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The Perfect Tarot Card for you as per Your Zodiac

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Perfect Tarot Card

Tarot Card Reading and Astrology have always walked hand in hand. Since ancient Astrology, these aspects have been the two flips of the same coin. Zodiac signs, or sun signs, replicate the inhibited energies of their parent planet and soul element. While, for tarot cards, the four suits, i.e. Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles, comprise the entire set. Now, these suits have further classifications, and every card discusses your insights and future. Moreover, Meditation practices are also done using these tarot cards. Are you interested in knowing more? To learn more about tarot cards and astrology, visit the official website of InstaAstro. Till then, scroll down and read what your zodiac could tell you about your Tarot Card.

1. Aries (The Emperor)

Mars-dominant Aries are passionate, fierce, and confident in whatever they do. Similarly, their predicted tarot card, “The Emperor”, talks about power and using it to help people. Also, acknowledgment and control of the situations in your favour. Therefore, this tarot card will only allow you, the Aries, to enhance the core qualities. Moreover, the tarot reading for this card speaks of enlightenment through knowledge and how you will use it.

The Emperor Tarot Card

2. Taurus (The Hierophant)

Your zodiac symbolizes energy, rage and desire. Therefore, socializing and attracting people are among the best things about your zodiac. Along with it, the role of the core element, i.e., it boosts a Taurean’s “go-for-it” attitude. Now, if we talk about the tarot card for this zodiac, it has brought peace and calm to the soul through spirituality. The “Hierophant”, majorly known as “the Pope”, is also about making two distinct points meet. This tarot card balances out the extremes of pleasure and rage-giving experiences for a Taurean.

3. Gemini (The Lovers)

The Gemini tarot card is “Lovers”, depicting the duality in your love life. As Geminis are all about having a dual personalities, this card is just a perfect representation of your soul energy. Moreover, Mercury spans the conversation even more. It allows the zodiac and the tarot card to align and find an absolute balance. Furthermore, the tri combo gives this zodiac a perfect blend of surprises and happy moments to cherish. However, this card also puts the availability of multiple love partners as an option for you.  


4. Cancer (The Chariot)

Cancerians are very compassionate, loving and caring nature. The 7th Major Arcana card, “The Chariot”, means continuous movement towards something, which could be a goal or a destination. The Cancer Tarot card is for the zeal and passion to achieve anything in life. Also, a Chariot card related to this zodiac brings clarity and determination to your goals. Moreover, as this sign is one of the most secretive signs of the zodiac chart, the chariot gives it a way to open up. 

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5. Leo (Strength)

The Leo horoscope tarot reading the card associated with this zodiac sign is “Strength”. It shows how you are going to use your strength to achieve heights. Now, referring to strength, it could be about using physical or mental strength. On the other hand, Leo, a Sun-dominated Zodiac, responds to the power of domination, loyalty, and ambition. So this Leo tarot card, Strength, is a perfect match for this zodiac to find a balance between its extremes. Moreover, this card gives a vision of leading your life and dreams.


6. Virgo (The Hermit)

Great healing is coming your way Virgos! As per the major arcana zodiac signs associated cards, the card for this zodiac is “the Hermit”. Initially, a Mercurial Virgo is all about logic and being practical. But this could sometimes get you in a position where you feel suffocated. Because the nature of your element which is earth is all about connecting. Your tarot card will bring peace and calm to your mind. If there have been issues in your love and professional life, you can overcome them this time. Moreover, it’s time for you to relax and charge your batteries again.

7. Libra (Justice)

As per the astrology tarot card reading for libra, you will get lucky with the 11th major arcana card, i.e., Justice. Since Venus captivates the movement of this zodiac, which brings this sign an abundance of love and beauty. At times this could overwhelm other people about your personality. However, this tarot card brings equilibrium to the situation. Also, helping you see beyond these two aspects and makes you achieve more in life. This Libra tarot card is necessary to bring control to the planet of abundance for love and beauty.

Justice Tarot Card

8. Scorpio (Death)

The Death tarot card is all about transformations and rebirth. There is no need to worry about it because, as per your zodiac, this card will bring new changes to your life. You have to be prepared for them. New tasks or responsibilities could await you to take the grip in your hand. Now is the time to prove yourself!

Moreover, these situations could also change your profoundly rooted perceptions of life. Don’t get overwhelmed, Insta Astro astrologers are here to sort out any problem or confusion coming to your mind. You could contact them or visit their official website to learn more about them.

9. Sagittarius (Temperance)

Sagittarians your tarot card is “Temperance”. The card is all about channelling the energies as your zodiac is directly associated with Jupiter, a planet of abundance. So, find a path in between where you can calm down and not get annoyed with others not possessing the same energies as you. The Sagittarius tarot card reading also speaks about finding inner peace; now, this is only possible if you’re happy from within. So your card helps you achieve mental stability and go a long way.

Temperance Tarot Card

10. Capricorn (The Devil)

The Capricorn Tarot Card is the most interesting of all, as you are under the influence of one of the most strict planets, Saturn or Shani. The second-largest planet, which in astrology is known for its punishment for all your karmic wrongdoings, makes you a balanced person. But if you see someone with ill intentions or a bad omen, this tarot card is all you need. The devil tarot card gives a clear idea about another person’s intention. You will be able to make a clear decision about the person. Moreover, a sense of Justice will arise in your mind to take all the significant life situations into your hand.

11. Aquarius (The Star)

Being a water sign, you believe in continuity. Flowing as your life directs you and giving out to others is your soul’s purpose. But for Aquarius Tarot Card predictions, the tarot card “Star” is associated with peace and innovative dreams. As stars are the most luminous creatures of our solar system, they impart enlightenment but to an extent where they don’t feel drenching themselves out. So the star will make you care for yourself while sharing your love with others.

The Star

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12. Pisces (The Moon)

A pieces is all about having good emotional ability. No matter how people call you a crybaby, you are fully aware of your emotional strengths. There could be issues in your life, be they professional or personal. But this card will bring all the positivity and resolutions your way. The Pisces tarot card speaks about intuition as well. It’s time to believe in yourself and take the lead in your hand. Others might take you for granted, and because of that, you make your intuitive power suffer. Trust your instincts and do what you have been planning for so long. Also, the pieces love tarot for this card is about finding a newness in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. What is the 7 of pentacles zodiac sign?

The 7 of pentacles tarot card is often associated with the Venus-dominated Taurus zodiac. This tarot card is about pausing and rewinding your life strategy.

2. What do you mean by yes or no horoscope?

Horoscopes are all about future predictions, and when they are given in the form of yes or no, then it becomes brief horoscope. It is not a prediction, but you get answers for what you have been doubtful about.

3. What is the knight of pentacles zodiac sign?

The knight of pentacles zodiac sign is all about getting new responsibilities. So as long as we look for the association, this card is majorly linked with any earth zodiac symbols.

4. Where could I find accurate astrology cards predictions?

Insta Astro gives the most authentic and promising astrology and tarot card predictions. Moreover, you could check out the latest weekly horoscopes, live astrology Q&A and astrology teaching sessions. These sessions are conducted by some of the highly qualified professionals in astrology just for your convenience.

5. Characteristics of the page of pentacles zodiac sign?

First of all, the page of pentacles tarot card is associated mainly with the Taurus sign. Moreover, the card represents new and emerging opportunities your way.

6. What could be the most appropriate ace of pentacles zodiac sign?

Tarot card zodiac sign Minor Arcana reading for ace of pentacles speaks of the connectivity of calm and composure to your life. You will be number one but trust your instincts and the power you are given. The most appropriate zodiac sign for this minor arcana card is “Capricorn”.

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