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Beautiful Facts About Radha Krishna Relationship

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Krishna and Radha Love

 Radha and Krishna are known to be one of the first lovers in Hinduism. Their love knows no bounds. To date, the story of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha is known to be one of the greatest stories of love and selflessness. In any and every Krishna mandir you visit, you will find his beloved Radha Rani standing near him. They are worshipped together as the greatest symbol of love. However, people still tend to debate the topic of their marriage.

According to some, Radha and Krishna never got married. However, on the other hand, some people tend to think that they got married secretly. It still is a debatable topic. However, in this blog, we will present you with both stories. Then, you can decide for yourself if Radha and Krishna got married or not. Many people tend to have questions like why krishna didn t marry radha or why did krishna marry rukmini and not radha or why did lord krishna marry rukmini? Well, in this blog, let us help you find answers for these questions. Let us not look at both the stories of Radha and Krishna. These are as follows: 

Krishna and Radha Love Story

Everybody could have heard the way that Radha is incomplete without Krishna, and Krishna is incomplete without Radha. But have you ever thought that when these two are incomplete without each other, then why they did not marry each other? Many people will find the answer to this question interesting. 

Radha and krishna love

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However, according to some, Lord Krishna and Radha didn’t marry each other. They are worshipped together. Moreover, the relationship between Radha and Krishna was significant and pure. Thus, many couples consider the love bond of Lord Krishna and Radha as their inspiration. If you want to know about some interesting and untold facts related to the love life of Radha Krishna then check out below:

Radha and Krishna a Symbol of Love

The Radha Krishna relationship is a symbol of true love. Their love affair is the most popular bone in Hindu tradition and others. Krishna had many gopi and wives. Among them all, Radha was the one that stole Krishna’s heart and was the closest among all the gopis and wives. To prove that both love and marriage are totally not the same one, Lord Krishna and Radha chose not to marry each other. To prove that affection is purer and more selfless than being physical, the two of them communicated the most elevated commitment of adoration by not marrying one another.

The Reason Radha and Krishna Did Not Marry

Radha and krishna love

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Many people wonder, what is the age difference between Radha and Krishna? And also wonder if Radha is older than Krishna. During the birth of Krishna, Radha accompanied her maternal uncle Kriti to Nandgaon. At that time, Radha was barely eleven months old. And was sitting on her maternal uncle’s platform while Krishna was swinging in the cradle. Sometimes people also say that the age difference between Krishna and Radha is five times.

Goddess Radha married Krishna’s maternal uncle Ayan. According to this relation, Radha is Krishna’s maternal aunt. So this is the reason why they could not marry each other. Moreover, Radha is also considered an incarnation of Krishna, and anyone can’t marry his soul, so their union is not possible.

Radha Krishna Marriage Mythology

There is an ongoing debate on the question did radha krishna marry? According to ancient texts of Brahma Vaivarta Purana and Garga Samhita, there are stories of Radha and Krishna marriage. It is believed that the marriage took place in Bhandirvan. The marriage was officiated by Brahma. Lord Brahm posed as a priest for the marriage of Radha and Krishna to take place. There is also a temple at this place that is dedicated to the marriage of Radha and Krishna. The location for a marriage is known to be under a banyan tree. The banyan tree was the spot where Lord Krishna and Radha used to play. The place is also symbolic of the everlasting love of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. 


Radha and krishna love

Radha is also known as an icon of Goddess Shakti and is believed to be the most passionate love of Krishna, hence closest to him. It was Krishna’s flute that dazzled her to such an extent that she would drop everything to listen while playing the flute.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Where did Lord krishna and Radha first meet?

Lord krishna and Radha are known to have first meet in the forest of Sanket.

2. Is Radha Rani dead?

Radha Rani had the realisation that she was the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. Thus, she took samadhi. When Krisha heard about it, he came to see her. Upon his visit, she requested Krihna to play the flute for her. He continued to play the flute until Radha took her last breath.

3. Where is the marriage temple of Radha and Krishna?

The temple that is dedicated to the marriage of Lord Krishna and Radha is in Bhandirvan. The temple is famously known as Radha Krishna Vivah Sthali. This literally translates to the place where Radha and Krishna got married.

4. How did Krishna die?

Lord Krishna is known to be alive for 125 years. He is said to have died 36 years after the war of Mahabharata. He died when a hunter named Jara shot an arrow at his feet, mistaking him to be a deer. The injury fatally impacted Lord krishna.

5. Who is Lord Krishna wife?

Lord Krishna wife is Rukmini Devi. She is the most well-known wife of Lord Krishna. Apart from her, Lord Krishna also had 16 thousand more wives.

6. Is Radha Krishna wife?

Goddess Radha is known to be the wife of Lord Krishna in many scriptures as she is said to have been married to Lord Krishna. However, according to some, Radha is just the lover of Lord Krishna and not his wife as they did not get married.

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