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What Are The Lucky and Unlucky Colours for Scorpio?

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Lucky and Unlucky Colours for Scorpio

Ah, colours! Don’t you think certain colours can immediately change your mood from low to happy? Maybe the colour red would work wonders for you, or the colour black would get you all the confidence and charm you have ever wished for. Well, just like every other zodiac sign, colour astrology has assigned a lucky and unlucky colour code for the zodiac Sign Scorpio. People born between October 24 – November 22 belong to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Colours aren’t just pretty, but they also contain some energies and vibrations, which are enough to change the whole mood and vibe for you. Aren’t you curious to know whether Scorpio favourite color brings you good luck or not? Or what is what is scorpios color?  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s reveal what are the lucky and unlucky colours for Scorpio! 

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Enhance Your Life with the Lucky Colors for Scorpio Borns

What if we say that wearing certain colours can get you the direct address of good luck, success, charisma and confidence? Though it may all seem unreal, colour astrology has valid points to make it all real. So, without wasting any moment, let us choose the right colours for Scorpio from the colour palette to make your journey happier and more peaceful. 

Yellow: Colour Of Success and Growth

While going for an important interview or getting ready for an important presentation, do you know which colour you should pick? Drop the idea if you are thinking about wearing colours other than yellow. The yellow of Scorpio not only opens doors to positivity in your life but also gets you introduced to success and growth. However, the idea of wearing or including the colour yellow is not limited to your career or busines prospects. To improve your love life or health, wearing the colour yellow should always be your first choice. 

Red: The Colour Of Energy and Passion 

Isn’t the colour red associated with risk and danger? Don’t worry, Scorpions, as in your case, the colour red brings an extra dose of energy and vitality to your life. So, if you are one who lacks determination or focus, then nothing would work better than adapting the colour red into your daily routine. And the best part: the energies of the colour red match best with your personality, Scorpions.

But do you know what else is common between the zodiac Scorpio and the colour red? In astrology, Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio and is associated with the colour red. Now you know what was the source of your extra energy and passion! 

Black: A Direct Access To Luck and Charm 

Last on the list of lucky zodiac color for Scorpio is the dark and mysterious colour Black. Consider yourself lucky if your favourite colour is black! Why, you may ask? Well, as per colour astrology, Scorpio favorite color might be one of the reasons for your success. Wearing or including this auspicious colour in your life will get the direct address of good luck and charm.

Along with this, the energies of the colour black focus on moving forward and that too at a fast pace. If a determined Scorpio has fixed their mind on something, no power in this world can make them change their decision. And you know what gives them such immense power and strong will? Yes, obviously, the colour of Scorpio is black. 

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Colours that Bring Bad Luck to Scorpio Borns

This would sound a bit disappointing, but not all the shades on the colour wheel are your true friends. Why? Well, colours such as red, yellow and black would try to make things easy for you, but on the other hand, there are certain colours that would do the opposite. Is there any unlucky colour for Scorpio? Let’s find out! 

1. Orange: An Imbalance of Energies 

If wearing or using the colour orange in your daily routine is your favourite thing to do, then you must listen to what we have to say next. Talking about the energies and vibrations, the colour orange adds a touch of innovation and energy to someone’s life. But in the case of Scorpio, wearing the colour orange is no less than a clash of energies.

Why? Well, Scorpio is known for its deep and mystical vibe, while the colour orange only focuses on bright themes such as innovation, energy, enthusiasm and so on. This not only creates a clash but also an imbalance in the energies of people born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. So, wearing the colour orange means sending a direct invitation to delays, obstacles and challenges in your life. 

2. Light Blue: The Colour of Delays 

As per colour astrology, the personality of the zodiac sign screams the theme of mystery and spirituality. Would the light shades of the colour palette, such as Scorpio blue colour would suit the personality of the Scorpio?

The answer is a big NO. Wearing such shades would distract the zodiac from their desired goals and dreams and would divert their energy to somewhere else. And let us tell you, nothing in this world would irritate the zodiac sign Scorpio than not being able to focus on their ultimate goals. 


There you have it, lucky and unlucky colours for Scorpio. Whether it is cracking the interview or a financial deal, you know what Scorpio’s color is and which colours to choose from the colour palette to bring good luck to your side. Choose the colours that are best for you and see every dream you wish turned true with the magic of colour astrology. 

Hey! I’m Kasak Shirotriya, and as a content writer at InstaAstro, your appreciation encourages me to keep my words flowing! If you found this blog helpful, then don’t hesitate to reach out our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and staying one step ahead of all your problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the lucky colors for Scorpio woman?

Colour astrology believes that the lucky colors for Scorpio woman are red and violet. It also claims that these colours attract positivity as well as good luck. Along with these factors, the colours red and violet also bring a sense of direction and purpose to life.

2. What is the lucky colour for Scorpio today?

As per the horoscope of people born under this zodiac sign, the lucky colour for Scorpio today is yellow. Along with the colour yellow, the shades of red and orange would also work wonders for the zodiac sign since it brings good luck and charm.

3. What is the Scorpio stone color?

As per some astrological beliefs, of all the birthstones, Blue Topaz is the one that suits a Scorpio the most. This magical gemstone brings a sense of calmness and empathy into the lives of the wearer. Along with it helps in balancing the emotions a person feels.

4. What is the main colour of Scorpio?

Colour astrology believes that the main colours of Scorpio are dark shades of red, black and brown. Not only do these colours bless a Scorpio with confidence, but they also bring a sense of responsibility and seriousness into their lives.

5. What is the Vrischika rashi lucky colour?

Of all the colours, dark colours such as maroon, purple, black and scarlet are the ones that are Vrischika rashi lucky colours. One of the reasons why these colours are Vrischika rashi lucky colour is that it aligns well with their overall personality, which is strong and intuitive skills.

6. Is Black an unlucky colour for Scorpio-borns?

No, as per colour astrology, Black is considered to be one of the lucky colours for Scorpio. Interestingly, the colour black brings out the element of seriousness and clarity. This is why people born under the zodiac sign Scorpio love to wear the colour black to add seriousness to their lives.

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