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Why is Gautam Adani facing financial struggles? Kundli details to know why!

By February 4, 2023December 6th, 2023No Comments
Gautam Adani Kundli Analysis

One of India’s leading industrialists and business tycoons, Gautam Adani, rose to immense popularity and gained substantial profit in the last few months. We can say that there may be some special aspects in Gautam Adani Kundli.

In terms of the joint venture between Wilmar Group and Adani Group, Adani Wilmar sells packaged goods such as sugar, oil, wheat flour, lentils and pulses. Besides this, the primary outcome of this venture is the edible oil under the Fortune brand. The combined profit of these groups is estimated to be $1.14 billion. This profit may be a result of he aspects of Guatam Adani Kundli. 

What happened to Gautam Adani?

While all of this seems like a dream, at the moment, things are not as sweet as they were before. At the moment, Gautam Adani is under tremendous pressure and challenging times. The American research company of Hindenburg meaning the German high commanding officer, has placed charges of fraud upon him. This claim states that this might be the largest and most substantial corporate fraud in history.

Moreover, it is set to bring forth the decline or fall of the Adani Group. Adani wealth is in serious trouble now as the publication brought forth the steep decline in the share price of Adani’s group and net worth. Moreover, people have started to question his integrity and stature as not just a businessman but also as a person.

Experiencing all this has taken a massive toll on Adani’s reputation, and he has claimed that the Hindenburg report is inaccurate and baseless. However, Hindenburg has not shied away from asserting its views and research. Due to this, Gautam Adani has not only dropped down to the seventh rank from the third among the world’s wealthiest persons but has also received major backlash from people all over the world.

Amidst all this, InstaAstro astrologers have looked at various aspects such as Gautam Adani birth chart, Gautam Adani horoscope, Gautam Adani Kundli, and much more to give some predictions about him and his industry, such as the Adani transport share statistics.

Gautam Adani Hindenburg Research

Read more to find out what’s in store for this industrialist. 

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Gautam Adani Kundli 

As per astrological analysis Gautam Adani related, he is a moon sign Aquarius. In 2023, the Saturn transit, which began on 17 January, will significantly impact him and his future. Gautam Adani, under Sade Sati, is suffering due to Saturn’s current position. 

Born on 24 June 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Gautam Adani Kundli says that he is an Ascendant Leo, and his Moon Sign is Aquarius. The Yogas in Gautam Adani Horoscope suggest a Gajakesari Yoga due to Jupiter being in Kendra from his Moon in his Kundli. This Yoga is all about reputation, fame, and recognition, and it guarantees a good reputation even after the demise of the individual. 

In addition, with regards to planets and planetary positions in Gautam Adani Kundli, Venus is at a perfect position and is the ruling planet of the 11th House or the House of gains and prosperity. This makes him fortunate and prosperous. On the other hand, the placement of the other planets has different implications.

For example, the Sun’s position makes him moral yet temperamental, the Moon’s placement makes him diplomatic, Mars is all about his generosity, the planet Mercury makes him stable and wise, Jupiter makes him friendly, Venus’ placement focuses on his fluctuating fortune, Saturn’s position gives him a happy domestic life, and lastly, Rahu and Ketu bring him fame. 

Gautam Adani Kundli

What are the Yogas in Gautam Adani Horoscope? 

As per Gautam Adani Horoscope and Gautam Adani Kundli, there are four major Yogas and four minor Yogas. 

The following are the Gautam Adani Kundli Yogas:

  • Gajakesari Yoga: With Leo Lagna and Jupiter in Kendra, the Gaj Kesari Yoga makes him efficient, comfortable, famous, reputed, intelligent, and capable enough to grab the life of his dreams. 
  • Karak Yoga: The combination of Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon in a Kendra form this Yoga where honour, fame, dignity, luck, and financial stability. 
  • Dhan Yoga: The conjunction of Venus and Saturn along with Venus and Moon brings the Dhan Yoga. The Dhan or Money Yoga will bring him wealth from all sorts of sources. 
  • Arishta Yoga: The Lord of his 12th House, Moon and the Lord of his 5th House, Jupiter, make a combination to form Arishta Yoga which brings negative consequences to his life. 

Now, the following are the minor Yogas in Gautam Adani Kundli or horoscope:

  • Anapha Yoga: When the planet is in the 12th House from the Moon. 
  • Adhi Yoga: When the positive planets are in the 6th, 7th, and 8th House from the Moon
  • Mahabhagya Yoga: This Yoga forms when the man is born during daytime and the Sun, Moon, and Lagna are in odd signs. It’s the opposite for women. 
  • Kahala Yoga: This appears when the Lords of the 4th and 9th Houses are in Kendras with each other. 

Gautam Adani Kundli

Gautam Adani under Sade Sati period 

As we all know, Saturn or Shani can have different effects in terms of Yogas, Houses, or Signs. First, Shani helped him reach the skies and become famous however, at the moment, its placement is bringing him misfortune and ill luck.

According to the expert analysis by InstaAstro astrologers, the Shani ki Sade Sati effect manifests misfortune and bad luck in Gautam Adani’s life. The planet period and Sade Sati are the main reasons for his career downfall, loss, and chaos. This situation is bound to worsen, and he will face several other issues. The Saturn sub-period started on 24 December 2022 and is unfavourable for finances and money. So, it is safe to say that Gautam Adani will incur significant financial losses and issues.

Saturn Planet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is Gautam Adani Rashi?

Gautam Adani is a Leo and his Rashi is Kumbh or Aquarius.

2. What is Gautam Adani net worth?

As per Forbes 2023, Gautam Adani’s net worth is 6,190 crores USD.

3. Which company owner Gautam Adani?

Gautam Adani is the owner of the Adani Group.

4. Which brands are under Adani Wilmar?

Fortune, King’s, Bullet, Raag, Avsar, Pilaf, Jubilee, Fryola, Alpha, and Aadhar are under the Adani Wilmar venture.

5. What is the Nakshatra of Gautam Adani?

Ardra Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Gautam Adani. You can read more about this Nakshatra on the InstaAstro website.

6. What is Gautam Adani numerology number?

His numerology number is 3. So, by adding his birthday numerals, 2+4+0+6+1+9+6+2, we get the number 3.

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