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Taurus will always tell you they do not mind coming second, but they hate it.  Today Taureans will have to watch others succeed and though it hurts, Saturn is just giving you a lesson - make sure you know what it is.

New relationships that start now are not about harmony or emotional wellbeing, they are about action and greater ambition.

Being vaguely irritable for no particular reason is a trait of Taurus, who love to laugh almost as much as they love to complain. Go for the laughs today Taurus and you really will feel better.

Travel to a place totally new to you is favored.

Venus ruled Taurus is known as a peace-loving sign but they actually enjoy a little conflict from time to time especially in close relationships where they bottle up and then explode - so bulls, if you feel an explosion coming try and pre-empt it with some constructive chat.

A lucky time with the boss; a good time to apply for promotion or get noticed.