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What does Rahu in 4th House bring to your life?

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Rahu in 4th House

Different planets tend to have different effects on an individual’s life. These effects are not just based on the planet but also on their position in the individual’s kundli. A specific planet in a specific kundli will have different effects on an individual’s life. Now, if you are wondering, What does Rahu in 4th house in navamsa chart mean? Rahu in 4th house marriage? Rahu in 4th house spouse appearance? Then you have come to the right place to seek your answers.

A worsening Rahu affects your personality and emotional state of mind. But what else does it do to your life? If you want to know about Rahu, read the entire InstaAstro blog. Also, if you want any further information on tarot, numerology, astrology, zodiac signs or more, then visit our official website. You could download our app from the PlayStore to get the notification on time and with more convenience. 

What does Fourth House of Astrology Represent?

As per Astrology 4th house is controlled by the planet Moon. So, it generates the flow of money and facilities in your lives. It also depicts how you will use any opportunities in your professional and personal life. Moreover, as they say, the Moon or Chandrama represents the mother or motherly elements in your body. So, on the one hand, it regulates your relationship with your mother. But, on the other hand, also fluctuates soft emotions in our body like nurturing, caring, loving, etc. 

full moon

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What does Rahu in 4th House Mean?

What will happen when Rahu, the malefic planet, enters such a subtle house of astrology? First, Rahu will weaken the effects of Chandrama or Moon in your natal chart. But apart from this, let’s see what ill effects it has on your life.

Rahu in 4th house

Rahu in 4th house has a strong moon effect, especially with the Moon in the 1st house. If the Moon is strong, it supports the movement of the Moon in a very auspicious and good way. If you have a strong Rahu in your natal chart, you will have a keen interest in buying gadgets. You will be more inclined towards materialistic things in life. You will have very good control over your words. Also, it will make your personality effective and influential.

Your comments will easily convince people. You will be confident and assured with everything that you do in your life. Because of Rahu, you will have a clear idea of how your actions could affect your future. As a result of your strong intuitions, you will always make changes in your life in advance so that the end becomes secure. You will have several opportunities to make money, and most of them will be used by you. There will be no lack of prosperity and money in your future. Moreover, you will be lucky enough to generate ways on your own to earn money.

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What Happens with a Weak Moon with 4th House Rahu?

If this Moon is afflicted in your birth chart, then Rahu in 4th house could ruin your life. Let us have a look at some of the effects that Rauin Fourth house has on Moon in an individual’s Kundli. These are as follows:

  • It brings a doubtful and negative mindset for the natives.
  • Moreover, you will face many difficulties in making significant decisions in your life. As a result, you tend to fight with people for menial reasons. 
  • It will also affect how you choose your profession. A weakened moon and a strong Rahu in 4th house will never let you settle in one profession. Moreover, only some professions will bring joy or prosperity to your life.
  • We have also read that Chandrama or Moon replicates our relationship with your mother. So, a weakened moon will also affect the mother in several ways such as significant health issues, financial crisis, or early death.
  • It has also been noticed that the natives will lack the courage to fulfil their dreams because their minds will always be filled with doubts and questions.
  • Furthermore, as they have a weak Moon in their natal charts, all the facilities will also be lacking. But you need to develop a skill or a talent if you want to succeed despite everything going against you.

weak moon with 4th house Rahu

How Does Shani or Saturn get Affected by Rahu in 4th House?

The impact of Rahu in the 4th house is not just on an individual’s life. However, on the other hand, it can also impact some other planets. One of these includes the Planet Saturn. Let us have a look at these effects. The conjunction of these two planets can lead to bad and negative situations in an individual’s life. Thus, to solve these and also to reduce the negative effects of this conjunction, one can perform some remedies for the same. 

What is Rahu in 4th House Remedies?

Let us have a look at some remedies for individuals who have Rahu in the 4th house of their navamsa chart. These remedies are given by our astrologers and are extremely beneficial and effective. These remedies are as follows: 

  1. Rahu in 4th house for cancer ascendant and others are not advised to build a kitchen under their stairs. Per the Vastu Shastra, this could bring in a lot of negativity and health issues.
  2. The 4th house of astrology also represents the northeast corner of the house. So, if you have a strong Rahu, you are advised to keep the northeast extremely clean and ventilated and avoid garbage or toiletries in this direction of your home.
  3. For the Rahu in 4th house for Leo ascendant and others, these people are advised to go and get a job somewhere far from their birthplace. They will only succeed in getting a satisfactory job and will always struggle.
  4. The Moon or Chandrama also depicts financial and living conditions in your life. As per the Rahu allocation astrology, the native has to face many financial difficulties and could have definite poor living conditions.
  5. To solve this problem, throw some coriander seeds or Dhaniya daana in water on a Thursday. This will give you positive results in improving your living conditions. 
  6. If you have any health issues related to the heart or brain because of the malefic of Rahu in 4 house. Then throwing a handful of barley groats or jaw ke dane in water is a recommended Rahu in 4th house remedies.
  7. If Rahu is in the 4th house for Virgo ascendant and others are dealing with or stuck with any legal issue. In such cases, charcoal or coal (Koyla) should be thrown in running water.
  8. Moreover, rahu in 4th house for Capricorn ascendant makes an individual suffer in their personal or family life. 

Rahu in 4th house remedies


Rahu in fourth house could result in the worst if you have a weakening Chandrama. So please read the entire article to know what it means and how it affects your life. Along with it, a few of the most essential and valuable remedies to solve the malefic effect of this combination. To get regularly notified on such topics, download the InstaAstro app. By clicking here, you could also book a session related to tarot, reiki healing, numerology reading or astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which are the celebrities with Rahu in 4th house?

Himesh Reshamiya and Ariana Grande are two of the most known celebrities with Rahu in 4th house. Because of this, they have settled in different locations from their birthplace.

2. How is Rahu in 4th house marriage affected?

Initially, these people find it hard to maintain peace with their partners. Moreover, their partners could be very demanding in terms of love and care.

3. Which day is beneficial for the natives of Rahu?

As per Vedic astrology, Thursday is considered the most auspicious day for the natives of Rahu in 4th house.

4. Can astrology depict Rahu in 4th house past life?

Usually, a weak Moon and Rahu affect the financial and living conditions of the natives for Rahu in the 4th house. In the worst-case scenario, Rahu in 4th house brings extreme poverty into your life.

5. What colour should Rahu native wear?

The auspicious colour for the Rahu in 4th house native is Blue. Blue is known to strengthen your Moon as a result, it could fight the malefic of Rahu in 4th house in navamsa chart.

6. Which numerology suits Rahu in 4th house?

Numerology 4 is considered excellent and beneficial for Rahu in 4th house. Numerology 4 determines stability and determination in your life.

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