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Scorpio cut through bull dust like a hot knife through butter and today you are seeing to the heart of the matter which can be uncomfortable for anyone with a half-baked idea.

With your 6th house activates by Venus, Scorpio have a great deal of energy and yet you are also somewhat self-absorbed and this makes you less emotionally sensitive to the needs of others.

When Scorpio understand their true nature they are happier and more content; until they do, they often project their issues onto others.  Look at those you attract into your life and ask in which ways they reflect your inner conflicts.

Trips to appreciate nature or be in the outdoors are favored.

Scorpio are very protective and anyone who has a problem with your partner will have your wrath to deal with - make sure though that you have all the facts.

You can have luck in games of skill like chess, backgammon or poker.