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Leo are strong believers in ‘if you can dream it you can do it’ and they often think the details will work themselves out; the lesson this year and today in fact is that you, yes you Leo, are responsible for those details.

Your 9th house activated makes you emotionally keyed up, you need to be patient and remain as rational as possible in spite of provocation.

Leo tend to pick and choose which aspects of their health they want to pay attention to; if their diet affects that wonderful mane of hair they are so proud of, it gets attention, if it affects the liver which no one can even see after all, who cares.  Your entire body matters Leo, not just the parts you can see.

A good day for sightseeing or visiting as many places as possible.

While Leo’s voice is like a roar and they love to be heard, they can often be like a butterfly offering a light touch to anything they do not feel like dealing with - your partner may be tired of picking up where you left off Leo; own your life, all of it!

There is luck in the area of professional achievement,