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Narada Jayanti 2022- Meaning, Significance and Celebration!

By May 16, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments
Narada Jayanti

Narada Jayanti, 17th May 2022

“Narayan!- Narayan!” We’ve all grown up on this phrase. But do we know who popularised this? It was the god-sage, the spiritual master and one of the great authorities of the eternal truth, Narada Muni. The Narada Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the Hindu godsage Narada Muni. People largely celebrate it in the month of Vaisakh during Krishna Paksha on the first day of Pratipada tithi. And this day is an auspicious one as it commemorates his birth. Narada Jayanti 2022 has set preparations in full swing. 

Narada Jayanti 2022

When do we celebrate Narada Muni Jayanti?

The Narada Muni Jayanti or Narada Muni Jayanti date is finalised on the day next to the full moon day in Vaishakh month i.e. April or May.  This year, we’re celebrating this auspicious day on 17th MAY,2022

Meaning Of His Name

The name “Narada” means “bestower of knowledge”. “Naara” means knowledge, wisdom etc. “da” means giver or bestower. Naradji was a devotee of Vishnu. And, he followed his path of spreading knowledge. And “Naara” means knowledge, and “Ayana” means “the way”. This means that the name and God bestow the right way for all actions, life, etc. That is why Narada always keeps uttering the divine name of Lord Narayana. 

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Narada Jayanti 2022

Significance of Narad Jayanti

Sage Narada appeared from Brahma’s forehead which is why he is known as the sixth Manas Putra (the mind created son) of Lord Brahma in the Vedic texts. Narada Muni used to travel across the world, singing and communicating information continuously. Rig Veda has some hymns accredited to him. Moreover, Naradji is to date imagined as a sanyasi with a Veena in hand who often created trouble, of course with a positive intention or for the betterment of the universe. Naradji was the chief of the Gandharvas, who were the ever-popular divine musicians. 

Sage Narada is famous as the precursor of modern-day journalism and a mass communicator. His journalist devotees refer to this day as the ‘Patrakar Divas’ and celebrate it in this form across the country. On this day, his devotees distribute food among people.


Narada Jayanti 2022

How do we celebrate Narada Jayanti?

Devotees throughout the world keep a fast on this day. To honour the day, they consume only fruits and milk products. On his birth anniversary, they wear new and clean clothes to worship their beloved Narad Muni. Conducting Puja early in the morning, and having intellectual meetings, seminars and prayers are common on this day, especially in North India. People worship both Lord Vishnu and Narada Muni together. Chandan, tulsi leaves, kumkum, incense sticks, flowers and sweets are offered to everybody.

Narada Jayanti 2022

What can we expect from Narada Jayanti 2022?

On this day of the year, journalists must follow his ideals of appropriate communication and refrain from spreading any misinformation. They must learn to broaden the horizon of their approach. This helps them and the people of the society and aims toward public welfare. 


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