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With Venus favoring Uranus in your 5th house, Sagittarians are known to be a little fast and loose with the finances and today you may throw caution to the wind if you get a gust of inspiration blowing in.  Make sure there is a returns policy or get out clause.

You are very emotional right now, and sometimes may react with more emotion to a situation than is necessary; not everything you are feeling is based on reality.

Sagittarius are out to have fun, make new friends and try new things.  Your energy and spirit is renewed when you tackle new challenges either socially or at work today.

Travel in connection with your children’s events or school commitments is favored.

If Sagittarians wrote a love story it would definitely be a series as they hate endings and love new chapters.  Don’t believe the grass is greener elsewhere Sagittarius, feed and water your own grass.

This is a favorable time for childbirth or getting pregnant.