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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Relationships

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Individuals fall for one another because they have an emotional connection or likeness; others could argue it’s because they feel a little at ease with that person. Many elements go into “falling in love,” which might sometimes be challenging, and a few tarot cards show the best love tarot reading. That first spark is stoked by factors including sexual attraction, physical chemistry, and shared interests. A complex human skill, falling in love involves both conscious and subconscious factors.

Although we may attribute chemistry and attraction (pheromones, biology, etc.) as the cause of falling in love, there are deeper reasons why people want love. Humans are hardwired to seek connection because it helps us make sense of our lives, share them with others, and enrich them. Here at InstaAstro, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Tarot Cards for Relationships, and for a deeper understanding, feel free to check out your Kundli

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Best cards for relationships 

  • The Lovers

The Lovers is a Major Arcana card, the sixth in order in the tarot deck. This card is very popular and can be seen present in many love tarot card reading. There is a couple in the middle of the card. Raphael, who is the Angel of air, is also depicted. As the symbol of Gemini might suggest, it is an air zodiac, and it also rules this card. The couple is engaged in each other’s eyes and is reaching out as if they wish to hold hands. They are standing in a lush green setting with a snake climbing up the apple tree. The reason behind the presence of the apple tree and snake is to symbolise the distraction from God or divinity that might occur due to the sexual temptation.

The Lovers card

  • Two Of Cups

 This card shows admiration for one another. The ancient emblem of business, trade, and exchange—the Caduceus of Hermes, a winged staff with twin serpents coiled around it—floats above them. Representing passion and sexual energy between these two individuals, it is one of the best love tarot reading one can get. 

Two Of Cups card

  • Ten Of Cups

The card displays a couple holding hands and watching their two children play. They turn to face a gorgeous rainbow in the sky of 10 cups. These two have all they could want: a house, children, and, most importantly, satisfying love. This card is considered very important in love life tarot reading. This is because all the small elements on this true love tarot card have special meanings to them. For example, the house showcases security, the rolling hills represent fertility in the family, and the river represents the constant flow of feelings. At the same time, the rainbow denotes the different emotions and events of life, like sorrow and happiness, which comes and goes.

Ten Of Cups card

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  • Four of Wands

The Four of Wands depicts two joyful individuals dancing and enjoying themselves while holding flowers. It is one of the best love tarot readings for tarot cards that mean attraction. A lovely wreath with lots of grapes and petals hangs between two wands in the foreground. These components represent the happiness and fulfillment of reaching a significant objective or milestone. Another group of people stands in front of a giant castle, signifying the security and comfort of the residents.

Four of Wands card

  • Knight Of Cups

Knight of Cups holds a special significance among the love tarot cards. There is a knight figure in the centre of the card, and he holds a golden cup. This represents the arrival of some news or important message. The knight is wearing a robe and an armour with pictorials of fish on it. This card also depicts awareness and creativity. His headgear and boots have wings, signifying a vivid imagination, a love of the aesthetic, and a respect for beauty. In contrast to the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, the horse in the Knight of Cups moves elegantly and leisurely, exuding a sense of tranquility and harmony. White stands for purity, spirituality, and light, while the horse is a sign of force, energy, and drive. A common question is does he love me tarot, and this card gives one of the best love tarot readings. 

Knight Of Cups card

  • Ten Of Pentacles 

The Ten of Pentacles depicts a white-haired man sitting with his two white dogs at his feet while donning an embroidered robe. A young family with a little child is close. The family assembles in the courtyard of a giant castle as a symbol of their success, ease, and wealth. The man and his family are incredibly wealthy in more ways than one; they have a strong bond with their ancestry, house, and neighborhood.

Ten Of Pentacles card

  • The Hierophant 

In a love reading, the Hierophant is a fantastic card to appear as a marriage tarot reading. The Hierophant card may signify marriage when it emerges in a love reading. This card represents a strong bond and dedication between the two persons and is one of the tarot cards that indicate an obsession. When someone seeks a love reading, it’s frequently to find out if their spouse is dedicated. If this card appears, it will undoubtedly put their mind at ease.

The Hierophant card

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  • The Empress

The Empress is a lovely, full-figured woman with golden hair who exudes serenity. The twelve-star crown demonstrates her ties to the magical world or the cycles of the cosmos (the twelve months and the twelve planets). Pomegranates, a sign of fertility, are embroidered on her robe, draped over a sumptuous collection of pillows and flowing crimson velvet. Venus, the symbol of passion, creativity, fertility, beauty, elegance, and the essence of The Empress is represented on one cushion.

The Empress card

  • The emperor

In the tarot card reading love life, this card depicts wealth, experience and power. The emperor is shown as a father figure who is protected by guards. This elderly person is treated with love and respect. His scarlet robe symbolizes his strength, desire, and vigor for life. He appears to be shielded from danger because of the armor (and any emotional response or vulnerability). He demands to be heard, and his long white beard, along with his gold crown, is a representation of his age-old knowledge and experience. 

The emperor card

  • The Devil 

This card, frequently appearing in Tarot readings, can be frightening to specific individuals. The Devil card might represent a layer of their connection that is all about desire in this situation, which is positive. Of course, a person wants to be able to cognitively and physically connect with the other person in a relationship, but passion is what can keep a relationship continuing. According to this card, a relationship’s desire is robust and won’t wane.

The Devil card


The best love tarot reading represents a good time for you to pursue romantic interests in the coming future. One of the most common Tarot readings is a love reading. People’s love lives can sometimes be complicated, so any indication that they are moving in the right direction might help them relax. And that is what this article at InstaAstro has aimed to do. To know more about your astrological side, read up on your Kundli here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

1. What are the worst tarot cards for love?

The worst tarot cards for love are The Three of Swords and The Tower.

2. Which is the soulmate card?

The Lovers card is the soulmate card.

3. Which card gives the marriage tarot reading?

In a love reading, the Hierophant is a wonderful card to appear as a marriage tarot reading.

4. Which card answers does he love me tarot?

The Ten of Cups and the Knight of Cups.

5. Which is the best love reading tarot?

The Lovers is the best love reading tarot card.

6. Which are the tarot cards that indicate an obsession?

The Lovers, The Hierophant, and the Knight of Cups.

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