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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Meanings when Upright:Chaos, destruction, disorder, brokenness, trauma.

Meanings when Reversed:Unacceptance, avoiding the future, resisting growth, fighting change, straying away from disaster

What is the 'The Tower' card?

The true portrayal of destruction and upheaval, the Tower tarot card meaning is all about showcasing ruin and emotional hurt. In the picture of the burning Tower tarot card, a couple is flying out of the tower, which is on fire. The tower is a symbolic representation of destruction which is unavoidable, yet people are still trying to run away from it. However, fleeing change is pointless. You may believe you cannot survive the chaos that comes your way, but you can and will.

Meanings and Aspects of 'The Tower' card:

In a tarot reading, every card has two meanings or representations. Here are the meanings and symbolisms behind the Tower tarot card Upright and Reversed:

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What is the Meaning of the Upright 'The Tower' card?

Taking out or pulling the Tower card in the Upright or Upside position showcases and highlights pain, upheaval, and distress. This chaos is coming your way and you cannot avoid it in any way. You may want to avoid these changes; however, they're unavoidable. Most of these things are happening for your betterment, so rejecting the idea of dismissing change and growth is advisable. While these conflicts and emotional earthquakes will be painful and unmanageable, you will power through and realise how messed up your foundations were. You may have built your life on shaky foundations, and after this period of change and transition, you will know what to do to make your life better. The Tower tarot card Upright is about unavoidable changes and the transition to light.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Tower tarot card, meaning love, represents a relationship's endings, conflicts, betrayal, separation, and heartbreak. If you are in a relationship, then the Tower tarot love reading will tell you that your relationship will go through a significant transition. This turnover may not be entirely favourable as your dynamic with your partner will go under severe strain and pressure. However, this change will also ensure the strengthening of the foundation of your love life. The Tower tarot card love reading for singles says these individuals may have to face unwanted questions about their love life. Moreover, it is advisable for these people to stay aware of their personality while venturing out into a new relationship. If you are planning to dip your feet in the dating pool, then make sure to be open to rejection.

Finance and Prosperity

The Tower tarot card money reading urges people to be smart about their finances. Since this card is not positive, its arrival in a finance reading indicates that things might worsen for you in terms of your finances. It is essential to take care of yourself and your needs. However, it is all the more essential to save and make foolproof plans for emergencies. It is advisable to start building a crisis fund which will protect you from harsh financial crises and economic destruction. In addition, you should expand your network and talk to learned people who will be able to help you regarding your income and money. Be wise about your money, and don't waste it!

Career and Profession

The Tower tarot card career reading in the Upright position stands for workplace chaos, instability, and havoc. This card also symbolises a lack of a job or a professional career. If you are someone who has been looking for a stable job which will provide you with a secure life, then the arrival of this card in your reading is only partially positive. On the one hand, it represents destruction; however, on the other hand, it also means opportunities are coming your way. Now, these opportunities can be positive or negative. If you play wisely, the doors to your luck will open; if not, you will suffer.

Health and Vitality

The falling Tower tarot card meaning in terms of health or vitality highlights illnesses, prolonged diseases, accidents, sudden injuries, and deteriorating mental health. The Tower tarot card health reading focuses on your health as a whole. This card says that you will be under immense pressure and stress, due to which your mental health will deteriorate. For pregnant women, this card is mainly negative. The arrival of this card indicates an abortion, difficult pregnancy, health issues during pregnancy, stillbirth, or even a baby with health issues. While these health issues are recurring, you will also experience bouts of recovery and rejuvenation.

What is the Meaning of the Reversed' The Tower' card?

Per the Tower Reversed, you are undergoing severe turmoil, conflicts, and upheaval. This card represents change which you might have been resisting. Unlike the Tower tarot card Upright, where change occurs due to external factors and effects, the Tower Reversed sees changes due to internal conflicts and introspection. You may not like all of the things happening, but you cannot deny that most of these are pushing you towards a better future where you will build stronger foundations for yourself. This difficult period will compel you to rethink your plans, make changes, and clear your perspective. You can only grow by gaining insight. Thus, this period of growth and transition is essential for you.

Love, relationship, and compatibility

The Tower tarot love meaning and representation relates to the end of your relationship and how you and your partner are both resisting separation. You know this separation is inevitable, and you will have to walk your separate ways. However, the heart wants what it wants. Besides this, you have to stop mending what cannot be repaired. So, take this relationship as a lesson, and walk away. It is advisable to respect yourself and your partner's needs and let things go. For single people, the Tower tarot card meaning love when Reversed, is about being self-aware. You must know if you want a relationship or not. Do you genuinely love someone and want a relationship with them, or are you just scared to be alone? Determine what you want, and then move ahead.

Finance and Prosperity

The Tower tarot card money reading with the Tower tarot Reversed refers to financial instability and chaos. Similar to the Tower tarot card Upright, the Tower tarot card Reversed urges you to be wise about your spending habits. You must do everything you can to avoid financial crises and insecurity. This card says that something unfortunate has to, and will, happen so that you can find the time and opportunity to rethink your financial situation. For example, by facing a significant financial crisis, you can learn the lesson to manage your finances better.

Career and Profession

In the Reversed pull, the Tower tarot card career asks you to stand your ground and not lose hope. While staying in a bubble is safe and secure, you should allow yourself to venture out of your comfort zone and see what is available for you. You may have been avoiding several drastic steps due to fear of rejection, sadness, and professional destruction. Nevertheless, you have to leave the safe zone that you are in and discover new options.

Health and Vitality

Per the Tower tarot card health reading, you are worsening your health by avoiding what is plaguing you. The more you run away from your illnesses, the worse the problem will get. It is okay to be fearful, afraid, and scared; nonetheless, you have to address these problems before things get out of control. Moreover, you are playing a risky game in terms of your physical health. So, it is advisable to be wise rather than regret it later. When it comes to your mental and spiritual health, this card says that you are holding onto past grudges and traumas, due to which your present is worsening. It would be better to tackle these grievances and let go of them once and for all.

The meaning of the 'The Tower' card when pulled in a One Card Pull Reading:

People read one card tarot to reach quick, precise, and concise answers. The following is the answer behind the Tower tarot card yes or no reading:

  • Upright:No
  • Reversed:Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the messages behind this card are negative. However, it can be positive in terms of your growth. So, if you're unlikely to reject the development, this card can give positive messages to you.
If you keep getting the Tower card in your reading, your angel guides have a special message. It is advisable for you not to dismiss change and go with the flow.
Pulling the Tower card establishes that the Universe urges you to be careful as significant upheaval and change are coming your way. If you pull it in the Upright position, things will not go your way. However, if you pull it in the Reversed position, you will find the tools to make things work in your favour.
The Tower tarot card zodiac sign is Aries. Its astrological sign is Mars and the element is the Fire.
In terms of feelings, when Upright the Tower tarot love card is all about conflicts, problems, and chaos. In addition, the Tower as feelings represents problems and devastation.
The falling Tower tarot card meaning is the same as the Tower tarot card meaning. They're the same card. So while some call this card the burning Tower tarot card, others call it the falling Tower tarot card.
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