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Moh Maya And The Role Of Planet Rahu

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Role Of Planet Rahu

Sab Moh Maya ha! What does it really mean? What is Moh Maya, and how are Moh Maya and Planet Rahu associated? Well, we’ll clear all your confusion as we discuss the meaning of Moh Maya and the role of planet Rahu. 

When people say, ‘Sab Moh Maya ha,‘ they’re referring to the attachments and illusions we create in our minds. These are the very things that planet Rahu influences us to create, leading to the phrase’s popular usage. 

Come with us to get a clear understanding of Moh Maya and how planet Rahu plants with our mind to create confusion and illusion.

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What is Moh Maya? 

The idea behind Moh Maya is related to the spiritual concept of the soul’s desire for freedom, which is known as moksha. The word Moh means attachment, and Maya means illusion, which simply means that we are attached to the illusions that we create. The phrase Moh Maya means that all the things around us are not real, and people need to stop chasing worldly desires and material things. 

The word Moh, which means attachment, is something that we are attached to things that are all illusional. People tend to create attachments and make expectations that are not real. So, in this context, Moh Maya indicates that all the things that we desire are not real; therefore, one must not get into the path of a rat race and chase wealth and unrealistic things in life. 

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How is Moh Maya Associated with Planet Rahu?  

The concept of Moh Maya and planet Rahu is strongly associated as it does not form any physical body, causing difficulties and troubles in individuals’ lives. Also, the Rahu, the shadow planet known as the Chaya Graha in vedic astrology, brings malefic effects. So, let’s take a look at how Moh Maya is associated with the planet Rahu. 

1. Deepest and Unrealistic Desires

The planet Rahu is associated with creating unrealistic desires that do not even exist. This creates a lot of confusion and unwanted expectations. For example, if an individual wants Moksha or Liberation, they need to let go of all the worldly pleasures, but Rahu pushes natives to make illusions in their heads and chase wealth and money. 

2. Stuck with the Material World

When an individual is stuck with worldly pleasures and material joy, they do not allow themselves to think beyond those things. In the race to get all the kinds of stuff in life, people usually forget to appreciate the little joys that come through religious and spiritual practices. Also, when you are stuck with the material world, you do not realise that, at the end of the day, it’s just your soul that goes with you and nothing else. 

3. Dominates Thoughts

Moh Maya and planet Rahu are known for dominating people’s thoughts by creating illusions and unrealistic desires. This is strongly associated with Moh Maya as it is the attachment to these illusions. It is important to recognise the influence of Rahu and Moh Maya and try to detach oneself from these fantasies to find true inner peace and spiritual fulfilment.

Attached to Toxic Relationships

When an individual is entangled in a toxic relationship due to attachment (Moh), it creates a barrier to growth and flourishing in life. The planet Rahu keeps pushing you towards the toxic traits of an individual that do not allow you to find true happiness. 

How Does Planet Rahu Trap You in Moh Maya?

The Moh Maya in english mainly explains how individuals are trapped in the world of attachment and worldly pleasures. So, let’s see how Rahu plays with your mind to keep you trapped in Moh Maya. 

  • When people attain the path of spirituality, they let go of all the Moh and Maya, but the presence of Rahu pushes you to believe in non-existent and unrealistic things. 
  • When the planet Rahu tangles you, Moh Maya, it does not allow you to think beyond wealth, luxury and the constant hunger for recognition and fame. 
  • The planet Rahu does not allow you to recognise the hidden truth and makes you ignore the human mind. This leads to the downfall of spiritual enlightenment, self-awareness and the ability to identify your true purpose of existence. 
  • Planet Rahu does not allow you to escape Moh Maya by bringing back your unfulfilled dreams and desires. So, in the race to fulfil those desires, people fail to understand the true importance of spiritual awareness and the reality of the world. 

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How to Let Go Moh Maya and the influence of Rahu? 

If you also want to give up on worldly pleasures and materialistic things in life, here are some of the simple tips you need to follow. 

1. Practice Mindfulness

When you start practising mindfulness and meditation, your mind will be calm and at peace, which will help you make valuable decisions. Also, it helps you to realise the true pleasures of life by keeping your mind stable and free from unwanted thoughts. 

2. Let go of attachments

Letting go of attachments to certain things, places, and people opens the door to new beginnings and growth. When you are attached to one thing, you lose self-importance and self-worth. So, when you detach yourself from certain things, you understand that you are enough and do not really require constant assurance and security. 

3. Seeking Astrological Guidance

When you seek guidance from an astrologer, you will gain an understanding of planet Rahu and how it has been influencing your life. This will help you understand the areas you need to work on and how to overcome troubling situations. 

4. Follow the path of Simplicity

Adopting simplicity can have a positive impact on various aspects of your life. It helps to reduce stress, keeps you free from materialistic things, and increases your productivity. Also, you get clarity about what’s more important and valuable to you. 

5. Live in the present

When you enjoy your present and do not chase money and wealth too much, you stay happy and satisfied. You never know what the universe has in store for you, so enjoy the present and make it worth it. This will help you stay detached from Moh Maya and Planet Rahu effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Moh Maya meaning?

The word Moh means attachment, and Maya means illusions. When individuals fall prey to attachments and illusions in life, they become fascinated by worldly pleasures and ignore self-awareness.

2. Does Moh Maya and planet Rahu have any relation?

The meaning of Moh Maya and the effects of Planet Rahu are almost the same. Planet Rahu makes the natives crave material and temporary pleasures, chasing wealth and a luxurious life. However, in that case, they forget about the true meaning of their existence and goals in life.

3. What happens when individuals are trapped in Moh Maya?

When individuals get entangled in Moh Maya, they create an illusion in their heads that leads to desires for materialistic gains and unrealistic goals. This makes the natives filled with ego, pride, and selfishness and causes them to forget to be grateful.

4. How can mindfulness and meditation help us let go of Moh Maya and the influence of Rahu?

When you practice mindfulness and medication, you connect with your inner peace and listen to your intuition and inner calling. This allows you to make more informed decisions and focus on things that add value to your life.

5. Why is it important to let go of attachments in life?

Letting go of attachments is essential if you want to follow the path of spirituality. When unwanted attachments block your way, they close the door to new opportunities and growth, keeping you stuck in one place.

6. Does taking astrological guidance help get rid of Moh Maya?

Yes, definitely, seeking help from an astrologer will help you learn about Rahu’s placement on your birth chart. This will help you identify how Moh Maya and planet Rahu have been impacting your life and not allowing you to get rid of it.

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