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Gemini like to find the easiest way to do anything, you are the human sat navs of the zodiac, always finding the path of least resistance.  However this year all routes have proved a little slow for your liking, but today Venus brings you ease, speed and facility at work.

Libra represents balance and right now that balance is not automatic and so you need to think about and work on it.

Life and work are coasting along more than usual today and so you can sit back and sip a metaphorical Pina colada and give yourself a high five.

Venus square Uranus ruling your 9th house means travel for the purposes of attending courses or improving a language skill is favored.

Gemini’s aim in life is to be cheerful, popular and informed and today you seem to be nailing it. Your shares in the love index are high and relating to new love interests and you spouse is easy. Go easy with the flirting at work though.

un sextile your 11th house ruler brings luck when you apply positive affirmations.