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Discover the Healing Power of Mental Health Tarot Spread

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Mental Health

Has it ever happened to you that you are stuck in your thoughts? No matter how hard you try, everything seems to be a struggle. What if a close friend comes and provides a helping hand to you and takes you out of this darkness? Well, this friend could be a mental health tarot spread. You may be thinking about how tarot cards can help me in dealing with depression or other mental health challenges. Right?

Don’t worry! Just like a true friend, tarot cards hold your hand and give you support, clear guidance and the strength to deal with mental health problems. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take a deep dive into the magical world of tarot and figure out how it can work wonders for you! 

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How Do Tarot Cards Help in Mental Health? 

‘How can tarot cards help when it comes to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety?’ Let’s start by answering this simple question to clear all your doubts and confusion. If you are someone struggling with mental health issues, then tarot cards can act as a close friend, providing you the comfort you always needed. They are no less than a mirror for your feelings and thoughts. Once you encounter with mental health tarot spread, it lets you dive into your own hidden emotions and leads you to a journey of self-discovery. But how? 

The tarot cards drawn in a mental health reading tarot spread depict some images and symbols. Now, these symbols and images let you dig deeper into the root causes of your emotional struggles. Now that you know the reason that makes you struggle, you can start a journey towards healing and growth. Along with this, it gives you a sense of control in life (the one thing that you lack). They provide you with clarity, purpose and direction. What else is better than knowing yourself better and coping with the tough stuff? 

A tarot spread for depression lets you do all of that at the same time. At last, look at the tarot cards that suggest feelings of sadness and mental health concerns in a tarot spreads for mental health and well-being. 

  • The Five of Pentacles 
  • The Five of Cups 
  • Queen of Cups Reversed 
  • Eight of Swords 

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Empower Your Mental Health: The Impact of Tarot Cards on Depression 

We know the sudden urge to clear the heavy clouds of depression and anxiety from your life. Enters the mental health tarot spread in the picture! With its extra dose of magic, guidance and support, they can be your true friend on the path to better mental health. So, let us explore how tarot can be that friendly face in the crowd, always ready to back you up in a crisis. 

1. Gives clarity and Insights 

The only thing that a person dealing with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety lacks is a sense of clarity of thoughts and needs guidance. This is when the magic of mental health reading tarot enters the scene. It provides an individual with guidance and lets him know the root cause of the problem he is dealing with. 

2. Makes you self-aware 

As we have said, a tarot spread for depression gives you a chance to take a deep dive into your own thoughts and lets you meet with the real you. By knowing your real thoughts, feelings and emotions that run in your subconscious mind, it gets easier to become self-aware. Well, the plus point is that now a person knows what exactly triggers him or makes him struggle, so the next time something like this happens, he knows how to deal with it. 

3. Helps in Decision Making 

When mental health issues enter into your life, the first thing it does is cloud the decision-making power of an individual. Suppose he is dealing with problems in his career, then making even small decisions would seem like a huge struggle. This is exactly where a person should take the help of tarot therapy and live a better life tarot. Going into the exact root cause of the problem, a mental health tarot spread provides him clarity and the strength to make rightful decisions. 

4. Lets you find hope and positivity 

Here comes the most powerful impact of a mental health tarot spread: hope and positivity. A person dealing with mental health issues craves a ray of hope and positivity in his life. And tarot cards, with their presence, make it all better. The role of the tarot card here will be to show a person that the universe is working in his favour and that better days are ahead; he just has to sit tight and wait for everything to get settled. 

Mental Health Tarot Spread Guidance for Overcoming Depression

  • The first step talks about accepting and acknowledging hidden emotions and feelings. However, this won’t be easy since a person is dealing with a lot of stuff at the same time. But in order to heal, it is important to face the feelings even though they could be bitter. 
  • The next step involves getting involved in physical activities such as meditation, yoga or exercise to calm your mind and body. Doing this would stop all the unnecessary thoughts going inside your head and bless you with a feeling of calmness and peace. 
  • Refer to the signs or messages the tarot card is trying to tell you. Also, figure out if there is a pattern that connects with your personal issues. This step is extremely important in combating depression or anxiety because it gives you an opportunity to work towards a better version of yourself. 
  • The last step involves keeping all the points in mind and starting to work on your growth and upgradation. Even if it involves setting boundaries and making some changes in your daily routine, you need to combine it all and then take one step closer to your healing process. 

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So, there you have it. Tarot card not only helps foresee the future but also serves as a helping hand for those suffering from mental health issues. Let tarot cards be a part of the journey and brighten your days with its support and guidance. 

Hey! I’m Kasak Shirotriya, and as a content writer at InstaAstro, your appreciation encourages me to keep my words flowing! If you found this blog helpful, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and staying one step ahead of all your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which tarot cards represent depression?

Of all the mental health tarot spread, cards such as the Five of Cups, The Devil and the Ten of Swords are the ones that represent depression. These cards revolve around feelings of loss, depression, struggle and even betrayal.

2. Can tarot cards help mental health?

Yes, when it comes to mental health concerns, tarot therapy acts as a helping hand for an individual. It lets a person recognise the toxic patterns, triggering points and the root cause of the problem. With all of this, a person knows how to deal with his problems and overcome them.

3. How do you use tarot therapy?

When it comes to tarot therapy, a tarot card reader will draw the cards based on the situation of the person. The energy the card carries tells the meanings and the possible outcomes of the situation.

4. What are the tarot spreads for anxiety?

Tarot spread for anxiety focuses on finding the real cause of the problem and helps a person deal with stress. Along with this, it takes a deep dive into the subconscious mind and focuses on hidden thoughts and feelings.

5. What Tarot card indicates stress?

Tarot cards such as Eight of Swords, The Temperance, The Magician and Three of Swords reversed are the ones that hint towards stress. So, if any of these tarot cards appear in a tarot reading, it only means that a person is struggling with an emotional crisis and feels burdened.

6. When not to read tarot cards?

It is believed that a person dealing with an emotional crisis or is not sure about the outcomes of the tarot cards should not go for a mental health reading tarot.

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