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The Moon tarot card meaning

The Moon tarot card meaning represents our unconscious or subconscious mind, emotional state, gut feeling or intuition, and our consciousness. The pictorial depiction of this card showcases the full moon between two towers, besides strong winds, which stand for our connection with the Divine. This card has the number two as a considerable symbolism. There are two towers and two animals- the dog and the wolf. While the two towers stand for two alternatives of consciousness and unconsciousness, the dog and the wolf represent our calm, tame, and wild nature, respectively. The Moon tarot card as feelings is all about knowing what your intuition is telling you, staying in tune with your emotions, and moving past the clouds of doubt.

The Moon tarot card Upright

Every card in any tarot reading has two implications. The Moon Upright means fear, anxiety, instability, mental blockages, and conflicts. For example, here is the meaning of the Moon tarot card Upright and the Moon tarot card Reversed:

Upright The Moon tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Moon tarot card Upright symbolises our anxieties, fears, and worries. This card is a representation of our unhealed emotions and feelings. You may have experienced a traumatic situation in the past due to which your present is under threat. In addition, you may not have dealt with these unresolved traumas and issues. You keep assuring yourself that everything is fine, but things are not okay, and you know that. Moreover, it is advisable for you to react only when you have analysed everything objectively rather than subjectively. Even when it comes to your emotions, you often lash out at other people because of your internal conflicts. The Universe is asking you to connect with your inner self to heal and grow. Since the Moon tarot card meaning highlights our intuition, it would be best if you paid more attention to your intuitive attractions and needs.

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Upright The Moon tarot card in love

The Moon tarot card meaning love, says you are uncomfortable and uneasy in your relationship. Your romantic relationship is deteriorating due to your repressed emotions, internal conflicts, and disappointments. You and your partner are unable to communicate with each other, and because of this, your love is suffering. This card advises you to stay strong and not lose hope. In addition, there are some things you may not know about. So, don't stress about what's to come. Instead, you should pay attention to the present and try to stay positive. Try to understand your partner and come to a conclusion with the correct information.

Upright The Moon tarot card in finance

The Moon tarot card money reading warns against unwise financial decisions and unstable investments. It would be best if you always made a decision after having adequate information and knowledge. In addition, when you do not have enough knowledge, you should not make any financial decisions. So, first research, analyse and only then make money-related decisions. Furthermore, you will also come across people who will cheat you of your money. Therefore, it is essential for you to be wise and careful. Stay alert about who is asking for money from you, who is begging for investments, and who deserves these financial favours.

Upright The Moon tarot card in career

The Moon tarot card career reading says you may have to face the brunt of miscommunications and misunderstandings. In addition, you will face several issues at the workplace. Your colleagues will not understand you or your situation, due to which things will start to feel overwhelming. Besides all this, you will soon realise that people are withholding information from you, because of which your professional advancement is taking a back seat. Therefore, it is advisable for you to be careful about what's coming your way. Don't lose hope, stay motivated, and don't feel disheartened if people don't support you.

Upright The Moon tarot card in health

The Moon tarot card health session is all about emotional complexities. You may face several mental health issues affecting your physical health. In addition, you are also ignoring what your body needs. The more you run away from your problems, the worse things will get for you. Moreover, you have not been making wise choices regarding your health. For a woman, the appearance of the Moon tarot card indicates hormonal imbalance, difficulty in pregnancy, and irregular menstrual cycles.

The Moon tarot card Reversed

Unhappiness, bad vibes, confusing dreams, clouds of uncertainty, clarity is depicted through the Moon Reversed. Here is it’s meaning:

Reversed The Moon tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Moon tarot card Reversed brings a little positive light onto your situation. You may have faced several obstacles, but you are learning how to cope with these traumas right now. In addition, you are also paying attention to your intuition. While things won't go back to normal magically, they are in the process. You slowly realise how to break free from self-doubt, chaos, destruction, and fears.

Moreover, you must realise that you are the key to a better future. You possess the solutions you need to build a better tomorrow. So, stop worrying, listen to your inner self, pray to your angels, and try to solve your problems.

Reversed The Moon tarot card in love

The Moon tarot card meaning love in the Reversed position indicates lies, fights, and cheating in a romantic relationship. As we know, this card in the Reversed position often brings dreams. So, you might receive subliminal messages and signs, regarding your relationship, in your dreams. Try to decipher these messages and know that your relationship is under threat. You may have been lying to yourself and convincing yourself that everything is fine in your love life, but things are not as they seem. So, it's time for you to introspect and realise the signs of miscommunication and conflicts. If you're single, now is the time to listen to your gut feeling and venture out for a potential partner.

Reversed The Moon tarot card in finance

The Moon tarot card finance reading says you are unwise and reckless with your money. You often disregard your intuition and internal feelings when it comes to your money. You have to stop ignoring your instincts and make better choices. Sometimes you invest in areas which are not suitable for you. These investments lead to financial crises. So, it would be best to start being careful with how you spend or invest your money. Moreover, it is advisable for you to stop lying to yourself and start making decisions which prevent you from setting foot into economic instability.

Reversed The Moon tarot card in career

The Moon tarot card career session highlights instability, insecurity, and confusion in the career. You may be stuck in a job which is unsuitable for you, due to which you are unable to access your full potential. In addition, you may be feeling unsure or unhappy about your job choice. However, one good thing that comes out of this position of the Moon tarot card is that you will also come across situations which will allow you to receive mental clarity. Besides all this, there will be some severe tension at the workplace, and you and your coworkers will be at ends with each other.

Reversed The Moon tarot card in health

The Moon tarot card health affair in the Reversed position indicates that things are getting better for you, and you will soon relieve yourself of anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues. In addition, your overall health will improve too. You will realise which aspects are affecting you negatively and will make necessary adjustments to restore your physical and mental health. Moreover, if you have been worried about your health, know that things will get better. However, you are not listening to your intuitive needs. So, pay attention to your spirit guides, and make healthy choices. These choices will allow you to build your physical, mental, and emotional health and stability.

How to read The Moon tarot card?

A Single Card Reading is done to arrive at quick answers. The Moon tarot card meaning yes or no has two meanings. Thus, here are the representations of the Moon tarot yes or no reading:

  • Upright: No
  • Reversed: Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of feelings, the Moon tarot card Upright urges you to be aware of your needs, make better choices, and not let emotional barriers cloud your judgement.
The Moon tarot card zodiac sign is Pisces.
The Moon tarot card ruling planet is Neptune.
The element of the Moon tarot card is Water.
The Moon tarot card Upright is a card of lies, deception, and illusions.
In love, the Moon tarot card says you may be uneasy or unhappy in your relationship.
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