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When Lord Vishnu Was Asked About His Favorite Devotee

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Everyone knows the relationship between Lord Vishnu and his staunch devotee Narada. Narada was the god-sage, created by Brahma, the creator and noted as the one who has knowledge of past, present and future. He was dedicated to Vishnu and had the freedom to travel and appear at any god’s abode. But do you know, even though he was the most devoted, the Lord did not consider him the favourite devotee of all?

Interesting Story of Lord Vishu and Narada

During one of his visits to Vaikuntha, the residence of Vishnu, Narada asked him the dearest question to his heart; ‘Narayan, who is your favorite devotee?’ The question arose merely out of Narada’s arrogance and boastful nature. He wanted to be praised by the one he revered, and Lord Vishnu saw through it clearly. The god gave a slow smile and declared, ‘There is a farmer on the Earth; he is my favorite devotee.’ This information seemed like someone had poured a bucket of cold water on Narada. He was upset and decided to observe and test what made a lowly farmer his beloved Lord’s favourite.

What he saw shocked him to the core. As the morning came, the farmer woke up, finished his morning duties of feeding his livestock and before leaving for the field for work, offered a small prayer to Lord Vishnu as he made his way towards a hard day of labour. He toiled for the whole day and then came back home in the evening. The farmer finished his dinner and played with the children as he sat with his wife. As he was going to sleep, he offered a prayer to Vishnu and then went to bed.

The god-sage was infuriated that the farmer who merely took Vishnu’s name all but twice was favourite to the lord than him, a man whose lips constantly recited the Divine Being’s name. Narada came back to Vaikuntha and demanded how he could God consider a lowly mortal farmer his favorite devotee, but the Lord stopped him. Vishnu smiled and gave Narada a task to complete before answering his question.

The Lord gave him an earthen pot and told the devotee, ‘Walk all around the Earth with this pot without spilling a drop of water and bring it back to me, careful that not a single drop should fall.’ Narada jumped at the opportunity and took the pot to complete the given orders. He tried to follow the instructions to the letter and made sure all the water was safe while Narada made the trip. Once back, he triumphantly gave back the full earthen pot to a still-smiling Vishnu. The God took the earthen pot, kept it aside and looked at Narada as he asked him, ‘My dear Narada, during this task, how many times did you take my name?’

Narada was puzzled as he answered,’ Narayan, I was concentrating very hard on your given task, I had no time to remember my usual chanting.’ The Lord broke into an all-knowing smile and explained,’ Narada, the tasks given to the farmer are also given by my ‘leela’. Even though he is loaded with work and family responsibilities, he still makes time to remember me with gratitude and love. A devotee who takes care of all his duties and selflessly prays to me from the heart is the one who is my favourite devotee.’ Narada was overwhelmed with emotion as he understood what God insinuated, and his arrogance was forever removed from his mind and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Lord Vishnu favourite colour?

Yellow and Pitambari are considered to be the favourite colours of Lord Vishnu.

2. Who is Vishnu wife?

Lakshmi Mata, Goddess of Wealth, is the wife of Lord Vishnu.

3. What is Lord Vishnu the god of?

Lord Vishnu is known to be one of the three greatest Gos in Hinduism. He is known as the protector of the universe.

4. What is Lord Vishnu favourite food?

Some of Lord Vishnu’s favourite foods include Banana, Chana dal, Butter and Honey.

5. How many avatars does Vishnu have?

Lord Vishnu is said to have 10 avatars in total. Out of these 10 avatars 9 have already been incarnated. The last avatar, known as the Kalki, avatar is left.

6. Which flower is not offered to Lord Vishnu?

The datura flowers are not offered to Lord Vishnu. This flower is associated with Lord Shiva and is, thus, not offered to Lord Vishnu.

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