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Madhuri Dixit Birthday: Know About Her Kundli Analysis

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Madhuri Dixit

It’s Madhuri Dixit birthday, the “Dhak Dhak Girl of Bollywood”, known for her breathtaking dancing skills, timeless beauty, and the most award-winning actress. Born and raised in Mumbai in a typical Marathi family, Madhuri Dixit’s passion for Kathak dance was evident from a young age. 

This versatile actress consistently dazzles critics and audiences, and her fans have always been amazed by her performances. Let’s take a moment to appreciate her journey and achievements before we explore the fascinating role astrology has played in her life. 

From stepping into the film industry at the age of 17 with her first debut film, Adobe, in 1984 to now being one of the most award-winning actresses, she has come a long way. But before that, she had to face a few successive commercially failed films. Wait, what about the Madhuri Dixit horoscope? How has astrology played a role in her life? Come, let’s get to know about Madhuri Dixit kundli analysis. 


Madhuri Dixit Birth Details 

  • Date of Birth: 15 May, 1967
  • Day of Birth: Monday 
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra 
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Pushya 
  • Rising Nakshatra: Vishakha
  • Lagna(Ascendant): Libra 

How do Taurus Traits Justify Madhuri’s Personality? 

Being a Taurus zodiac sign, Madhuri Dixit strongly holds some personality traits that truly justify that she is a true Tauran. Let’s see how Madhuri Dixit zodiac sign, Taurus trait, makes her deal with her personal and professional life. 

1. Ambitious and Determined

Known for her hook step for the song Ek Do Teen from the movie Tezaab, she has made a breakthrough in the Indian Cinema. All this is possible because of her ambitious nature as a Taurus. She has been very keen and determined since childhood to achieve great success in the entertainment industry. 

2. Honest and Loyal in Love

As a Taurus, a fixed Earth Sign ruled by the planet of love, Venus, she has always been compassionate and passionate about her family. Apart from being a good wife, she has also been a great daughter and mother. She has been married to Shri Ram Madhav Nene and has made sure that she pours all the love and nurtures her married life so well. 

3. Attractive personality and exceptional talent

Dil To Pagal ha, lead actress Madhuri, is undoubtedly the most beloved actress in the Bollywood industry. Known as the Dancing Diva of Bollywood, she makes her fans go gaga with her moves. She is known for playing all the roles with so much perfection. Be it romantic, drama or crime scene, she has nailed it in every way possible. 

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Madhuri Dixit Birthday: Kundli Analysis 

Here, you will discover how planets are placed in Madhuri Dixit birth chart. You will learn how astrology and planetary placements in her kundli allowed her to gain fame, success, and great recognition in the film industry. 

1. Venus in 9th House

Venus’s placement in the 9th House is the secret behind her success in dance and her skills. The 9th house is known as the house of luck, so when Venus occupies the 9th house, it makes the natives creative in the field of arts. 

2. Jupiter in 10th House 

The positive arrangement of Jupiter in the 10th House in Madhuri Dixit horoscope helped her start her journey from a young age. This auspicious placement of Jupiter in the 10th house helped her get into films, where she started her career journey with her first debut film, Tezaab, in 1988 alongside Anil Kapoor. 

3. Saturn in 6th House 

The Saturn in 6th house placed in Madhuri’s kundli allowed her always to stand strong and not to escape due to rejections. This determination led her films like Dil, which were released in 1990, to become huge blockbusters. This opened more doors for her and led her to do more blockbuster films like Beta, Dil To Pagal Hai, Mohabbat, Wajood, and many more. 

4. Hamsa Yoga 

The positioning of Hamsa Yoga in Madhuri Dixit Kundli indicates that this yoga has played a huge role in allowing her to achieve fame and recognition and become the legendary woman of Bollywood. This made her achieve success and happiness in both professional and personal life. 

Madhuri Dixit Birthday: Horoscope Prediction 

Now, let’s shift our attention a little bit towards the Madhuri Dixit Horoscope Prediction. This allows the readers to gain insight about her career, finance and love horoscope. 

1. Career Horoscope for Madhuri Dixit 

If we have to discuss Madhuri Dixit’s career horoscope, she is already a Bollywood sensation. Even after years, she is still one of the most beloved and the talk of the town. Her hit movies like Total Dhamaal, Devdas, Dil to Pagal Hai, Raja, and Khalnayak are still the movies that the audience adores to watch and appreciate her acting skills. 

Why wouldn’t it happen, after all? She has a placement of Venus in Gemini in the ninth house of her natal chart. This planetary alignment is an auspicious placement that makes her career stable. 

2. Finance Horoscope for Madhuri Dixit 

According to the Madhuri Dixit finance horoscope, she is predicted to have a good financial status. Jupiter’s placement in the 10th House indicates that she will have a stable income and will be able to manage her finances well. 

Moreover, Saturn’s placement in the 6th House in her natal chart signifies that she will be careful with her expenses and will have a disciplined approach to her finances. This indicates that she will be able to maintain a good financial position throughout her life.

3. Love and Personal Relationship Horoscope for Madhuri Dixit 

According to Madhuri Dixit’s horoscope, she has a strong and stable relationship with her husband, Shriram Madhav Nene. Her love and personal relationship horoscope reflects her loyal and honest nature, which is also a Taurus trait. 

Moreover, she is blessed with an excellent placement of Venus in her natal chart, which enhances her love and affection towards her partner. Her love life is predicted to remain stable and secure throughout her life. She is also a devoted mother, and her two sons, Arin Nene and Ryan Nene, will always be her priority. Overall, her horoscope indicates a happy and blissful personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When and where was Madhuri Dixit born?

Madhuri Dixit was born on May 15th, 1967 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

2. What is Madhuri Dixit education qualification?

Madhuri Dixit completed her high school at Divine Child High School in Mumbai. Later, she pursued a degree in Microbiology from Mumbai University. However, she dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting. Madhuri was also trained in the classical Indian dance form Kathak from an early age.

3. What is Madhuri Dixit net worth?

According to recent research online portals, Dixit’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 19.74 crore. Her source of income primarily comes from her acting career in Bollywood.

4. Who is Madhuri Dixit husband?

Madhuri Dixit’s husband is Dr. Shriram Madhav Nene, and he is a cardiovascular surgeon. They got married on 17th October 1999, and they also have two sons.

5. What is Madhuri Dixit birth and rising Nakshtra?

Madhuri Dixit was born under the Pushya Nakshatra, which is associated with nurturing and caring qualities. Her rising Nakshatra is Vishakha, which is associated with determination and hard work.

6. What are Madhuri Dixit sun sign and the Moon sign?

Madhuri Dixit’s sun sign is Taurus, and her moon sign is Pisces. The traits of of both the signs clearly reflect on her personality, making her the diva of Indian Cinema.

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