancy reading says that expecting mothers will carry to term, experience no health issues, and give birth to healthy babies. So, the appearance of this card brings a sigh of relief. You will gain a newfound strength, and your vitality will flourish. Just take care of yourself and manage your health properly.

The Upright Star tarot card in health highlights the need to instil positivity and hope and stay true to yourself in your journey to wellness. For example, the Star tarot card pregnancy reading says that expecting mothers can expect to experience an upward hike in their health and may feel positive and happy in their journey. In addition, the appearance of this tarot card further states that you will be able to regain your lost footing and take care of yourself again. This time, allow the people around you to help you.

The Star tarot card Reversed

The Star Reversed is about hopelessness, chaos, endings, conflicts, and despair. Read more to find out its detailed impact:

Reversed Star tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Star Reversed is all about difficulties, challenges, and obstacles. These problems will persist until you decide to address them. However, post this period of chaos and conflict, you will become stronger, and things will go according to you and your needs. The more you reject change, the worse your situation will get. So, you must realise that you are channelling Divine energy within you. The Universe tests you to see if you can bear the hardships of time and life and come out better. You can either fall to your knees or stand your ground and fight every barrier that comes your way. This card demands you to stay strong, connect with your inner self, and analyse what needs to be done.

Eventually, you will find yourself steered in the right direction. Much like the Upright Star tarot card meaning, the Star Reversed asks people to stay true to themselves. For example, if you had been forced to be something you are not, the Reversed Star tarot card in past position says that you can now reject these notions and find your individuality. Moreover, the Star Reversed says that this period of chaos, destruction, and trauma is necessary because it will allow you to dig deeper within yourself and regain your lost strength and individuality. However, don’t forget to take care of yourself during this period.

Reversed Star tarot card in love

The Star tarot love Reversed reading says you will face several conflicts and arguments in your relationship. But it is up to you to handle them with care. If your partner is communicating their needs and wants, don't disregard them. Likewise, don't ignore your anxieties and stresses. When you start to look at your relationship from an objective view, things will look differently. In contrast, you will discover what you and your partner need to do when you look at it subjectively. So, it's always better to keep your perspective open and wise.

The Star tarot card meaning love, says that all issues and problems can be solved if you and your spouse or partner work together. The Reversed Star tarot card, meaning love edition, further highlights the need for you and your partner to find common ground and solve issues collectively instead of waiting for them to deteriorate. If you are single, the Star tarot love card says that you will find someone who will be willing to work with you on your relationship, but the arrival of this person may welcome some issues. So, be careful with the decisions and actions you take.

Reversed Star tarot card in finance

The Star Reversed in financial reading is a reminder that you have the power to handle any and everything that comes your way. However, if you start burying your problems, nothing new will come to you. Therefore, it's time for you to go over your financial goals and plans once again. In addition, you should make changes in your plans to fit your current circumstances. Several financial conflicts may come your way, but you can face them, fight them, and solve them by being careful about your economic needs and plans. The Reversed Star tarot card in finance indicates the need for level-headedness and the avoidance of wrong decisions.

You may be tempted to spend more and save less, but that won’t do you any good. So, learn to bring balance and stability to your life and avoid making rash choices and decisions. The arrival of the Reversed Star tarot card of the day in finance says that you possess the skills required to build a successful financial life but lack the resources. So, when these resources arrive, make sure to grab them as they come.

Reversed Star tarot card in career

The Star tarot card in a professional or career reading says you may feel stuck or dissatisfied in your career or job. But things are not as terrible as you are making them. Things are indeed dull and monotonous right now, but there's potential for you to spice up your life. Unfortunately, your negative energy and unhealthy outlook may affect your professional life. So, try to be more positive and make better choices. Keep motivating yourself, and don't give up. The Star Reversed position says that things may not currently go your way, but that doesn't mean that they won't ever go your way.

Just have hope, and be smart about your professional decisions. You may not believe this, but hope can push people beyond their limits and allow them to achieve greatness. When one believes in themselves and works on being positive, one is able to receive the abundant blessings of the Universe. The Star Reversed tarot card in career says that the Universe is willing and waiting to bless you; all you have to do is believe in yourself and allow yourself to progress in the right direction.

Reversed Star tarot card in health

The Star tarot card health reading highlights your anxieties and fears. You keep overthinking your current situation, due to which your health is deteriorating. You have lost all faith in yourself and the Universe. This loss of belief and confidence is worsening your situation. In addition, the more you worry, the worse your emotional health gets. In these circumstances, the Universe is urging you to reconnect with the Divine and allow yourself to heal yourself completely. This physical and emotional healing will only happen if you stop doubting yourself and your destiny.

In addition, the Reversed Star tarot card in health says that it is time for you to connect to healers and medical professionals who will be able to steer you in the right direction. These people may even be able to help you choose the right healing technique for you. The appearance of this tarot card says that it is essential for you to prioritise yourself and take care of your body, mind, and soul. Don’t allow external factors to ruin your peace.

How to read the Star tarot card?

The Star tarot card yes or no reading gives you answers to short questions. So, here's the representation of the Star tarot card of the day when pulled in a Single Card Reading:

  • Upright:Yes
  • Reversed:No

Frequently Asked Questions

The Star tarot love reading establishes happy relationships and healthy bonds in the Upright position. On the other hand, the Star Reversed highlights conflicts, fights, and disagreements in a relationship.
The Star tarot card in past position indicates that you may have made some good decisions in the past which have brought you to your present. For example, you may have decided to act more like yourself and less like how others tell you to act, and because of that, now more people support you and your decisions.
The Star tarot card personality represents calm, kind, helpful, and creative qualities. This tarot card asks people to look within themselves, identify their needs and work on them in accordance with the resources provided by the Universe.
The Star tarot zodiac sign is Aquarius. Likewise, its element is Air. The relationship between the Star tarot zodiac sign, element, and tarot card meaning highlights the qualities of peace, stability, balance, and creativity.
The ruling planet of the Star tarot card is Uranus. The connection between Uranus and the Star tarot is that these both represent the qualities and energies of stability, balance, and security.
Regarding pregnancy, the Star tarot card indicates a healthy baby, a safe pregnancy, and strong immunity. Expecting mothers can experience happiness, extra support, and balance during their journey of pregnancy.
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