Vastu Shastra - The Science Of Ancient Indian Architecture

Why do you think constructing a house, according to vastu shastra, is so crucial? We'll cover everything you need to know about Vastu. Before deciding to build a home, read on.
Well, Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit word where Vastu means 'place of dwelling' and Shastra means 'science'. So Vastu Shastra is known as the science of directions and architecture. It is also referred to as the ancient Indian form of architecture. Nature has embedded itself in every living being with guidelines that help them build their homes. Even today, every bird or animal, even a tiny ant, makes their house according to these natural guidelines.

Keeping in mind such guidelines of Nature, ancient Indian sages developed a Shastra or science around these principles, which is known as Vastu Shastra.
For example, The North East part of any property is a space for water elements, and it directly has a role to play in the finances. Similarly, each direction plays a role in the daily lives of the occupant of that property.

The principles of Vastu Shastra can help us to add positivity to our homes or workplace and allow us to enhance our lives, but with the passage of time, many of these guidelines were neglected, and today their effect is clearly visible in our relationships, health and lifestyle. Moreover, the science of Vastu depends on the flow of magnetic waves, so thus, it influences our lives. The flow causes changes in certain chemicals within our body and surroundings. Yet, the consequence of Karmas relies on dravya (matter), Kshetra (area), Kaal (time), and bhav (thoughts).

Equally, when purchasing a home, one considers various factors, including the price, the location, the neighbourhood, and whether or not the house complies with Vastu. Therefore, people need to be aware of Vastu while building a home. However, with time, people worldwide have understood the importance of Vastu as it invites positivity and well-being into our homes, which directly or indirectly positively impacts our lives.

The "Panch Tatatva" study has an enormous influence on daily living. Panch and Tatva, two separate words merged to form a single word, denote the five elements. The following Panch Tatatva are as follows:

  1. Five essential elements (Fire, air, water, space and Earth)
  2. The impact of directions
  3. The energy flow of the house
  4. Effects of the Sun, moon and planets
  5. Earth's magnetic energy.

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Best Directions According To Vastu

As we know, Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian form of architecture. It is a science that teaches us the balance between the five elements, namely - Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space, with the eight directions. We all are aware of the four directions (North, South, East and west), but according to Vastu, four more directions are Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and Southeast, so that makes a total of eight directions and five elements (Earth, water, air, fire, and space).

As we know, Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian form of architecture. It is science that teaches us the balance between the five elements namely - Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space, with the eight directions. We all are aware of the four directions (North, South, East and west), but according to Vastu, four more directions are Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and Southeast, so that makes a total of eight directions and five elements (Earth, water, air, fire, and space).

These five elements are essential as human beings have life because of these elements. Similarly, if you have a specific physical space, it has directions, five elements and its own Vastu. Let us now have a look at the directions that are favourable for an individual and their benefits according to vastu shastra.

East Direction:

The East direction is possessed by Lord Indra, who looks into the responsibility of rains and overall prosperity, festivity, intensity and strength. As we know, the Sun is essential for the planet and human life. The east direction influences the Sun, so it's associated with fame, respect, reputation and success. The Sun comes through windows, doors or ventilation spaces, so the Sun's entrance into your home should be constructed well, and if there is improper construction of walls and ventilation, that can bring inactiveness into your home.

Moreover, the east direction is also favourable directions for businesses as it is recommended for entrepreneurs to sit facing this direction for favourable and beneficial outcomes for an individual.

West Direction:

Lord Varuna dominates in the West Direction, and the ruling planet is Saturn. The main advantage of facing the house towards the west direction is that you get direct sunlight and the glow of the Sun till late in the evening into your home because the Sun rises from the East and sets towards the west, which is why it fills your home with bright light and positivity.

In Indian culture, we pray to the Sun god, so the direct light of the Sun into your homes attracts great prosperity and wealth. Again, it's best suited for financial advisors, teachers, social workers etc. Moreover, in aspects of the office, it should be placed in the Western direction in order to get favourable and beneficial outcomes for an individual.

North direction:

The North direction is dominated by Lord Kubera and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is one of the most important directions as it brings money, growth, gain, and profit into our homes and lives. In addition, placing a home towards the north brings an inflow of abundance and prosperity. The north direction should always be lightweight and open, which is favourable for the entrance, living room, pooja ghar (Temple) and balcony but not favourable for the toilet, septic tank, kitchen and master bedroom.

