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Find Out The Best House For Rahu In Kundli

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Rahu In Kundli

What do you think? How does Rahu influence lives? Does it play a crucial role in shaping or disturbing your personal and professional life? In which rahu best house is beneficial? What is Rahu’s best position in horoscope? So, these are some questions you might ponder when you hear about the shadow planet Rahu. So, we’ll discuss how the Rahu planet is beneficial in astrology when placed in certain houses.

Also, Rahu is not malefic in all the houses; there are some houses in vedic astrology where the impact of Rahu indicates positive results. The effects of Rahu depend on individuals’ events that impact their lives. So, without any further ado, let’s get into knowing the best houses that fit well for Rahu. 

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Rahu in Kundli Meaning 

Rahu, also known as the North Node of the Moon, is considered a malefic planet. It’s believed that when Rahu is placed in certain houses in Vedic astrology, it casts negative influences on individuals’ minds and bodies. Rahu takes 18 months to complete the overall zodiac cycle, where it resides for 1 and a half months in each sign, causing a negative impact.

However, placing Rahu with an exalted Planet in any of the twelve houses can also give positive results. Also, the positioning of Rahu in any of the houses in Vedic astrology has to do something with individuals’ careers, relationships, marriages, and jobs. So, let us look at good houses for Rahu in astrology that can emit positive results in individuals’ lives. 

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4 Best Houses for Rahu in Horoscope 

Rahu’s influence in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses significantly influences individuals’ lives. Rahu is a planet that brings obsession with worldly things that is never satisfied and always urges for more. However, there are times when the positioning of Rahu is positive in some houses, which can make the lives of natives fruitful and flourishing. So, let’s check out what benefits individuals can attain due to the placement of Rahu in these houses. 

1. Rahu in 3rd House

The Best position of Rahu in Horoscope is the 3rd House, which makes the individuals fearless and do not take a step back to face challenging situations. They will be more inclined towards spirituality, allowing them to look at their life from a wider perspective. Moreover, they are aware of decisions that can make to a successful career.

They are intelligent and ambitious, making them focus on things that are prioritised in their life. Also, they will attain excellence in verbal and non-verbal communication, making them confident individuals. They will have a strong desire to achieve great things in life and earn good fame and recognition. 

2. Rahu in 6th House 

You might consider Rahu a brutal and negative planet, but when placed in the 6th house, Rahu will allow individuals to have a harmonious relationship with their father. They will always take all the challenges in life as a learning opportunity to grow and bring the best out of themselves. They will ensure that they do not get manipulated by negative thoughts that might overpower their decisions in life.

Besides, they might have to deal with health issues, but gradually, when Rahu starts to take place in the 6th house, they start to cure all the physical ailments and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

3. Rahu in 10th House 

When Rahu occupies the 10th house, the natives should be ready to gain a good occupation that can give them a reputation in society. They will get rid of all the drawbacks and challenges that might create setbacks in their life. They will also receive support from people who have already attained success, which will help them reach a path of success soon.

However, when Rahu is residing in the 10th house with the influence of the Moon, Raja Yoga is formed, which can give individual material wealth and success. 

4. Rahu in 11th House 

Now, coming to the 11th house, the placement of Rahu in the 11th house can help individuals gain good wealth and success. However, one thing to keep in mind while Rahu is in the 11th house is that one should always be ready to be patient enough. Victory and prosperity in individual lives will come slowly.

During this phase, one can communicate with people on a deeper level and form strong and long-lasting connections. Also, the relationship with siblings might seem unhealthy, but with Rahu’s influence, you will start to see changes in your bond with your brother and sisters. 

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People consider Rahu a negative planet and believe it always gives out negative influences. We hope you understand how Rahu’s influence changes when placed in the right house with benefic planets. Not all planets and houses in astrology bring out only positive or negative outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which house good for Rahu? 

The best position of Rahu in Horoscope is the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses, which is favourable and beneficial. When Rahu is placed in these houses, individuals become ambitious and fearless and achieve good decision-making skills. 

  1. Is Rahu good in mesha lagna? 

Mesha Lagna is a rising sign of Aries, and when Aries is placed with Rahu in some houses, it will bring positive and negative results forward. They will have strong critical thinking skills. On the other hand, they will be stubborn and gain impulsive behaviour. 

  1. How is Rahu in Leo sign? 

When placed with the Leo sign, Rahu brings positivity into individuals’ lives, making them focus on the most important things. Also, as it is a fire sign, they will have a strong passion and determination to reach great heights. 

  1. Which house is awful for Rahu?

The positioning of Rahu in the 8th and 12th houses indicates dissatisfaction that can lead to a weak mental state. They will have to deal with severe health issues and enemies. They will also face troubles with family members. 

  1. How does Rahu impact career in the 2nd House? 

Individuals with Rahu in 2nd in their horoscope can make exceptional growth in their career. They have a strong knowledge of ways to accumulate wealth, which can make them great at saving money and making their future stable. 

  1. Is Rahu in the 7th house good for marriage? 

Rahu in the 7th house is for marriage, where individuals will come across a perfect life partner with whom they can make their relationship fruitful and pleasant. Both individuals can grow together in their married life, making their bond stronger. 

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