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Find Out Lucky and Unlucky Colours For Taurus

By April 17, 2024April 30th, 2024No Comments
Find Out Lucky and Unlucky Colours For Taurus

Colours are known to play a key role in our lives, and it would not be wrong to say that colours are mood shifters. Each colour has a different significance for one’s overall well-being. Each Zodiac Sign has its own lucky and unlucky set of colours. Let’s discuss lucky and unlucky colors for Taurus man and woman.


Astrological Factors Behind Lucky and Unlucky Colours

As we know, different colours have different effects on different Zodiac signs. It is important to know not just lucky and unlucky colours but also the factors behind these colours being lucky for some Zodiac Signs and unlucky for others. Let’s uncover the factors behind the lucky and unlucky colours of Taurus Zodiac Sign.

1. Element (Earth)

As Taurus is an Earth Sign, it is a sign that is very grounded and prefers environments or surroundings that are very calm and quiet. The best Taurus colors are those that reflect the natural environment and are shades that give peace to both mind and eyes.

2. Ruling Planet (Venus)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, a planet that represents luxury and beauty. Thus, the Taurus Zodiac Sign is an admirer of beauty, luxury, and art. This makes Taurus have an inclination or liking towards colours that are representative of luxury and beauty.

3. Moon Sign (Taurus)

The moon sign, reflecting the emotional side of the Taurus Zodiac Sign, reveals a unique aspect of their colour preferences. Taurus Moon Sign natives are often not open to change and find comfort in familiar colours that are representative of their core nature and personality. 

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Influence of Lucky Colours on Taurus Zodiac Energy

As we already know, each Zodiac Sign has its own lucky colours. These colours have the power to change one’s mindset, personality, and overall well-being. By wearing the right colours, one can take control of one’s life. 

Lucky colours are known to shift the overall energy of the person wearing them. Things can start to fall into place once you start using your lucky colour in everyday life. Now, let’s have a look at lucky colors for Taurus woman and man. 

1. Green Colour

If you ask which is the best colour for Taurus, then it won’t be wrong to say that it is Green. Taurus is an Earth Sign, and Green represents nature and Earth.

Therefore, there is no better colour than Green for the Taurus Zodiac Sign. Green is a great colour for Taurus as it represents wealth, and Taurus is known to be a sign that likes material possessions.

2. White Colour

Taurus is a sign that likes being at peace but usually experiences the exact opposite because of its heightened emotions. White is a colour that brings peace to the Taurus Zodiac Sign as it balances the extreme emotions that Taurus experiences. This colour provides Taurus with mental and emotional stability. 

3. Pink Colour

Pink is the colour that reflects the true self of the Taurus Zodiac Sign. The Taurus Zodiac is inclined towards love and romance, as it is ruled by Venus, which is known as a planet of love, beauty, and luxury. 

As Venus praises beauty and love, it makes Taurus natives find the colour Pink attractive, and at the same time, Pink is lucky for Taurus Natives.

4. Black Colour

Taurus natives are usually strong and dominating individuals, and Black enhances their overall personality and energy. The leader-like personality that Taurus possess is often enhanced with the colour Black, thus making it lucky for Taurus natives. The colour Black adds to Taurus’s resilient nature.

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Influence Of Unlucky Colours On Taurus Energy 

As we now know, lucky colours play a notable role in a person’s life and well-being in the same way unlucky colours have a negative effect on one’s life. It is essential to know unlucky colours to avoid the negative consequences of using those colours. Let’s find out the unlucky colors for Taurus woman and man.

1. Red Colour

Taurus is known to have really strong emotions, and Red is a colour that is known to carry really high energy. The high energy from the Red colour can cause an imbalance in the emotional state of Taurus natives.

Red is not known to provide the peace and calmness that Taurus craves. Instead, it provides the exact opposite, making Red an unlucky colour for Taurus natives. 

2. Yellow Colour

Yellow is a very bright and joyful colour, but when it interferes with Taurus’s high energy, it is known to cause issues. It is also believed that Yellow, because of its bright energy, can cause stress and anxiety among the Taurus natives.

Yellow can cause one with a Taurus Zodiac Sign to lose focus and become irritated and confused. Hence, it is an unlucky colour for the Taurus Zodiac Sign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Taurus fav color?

The favourite colour of Taurus is Green as Taurus is an Earth sign and it is known to enhance the true nature of the Taurus Zodiac Sign natives.

2. Which colour is unlucky for Taurus?

Red and Yellow are unlucky colours for Taurus as they are high-energy colours. The Taurus Zodiac Sign is also a high-energy Sign, and both energies clash, making Taurus natives confused and irritated.

3. What colour should Taurus not wear?

Taurus Zodiac Sign natives should avoid wearing electric blue. It is a really bright and high-energy colour, which can clash with Taurus natives’ grounded nature.

4. Is White lucky for Taurus?

White is a great colour for Taurus natives as it is a calm colour and tones down the high energy that Taurus natives hold.

5. What is Taurus spiritual colour?

Green is the true spirit colour of the Taurus Zodiac Sign, as it is the one colour that reflects the true grounded nature of the Taurus Zodiac Sign and thus helps in providing spiritual growth to Taurus natives.

6. Is blue lucky for Taurus?

Shades of light blue are great for the Taurus Zodiac Sign, but shades of dark blue are known to clash with the grounded nature of the Taurus Zodiac Sign.

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