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Venus is distracting you with thoughts of the weekend, spring, love and thoughts much more interesting and entertaining than work which Cancerians are finding tedious. Today is the day for people driven projects not paperwork or admin and so adjust where you can.

Cancerians enjoy pondering the emotional lives of others and yet when you point the finger you should often be pointing it right back at you as you often notice in others what is lacking or remiss with you.

While you are disciplined and determined about health regimes, you can help yourself by having a better plan - make meal plans and make sure exercise is not random, but follows a structured path.

Venus favoring Uranus n your 10th house brings fortune in relation to travel which is aimed at improving career and your prospects in life.

Cancerians are ready for a candle lit dinner out as a precursor to something spontaneous happening in the bedroom tonight.

Cancer are lucky in areas related to exams and presenting academic papers.