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Lucky Numbers Numerology of 2022

By May 11, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments
Lucky Numbers This Lucky 2022

Lucky numbers numerology based on your zodiac

Have you ever wondered why you kept stumbling upon a specific number during a period in your life? While not necessarily a lucky number, this number still might be trying to tell you something. Are you wondering which number is lucky in numerology? or how to get lucky number from date of birth? Whatever occurs in the world happens for a reason, so the recurrence of those digits in your life might actually hold meaning. But if it is the lucky number you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Lucky numbers for different zodiacs can be found using the Chaldean numerology system and their ruling planets. Each zodiac and letter are assigned a lucky number according to this numerology. While lucky numbers for alphabets seldom change, a zodiac’s lucky number depends on its planet’s activity. So what is your lucky numberRead through to find out the lucky numbers numerology!

Lucky numbers numerology

Here’s what astrologers have to say about lucky numbers numerology based on the zodiacs in 2022:


Lucky numbers numerology for Aries says that the year might start a little slow for them, but knowing their lucky number may set things in motion. According to the Chaldean numerology, the numbers 9 and 6 are exceptionally lucky for Aries this year as these will bring in positive energy for starting new things. You can also look at numbers with double digits that add up to these two, like 36, 72, 51, etc. These numbers may bring prosperity in terms of finances. 


Astrologers feel that Taurus this year may require luck in the aspects of health and education. And the numbers 11, 7(a Taurus favourite) and 6 bring precisely that. However, if you self reflect and look into the past, you may notice that good times prevailed when these numbers were in the mix. Their lucky numbers numerology is number 7 which especially holds significance, and doing anything of importance on the 7th day of a month might be a good idea.


Gemini do not like monotony; thus it is no surprise that their lucky numbers do not stay the same either. Being the twin sign, Gemini can always look to doubles of numbers like 11, 33, 22, etc. These numbers bring balance and stability to life. The single-digit numbers 3 and 5 might also be used in the romance department this 2022. 

GEMINI Lucky Number Numerology


This 2022, astrologers predict that the focus of most Cancer would be directed towards their careers, self-development and property. The Moon is said to be the planet that will have the most remarkable effects on Cancer this year; thus the numbers 3, 25 and 18 will hold significance. If you are turning 25 or 18 this year lucky number calculator says that the chances of entering a romantic relationship are in your favour. 


This 2022, the numbers Leos can rely on are 1 and 9. They will assist your leadership skills and in turn, help you achieve specific goals. Double-digit numbers that add up to 9 will also be important, like 54, 36, etc. These lucky number finders will help you communicate in 2022 and better your personal and professional lives. 


Being an earth sign, Virgos rely on stability and calm environments. This year calculate your lucky number that can help maintain you. This year the number is 6. This number is lucky for Virgo according to Chaldean numerology and as per their ruling planet Mercury. Therefore, double digits with 6 in them can also be considered auspicious this year and help achieve goals. 

Virgo Lucky Number Numerology


The numbers 3 and 5 will bring positivity into Libra’s life this 2022. These will also carry with them prosperity and comfort. The number 6 is lucky this year as per the ruling planet Venus and will help achieve success. The numbers that add up to no more than 20 will also be lucky this year.


For Scorpios this year, the numbers 4 and 7 will help bring stability in life, a feature they are fond of. According to the ruling planet Mars, the number 9 will also be lucky. These numbers will come in handy to achieve success in education and may also bring material luxuries. 


According to Chaldean numerology, the numbers 3 and 8 will be lucky for the extroverted Sagittarians this year. They will bring vibrant times in life with them, and the number 8 especially will help navigate life this year as it is representative of infinity. Moreover, the number 3 will bring along with its freedom in terms of finances, and numbers adding up to 8 can also be relied on to bring prosperity.

SAGITTARIUS Lucky Number Numerology


The numbers 2 and 8 will be lucky for Capricorns in 2022, especially eight as it is the number of the ruling planet Saturn. However, this year will be full of stepping stones and victories, so starting things with dates, including these numbers, might help. 


This year, double-digit numbers will bring more prosperity to Aquarians than single-digit ones. 24, considered one of the luckiest in numerology, is sure to bring wealth, health and joy in life. Starting anything significant on the 24th day of the month will bring along success.


As per Chaldean numerology, the number 7 will bring good times this 2022. It will help build new relationships in both your personal and professional lives. Numbers that add up to 7, like 43, 61, 25, etc, will also bring along positivity this year.

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