Moreover, if an individual is about to place his or her office in the north direction, then it is recommended that the individual must place his or her important documents or locker in this direction as this direction is represented and associated with Lord Kuber, the Lord of wealth.

South Direction:

The South direction is controlled by Lord Yama (Lord of Death), and the ruling planet is Mars (Mangal). Vastu doesn't suggest any of the directions to be good or bad, but the south direction is related to issues in legal matters where you'll need help solving legal problems. As Lord Yama controls this direction, this direction is said to be associated with cases of blood. Hence, it's advisable to construct the southern parts of walls very strongly, restricting the problems of death and issues of legalities from entering your homes.

Moreover, in aspects of an individual’s office, the south direction is known to bring positive outcomes only on the following conditions:

  1. The property should be south facing,
  2. Moreover, the property should be in square or rectangular shapes. Any other shapes will not bring much benefit and positive outcomes for an individual.

North East Direction:

North-East direction is considered sacred and holy and holds great importance in Vastu Shastra. So, according to Vastu shastra, placing your Temple (pooja ghar) towards the northeast direction is advisable as it brings the flow of divine energies into your home and fills your home with spirituality and readiness.

The North East direction should always be unstained and open, and also, if you want to meditate to bring peace to your soul, it's recommended to sit towards the northeast directly as it's very blissful and you can achieve a relaxed state of mind.

Moreover, the northeast direction is the best fit to be the ideal facing for the seating of an entrepreneur. With having your seat face the north east direction an individual is sure to attain success and positive outcomes for the native.

South West Direction:

After the northeast, the southwest holds high importance in kalyug, according to Vastu Shastra. If there is an imbalance in placing the house in the southwest corner, then you can face trouble in your relationship, marriage and even childbirth.

Let's look into the benefits of placing a house in the southwest corner. There is a presence of Pitra (forefather's place) in the southwest corner. It should always be kept clean so that you get the blessings of your grandparents which can bring good luck, security and good health to your family.

As we have mentioned, there is a blessing of ancestors in the southwest direction, so after them, it's our parents who are the head of the family. So it's preferable to place the bedroom of the head of the family towards the southwest because they have control over the house. Moreover, the southwest direction is the most beneficial direction to place an individual’s office in any space. This direction attracts prosperity and also benefits the native.

North West Direction:

The Northwest direction is associated with Lord Vayu, and the moon is the planet of this direction that represents and rules, providing mental stability. Moreover, avoiding building washrooms towards the northwest is recommended, but you can place a kitchen and bedrooms in this direction. The placement of the home towards the northwest direction provides the right level of support at the right time.
This direction is dominated by element space, metal iron, shape round and the colour white, with a few earth elements as well.

We often see this when we require support at the most needed time and don't get it. But, again, this has a direct connection with the North West direction. If there is an imbalance here, you won't get the proper support at the time you need it. The northwest direction, in terms of the office space of an individual, is known to be the best and most favourable direction to place your meeting or conference room.

South East Direction:

The South East direction is also known as Agni Kon. Agni Dev rules this direction and is known as a fire god. Also, the ruling planet in the South East Direction is Venus, and it's the planet of beauty and grace. If there is any imbalance or improper placement in this direction, the females residing in that home will face the most trouble and discomfort as the planet Venus personifies femininity.

You might face trouble in your marriage or childbirth, so placing a frame of a burning candle in the bedroom is recommended. In addition to that, you must avoid placing a kitchen or any electric board towards the southeast as this direction is associated with fire.

Moreover, the Southeast direction is the most ideal direction for placing the seating of the accounts department in an individual’s office. The direction will bring wealth and prosperity in an individual’s life and will also bring favourable and beneficial outcomes for an individual.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Personal Space

Here are some tips to keep your space filled with harmony, and the Vastu zone in the living space helps balance the energies in the most desired manner. You can try these tips to keep the flow of energy that will bring wealth, success, health and harmony to your home.

