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The Death Tarot Card Meaning

Meanings when Upright: Endings, release, letting go, changes, transformation

Meanings when Reversed: No change, recurring negative aspects, pausing, chaos, breaking

What is the Death card?

Showing the Grim Reaper, the Death tarot meaning is all about representing mortality and its end. Death's messenger and his armour mean invincibility and the realisation that all things come to an end regardless of everything else. On the other hand, the horse is a symbol of purity, strength, and resilience. This card, in itself, is a messenger of change and endings. In other words, the Death as a person tarot card is all about transformations and the flow of changes.

While most people may consider this card a card of endings and the demise of situations, it is much more than that. The Death and rebirth tarot card revolves around emotional and spiritual growth. Therefore, one should not avoid its messages but embrace them with open arms.

Meanings and aspects of the Death card:

Each card has two distinct meanings in terms of its position. For example, here's the meaning of the Death tarot card when Upright and Reversed:

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What is the Meaning of the Upright Death card?

The Upright Death tarot card stands for changes and the end of hard times. This card says that if you have been stuck in an unfavourable situation and do not know how to walk out of it, the Universe will soon provide guidance that will substantially change your life. The main aim of this card is to prepare you for a future where you may be uncomfortable, but spiritual growth will help you in all aspects. In addition, the Death tarot as a person urges you to let go of strings that tie you to unfavourable circumstances, welcome new opportunities, and allow yourself to grow regardless of any adversity.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Death tarot love reading indicates that you and your partner are stuck to unfavourable elements which stop you from growing closer to each other. The Death tarot advice is to let go of these adverse habits and pay attention to your and your partner's needs. In addition, if you avoid the problems coming your way, you might lose sight of your purpose, and things will change for the worse. Whether you like it or not, the Death card indicates sudden change and turbulence. You might find something to be extremely exhausting, painful, and frustrating. However, it is up to you to change your love life. If you want your relationship to blossom, you will have to let go of your problematic behaviours.

Finance and Prosperity

In terms of finances, the Death tarot card meaning money reading indicates that you may lose a lot of your income or incur some substantial financial loss. While this period will affect you in ways which may seem to be crippling, you will come out of it as a warrior and will be able to handle all situations in the proper manner. Instead of pitying yourself and feeling sorry for your case, you will have to take a stand for yourself. In times like these, you will have to change your game plan and make modifications as per your circumstances. The message of this card with regard to your money is to stop you from losing your mind when you face a financial crisis.

Career and Profession

What does the Death tarot card mean in a Career reading? Well, the answer is simple. This is all about independence and the avoidance of getting habitual to any situation. Any circumstance which does not serve its purpose to you should not hold an important place in your life. If you have been hesitant about taking some necessary yet brutal steps in your business or career, the Death card says that you shouldn't fear change. Instead, changing your course of action and choosing a more stable path is advisable. This path will not only help you achieve your dreams but also allow you to grow in unimaginable ways.

Health and Vitality

The Death tarot health reading says that you will experience a deep rejuvenation or transformation. If you have felt that you may never recover from your physical or emotional ailments, this card suggests that that's not the case. However, this transformation will depend on your approach to changes and how well you will respond to the adjustments that life will propose. Furthermore, this card suggests a shift that will change your health and help you grab opportunities that will improve your life's overall state.

What is the Meaning of the Reversed Death card?

The Death Reversed tarot meaning is all about the rejection of changes or transformations. This card says that you may find your situations challenging, and your stubbornness will hold you back from good opportunities. This Reversed card suggests you embrace changes rather than rejecting them, and you will always be provided with chances to accept a better standard of living. When you say yes to change or let go, your future brightens. However, this card also says you are trying to let go of unfavourable situations and aspects, even if the process is slow and steady. If you let go of all the things limiting your potential, you will be able to gain complete control of your life.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Death tarot card love reading indicates your avoidance of being alone or letting go of your partner. If you are in a committed relationship, you may fear staying away from your partner or having a life of your own. This coping mechanism will lead to your downfall, as everyone should try to be as independent as possible. On the other hand, if you're single, this card says that you must let go of unhealthy ways of coping with your situations and allow yourself to explore new ways of kindling a relationship. If you have been stuck in your past, now is the time to walk out of it and pay attention to your present and future. In all, you should let go of self-destructive relationships and promote self-love.

Finance and Prosperity

Much like the Upright Death card in terms of finances, the Reversed Death card says that you will face several financial losses, but you will find it in yourself to embrace these losses and not wallow in a pit of misery. Instead of fighting change, you should adapt according to it and adopt ways to protect yourself. For example, if you are a spendthrift, you should manage your finances. Excessive spending can lower your savings and pose you with several financial problems.

Career and Profession

In a Career reading, the Death Reversed tarot card suggests it's time to explore new career paths. If you stay stuck in your present career, you might hamper your mental health or stop yourself from growing. In addition, your current level of security and stability might prevent you from taking this step. Staying stagnant in your current life stops you from reaching your goals or full potential. If you make a change in terms of your profession, you will be able to welcome the life of your dreams. Also, remember that the journey won't be easy, but the destination will be worthwhile.

Health and Vitality

The Death tarot health Reversed reading says that you may have been rejecting treatment or straying away from appropriate ways of better living. This may be due to your fear of accepting the underlying health problems. If you have been anxious about your illnesses or deteriorating mental health, this card asks you to change your approach. When you choose different paths of growth and change, you will be able to welcome positive changes and growth. Know that the Universe has your back and won't let your struggle go in vain. Allow yourself to feel all your feelings, and let go of prolonged sadness or unhappiness.

The meaning of the Death card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

Single card readings are perfect for receiving quick answers. Here's the Death tarot meaning in terms of the Death tarot yes or no reading:

  • Upright: Yes
  • Reversed: No

Frequently Asked Questions

The Death as a person tarot reading relates to someone experiencing loss and transforming.
The Death tarot card stands for endings and new beginnings.
The Death and Tower tarot combination represents chaos and endings.
The Death tarot number is thirteen.
The Death and Rebirth tarot card is the same.
The Justice and Death tarot card combinations represent problems but also solutions to these problems.
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