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Find Out Lucky And Unlucky Colours For Gemini

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Lucky And Unlucky Colours For Gemini

Let’s have a look into Lucky Unlucky colours for Gemini. Colours play a significant role in changing our mood. Their impact is huge in our lives. Colours have different effects on different people based on their Zodiac Signs. Using the right colour and avoiding the colours that can have a negative impact is essential from the perspective of an individual’s physical and mental well-being.


Astrological Facts Behind Lucky And Unlucky Colours

Now that we know the role that colours play in our personality with respect to our Zodiac Sign. It becomes essential to know the astrological effect of colours. Let’s look into the astrological factors behind lucky and unlucky colours for Gemini. 

1. Element (Air)

Gemini natives are great at thinking and communicating, and it’s all because of their element being Air. Since Gemini natives are Air Signs, they make great decisions and are truly intellectual beings. The air element adds to their go-with-the-flow nature. The fresh new ideas that they add to the table are a true reflection of them being Air Signs. 

2. Ruling Planet (Mercury)

Mercury makes a person intellectual, and there is no better example than that of Gemini. It also makes them really flexible and adaptable to situations. As Mercury is a planet of communication, it makes individuals great orators and excellent communicators. As Mercury is their ruling planet, they are quick learners. They are open-minded and non-judgemental individuals. 

3. Moon Sign (Gemini) 

People with Gemini as their Moon Sign tend to be extra talkative and extremely welcoming. Natives of Gemini Moon Sign are really active and energetic at all times. Since they are emotional beings, talking things out is a form of therapy for them to get rid of all the emotional stress. They speak straight on the face and avoid getting into unnecessary drama. They are great friends and amazing counsellors. 

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Influence Of Lucky Colours On Gemini Energy

Now that we know that each Zodiac has its own set of lucky colours and the effect of these colours on one’s personality. Since these sets of colours are known to have a great impact on one’s life, it is essential to know these colours. Let’s look into the lucky color of Gemini Zodiac Sign. 

1. Green (Growth and Strength)

The green colour is known to enhance the nature of Mercury, which Gemini natives carry. It helps to enhance the qualities that Gemini receive from their Lord planet Mercury. The green colour is a representative of growth and strength for Gemini, and weaning it can prove to be lucky for Gemini in terms of growth and success.

2. Yellow (Bright and Lively)

The bright yellow colour is representative of a true Gemini personality and can be said to be the color Gemini truly relates to. It’s bright, just like how Gemini is, and at the same time, Yellow is the colour of Gemini’s Lord Planet, Mercury. Yellow represents Gemini’s creativity and free thoughts. The fact that Yellow syncs with Gemini’s personality is the reason why it is a lucky colour for Gemini. 

3. Blue (Freedom and Independence)

Gemini, an air sign, has a constant longing for freedom, and blue, which represents the sky, is a colour that truly aligns with the core of Gemini’s nature. Blue is a colour of creativity, depth, and imagination. The reason for blue being lucky for Gemini lies in the fact that blue represents the Gemini thought pattern in a way that no other colour possibly can. 

Influence Of Unlucky Colours On Gemini Energy

Now that we are well aware of the energy that colours transmit, just like lucky colours, unlucky colours also affect each Zodiac Sign’s overall energy. To avoid getting into the trap of negative energy, it’s better to stay aware of the unlucky colours that can bring in bad luck and can have a negative effect on the overall well-being of an individual. It’s time to look into unlucky colour for Gemini Zodiac Sign. 

1. Red (Harsh and Violent)

The colour red is a bit harsh on Gemini’s personality, as Gemini natives have a very bright yet soothing personality. Since the colour Red is not in sync with Gemini’s personality because of its harsh and violent nature, it has an overall negative impact. If you are a Gemini native, the colour Red is a big no because of its negative impacts.

2. Orange (Unstable and Hasty)

The colour orange enhances the fickleness of mind in Gemini natives, thereby making a deep-seated trait of Gemini very prominent. A fickle mind is known to make hasty decisions, and that is what happens when Gemini starts wearing orange. It’s better for Gemini to avoid the orange colour to prevent bad luck.  

3. Black (Intense and Sad)

The energy of gemini is fun and light, whereas Black is an intense colour, and when both energies collide, they are known to have a negative effect on the lives of Gemini natives. Such an intense colour, like black, which is often seen as representative of sadness, is often known to affect an individual’s mental state of peace. It is better not to wear Black if you are a Gemini native to avoid bad luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Gemini color for good luck?

Yellow and Green Gemini colors are known to bring good luck to Gemini.

2. What color should Gemini avoid?

Gemini should avoid dark colours like Black and deep blue at all costs as they may have a negative im

3. What is Gemini power colour?

Bright yellow is the power colour for the Gemini Zodiac Sign.

4. Is black good for Gemini?

Black colour has negative effects when worn by a Gemini, and it’s known to bring bad luck.

5. What is Gemini favourite colour?

Gemini favorite color is Yellow, as Gemini has really bright personality and the bright yellow colour compliments that personality.

6. What is the color for Gemini Personality?

Yellow suits the personality of Gemini, as it evokes a sense of curiosity in native Geminis and is bright, just like people with the Gemini Zodiac Sign.

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