  • Vastu shastra for entrance: Main entrance is a vital part of any area, so keep the main entrance clean, attractive and free from interference.
  • Vastu shastra for living room: Keep the central portion of your home empty or free from lots of furniture.
  • You must avoid the couple's bedroom in the North East portion of the home as it creates relationship disharmony and difficulty during the pregnancy as per the vastu shastra for bedroom.
  • Do not place the Temple in your bedroom, as it creates Vastu dosh. The North East portion of the home is ideally suited for the placement of the Temple.
  • Avoid toilets in the North East as this is the biggest Vastu dosh which can lead to a lack of success in all life matters.
  • Toilets in the homes should ideally be located in the south of the southwest, west of the North West and East of the southeast.
  • Do not keep the washing machine in the exact North, South and North East portions of the home, as it will disturb the mental peace of those living in the house.
  • While painting the home's walls, always keep in mind the right colours as per the zone or at least don't use the anti-colour for a particular area.
  • Make sure doors and windows of the home do not make noise while opening and closing as it disturbs the zonal energies. Keep them well-oiled.
  • Ensure you don't have faulty electric/ electronic devices or stopped watches in any zone of your home as it disturbs that zone.
  • The home's southwest, south, and North portions are well-suited for bedrooms.
  • The best place for keeping garbage bins and mopping materials is in the south, southwest and west of the North West portions of the home.

How Can I Improve My Vastu?

In the race to be successful, we build a home, but we need to remember that Vastu plays a very important role in keeping a home joyful and pleasant. Everyone needs a house which is filled with positive energy and stability.
So here we'll talk about Vastu tips and tricks to enhance positivity in your homes. First, let us ask you a simple question.
Can any of you see energies? No right! We can feel the presence of energies around us. Then how does one analyse which type of energies are more in the house, i.e., positive or negative?

Suppose someone in your house is always unwell and unable to recover despite going through all the medical processes. However, when you are outside the home, you are happy, but once you return, you are constantly frustrated, or either of your family members is always irritated.

These are the symptoms of negative energies in your house, whereas on the other hand, if you feel energetic and happy while you are at home, that indicates that your home is filled with positive energies. So if you are one such person or have such an attitude towards life, trust us, positive energies are much higher in your house.

everything depends upon how you change the aura of your environment and energies through your thoughts and many other things. Let us give you a small and simple example for you to understand better. We see many people follow affirmations such as 'I am complete', 'I am a good soul', and 'I am trying to be a better person every day'. So all these affirmations form our energies and thought processes. These are the small steps you can take to change the energies.

  • The first and foremost is sunlight because, in houses that receive morning sunlight, people’s energies keep improving daily. One should always keep the doors and windows open for morning sunlight.
  • Always keep your home organised because the more clutter in your house, the more obstacles you face in your life.
  • Keep your home dust free because as the dust increases, the problems start to surface in your relationships. Keep the windows, frames, televisions etc., free from dust.
  • Don't keep cracked windows or mirrors at home.
  • Your head facing South or East is good, the West direction is also acceptable, but it should never face North direction.
  • Avoid eating on the bed where you sleep.
  • You should not place a television in your bedroom.

So these were some of the Vastu shastra tips to improve the aura of your home. Of course, you can't construct homes, or many people may fail to follow the Vastu shastra architecture, but you can always keep your home away from negative energies. So follow these tips to lead a positive life with your family at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vastu Shastra is referred to as the science of architecture because it is mainly associated with the infrastructure of homes and buildings. Flats and townships are built by following the principles of Vastu Shastra.
The right answer to this question is yes. Vastu does work effectively if you take proper consultation from the Vastu experts who can provide you with all the information about Vastu shastra before building a home. You can consult InstaAstro's experts to get the proper blend of knowledge.
Building a home following Vastu Shastra's principles is essential to enhance your home's positivity. However, you must always consult Vastu experts, and if you want the best Vastu Pandit for your residences, you can get in touch with InstaAstro experts to get the best consultation.
You can contact the InstaAstro team, who will recommend you the best expert in the field of Vastu from whom you can get the needed pieces of information and details about all the placements of directions for your home, including bedrooms, kitchens, temples, entrances etc.
Building a home according to Vastu guidelines balances the five elements of your home, that is, Earth, fire, water, space and air, to attain the maximum benefits of life. First, however, it is very important to follow Vastu's instructions for the source of positivity and zeal in your home.
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