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The Sun tarot card meaning

In the Sun tarot card image, a child is seen sitting on a white horse. The young boy is the representation of happiness and joy, the white horse is a symbol of piousness and purity, and the sun stands for the source of life and sustenance. The Sun tarot card meaning gives off a positive vibe and stands for the morning after a terrible night. The appearance of this card in your tarot reading establishes that you are in tune with your inner self and have nothing to hide from the world. While things seem turbulent at times, you have the power to turn things around. So, you often experience success, positivity attracts to, and more often than not, lies come clean in front of you.

The Sun tarot card Upright

In a tarot reading, every card has two meanings. The Sun tarot Upright depicts happiness, clarity, prosperity, stability, and good health. Here are the Sun tarot card Upright card and Reversed card meanings:

Upright The Sun tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Sun tarot card Upright card is all about abundance, prosperity, and joy. The Sun tarot card meaning says that your dark days are over, and soon things will start looking up for you. You have pure and bright energy, which allows you to fight adversities. Moreover, you often uplift the mood of others. Your attractive vibe and positive energy help you connect with others very easily. In addition, you're the life of the party! This card also says that all your expectations will be fulfilled, and your confidence will help you achieve everything you want. Your inner power is the source of all your wins and achievements.

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Upright The Sun tarot card in love

The Sun tarot card meaning love, highlights happiness, comfort, love, and contentment in any relationship. Your relationship is pure, positive, and passionate. In addition, you and your partner know how to communicate with each other. These good qualities allow your relationship to prosper, and you don't necessarily face rejection or heartbreak. The Sun will pave the way to a better future and will bring an end to persisting issues. In addition, the Sun tarot card pregnancy card says that you will surely have healthy babies if you're planning to get pregnant.

Upright The Sun tarot card in finance

The Sun tarot card money and finance reading is about abundance, prosperity and economic stability. The Sun tarot card meaning in the Upright position, says that your current financial condition is good and is only set to get better. There will not be any lack of money, and you will be able to save as much as you want. Besides all this, some good news is destined to come your way. If you have been thinking of making some investments, then the Sun tarot card Upright card tells you that these investments will be fruitful and everything will go smoothly.

Upright The Sun tarot card in career

The Sun tarot card career reading symbolises success, happiness, and positivity at the workplace. The Sun tarot card number 19 allows people to grow and make wise decisions. This card is about choosing the right path for ultimate success and growth. In addition, it signifies career achievements and workplace prosperity. Often in your professional life, you will be faced with challenges and adversities. However, things change once you realise your true potential and power. If you keep up with your positive efforts, everything will get better.

Upright The Sun tarot card in health

The Sun tarot card health reading says you are full of energy and vitality. You are aware of what you have to do in order to have optimal health and stability. You are prospering in terms of physical fitness, and no illness is coming your way. Similarly, your mental health is at an all-time high due to your understanding of your needs. If you connect yourself to the Divine and its spiritual energy, you will be able to manifest good things for yourself. So, don't fall prey to the adversities of life, and keep your head up.

The Sun tarot card Reversed

Confusion, mental blockages, uncertainty, sadness, emotional conflicts are portrayed by the Sun Reversed. Read more to find out what it means in detail:

Reversed The Sun tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Sun tarot card Reversed stands for confusion and blockages. This card acts as a sign to let go of any limiting thought or idea. For example, if you keep thinking that you won't be able to achieve your dreams, then nothing positive will come your way. Similarly, when you limit yourself, your optimism and positivity diminish. Furthermore, you have come across failures and rejections; however, that doesn't mean you should reject life altogether. In addition, the Sun tarot card Reversed symbolises sadness and sorrow. However, these periods of conflict and emotional turbulence are only temporary, and soon enough, you will be able to change your life for the better.

Reversed The Sun tarot card in love

The Sun tarot card meaning love and compatibility, suggests you pay attention to your relationship and not focus on feeling left out. You and your significant other are at odds with each other, due to which you think that you're being abandoned by them. These feelings of sadness have soured your relationship, and things are not as bright as before. There may also be some feelings of jealousy and rivalry between you and your partner. The Sun tarot card love reading urges you to let go of your ego and hostility. You should focus on bettering your love life rather than thinking about how to get even with your lover. You may also be harbouring unrealistic expectations from your partner.

Reversed The Sun tarot card in finance

The Sun tarot card money session brings dark clouds of instability, insecurity, and uncertainty to your financial life. This card is a negative sign for you if you're planning to make any substantial investments. It is advisable for you to avoid lending any money, or making any investments, as there is a strong chance for you to lose this money. Besides all this, you are worried about your income and finances. While things are chaotic, they are not as bad as they seem. Times will change, and things will surely start getting better for you. Moreover, you often need to be more realistic about your money. The Sun tarot card meaning urges you to plant your feet on the ground, keep your head out of the clouds, and make wise choices when it comes to your finances.

Reversed The Sun tarot card in career

The Sun tarot card career reading is about unhealthy professional environments, career blockages, unprofessional and unhelpful colleagues, and a lack of appreciation at the workplace. This card tells that you are stuck in an atmosphere where everybody is out to get each other, and it would be unwise to expect friendships from people who are rooting for you to fail. Moreover, you often forget to remind yourself that you are doing a good job due to your lack of self-confidence. Other than this, you are not taking the necessary steps to uplift yourself and your professional dreams.

Reversed The Sun tarot card in health

The Sun tarot card health affair says your health is relatively low, and you are constantly under physical and emotional stress. As a result, you are more anxious and more prone to falling sick. In addition, your workplace environment plays a massive role in your health condition. Whenever you're faced with challenges at your job, your health deteriorates. In addition, you are overly focused on your physique. This obsession is leading you to observe extreme diets and unhealthy eating practices. So, it is advisable to refer to a medical professional who will help you to better your health.

How to read The Sun tarot card?

One Card Readings are done to arrive at quick answers to short questions. Here are the meanings being the Sun tarot card yes or no reading:

  • Upright:Yes
  • Reversed:No

Frequently Asked Questions

The Zodiac sign Leo is the Sun tarot card zodiac sign.
The Sun tarot card number is 19.
The Sun tarot card tattoo meaning stands for enlightenment, knowledge, and clarity. So having this card as a tattoo says that you are someone who appreciates illumination and mental clarity.
The ruling planet of the Sun tarot card is the Sun.
The element of this tarot card is Fire.
If you are planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant, the Sun tarot card pregnancy reading says you will have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. So this is a positive card in terms of pregnancy.
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