Vastu Shastra For Health

We hear the phrase 'Health is Wealth' and clearly understand how important it is to have good health, as good health empowers us and freshens our minds. It builds new ideas and ways to move ahead in life. We need spirit and enthusiasm to succeed, which can only come when our health is good. According to Vastu for Health, there are some tips which can indeed be helpful to us and can help us live life happily in every prospect. Vastu works as a guiding agent who can help one remove negativity and achieve success in one's life.

Vastu claims that a home's orientation, design, and decoration can improve the flow of positive energy and advance good health. Vastu's principles are founded on the flow of energy, which is influenced by a building's orientation, where its rooms are located, and how it is furnished and decorated. One can design a home setting that promotes health and well-being by adhering to these guidelines.

Vastu for health provides recommendations for the arrangement of the house's rooms, furniture, and decorations. It highlights the value of natural light, ventilation, and cleanliness to support healthy energy flow. Vastu advises using decor, lighting, and colours to increase the positive energy in a living space. Vastu for health can be used to design a home in a way that fosters good physical and mental health as well as general well-being.

For instance, the master bedroom has to face southwest because this encourages restful sleep and improves general wellness. For better digestion and to avoid health issues, the kitchen should be placed toward the southeast corner of the home. Instead of the northeast, which can cause health issues, the restroom should be placed toward the Northwest or southeast of the home.

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Direction for Vastu for home

  • North-East (NE): According to Vastu, the northeast path is the most auspicious one. To allow for the entry of positive energy, it is advised that the main entrance of the house face northeast.
  • East: The east direction is linked to well-being, tranquillity, and optimism. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all suggested to face east.
  • North: The north direction is linked to possibilities, financial security, and job advancement. It is advised to place the study room or workplace facing north.
  • Northwest (NW): Travel, social interaction, and networking are all connected with the Northwest. It is advised to have a balcony or a guest room facing Northwest.
  • West: The West direction is associated with creativity, innovation, and social connections. It is recommended to have the children's room or a study room in the west direction.
  • Southwest (SW): The southwest direction is associated with stability, security, and finance. It is recommended to have the master bedroom in the southwest direction. By following these Vastu guidelines for the direction of the home, you can promote positive energy flow in your living environment, create a harmonious living space, and support your overall well-being.

Bedroom Vastu for Health

The Vastu direction of the bedroom should be in a Southward direction as this direction brings luck and fortune. It can also be beneficial for one's physical and mental health. Vastu experts advise pregnant ladies to sleep in the South direction rather than the North because that will promote a good sleep cycle. Vastu experts consider wood to be the best material to sleep on and advise avoiding iron because that attracts negative vibes.

Sleeping under light can lead to depression or memory loss, and a bed with storage can lead to difficulty in heart ailments. Placing a mirror just in front of the bed can cause a harmful impact, and the toilet wall shouldn't be attached to the bedroom as it can affect the aura of the house. Electronic gadgets shouldn't be kept closed while sleeping.

Best vastu tips for good health of family members

  • Candles or Diyas are the best sources of positive vibrations; lighting up candles can help one feel energetic and free from evil energy.
  • Leakage of taps can lead to problems. According to Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to keep tap fixtures from dripping because water is known to bring wealth and health.
  • The bedroom should be made in the southward direction to promote sound sleep.
  • Vastu experts advise students to face in the east direction while studying.
  • It is advised to plant basil leaves or tulsi to promote positivity in the house.
  • Constructing stairs in the southward direction attracts bad vibes.
  • Using space under the stairs should be avoided.
  • Decluttering the house can help to maintain a stable atmosphere in the house.
  • Using soft or subtle colours in the bedroom can promote wellness, but dark colours can lead to instability.
  • One should avoid constructing a washroom near the mandir because it can lead to failure in any aspect of life.
  • Using a particular essence, such as sandalwood, which is also called sambrani, can be helpful for people who are ill. Using it can make the atmosphere more lively and help one get rid of any negative energy.
  • Salt and Tamarind should be kept together and never separately because they control the vibration of the house.

Health & Kitchen Vastu tips:

The first place in the morning we look forward to when we are hungry is the kitchen, and it is advised that the kitchen should be placed in the southeast corner to maintain good health. Objects in the kitchen, such as gas or stoves, have fire in them. So, it is essential to place them in a manner to please Agni. A perfect direction can make a lot of difference.

  • It is advised to keep gas stove items which have Agni in the southeast corner of the house.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered that wash basins and gas stoves should always be kept on a different level because fire and water are contrasting elements. They increase the chances of negativity.
  • If we maintain balance in terms of water, the chances of getting fortunate in life increase; the water tanker should be set outside the kitchen.
  • The refrigerator's position should be in the southwest direction to ensure a good kitchen environment.
  • Grains should be stored in the southwest direction.
  • The toilet should always be joined with a different wall because that can attract negative energies.

As per ancient principles of Vastu for home, one can set their house in the following way:

  • East: Bathroom
  • West: Dining room
  • North: Treasury
  • South: Bedroom
  • Northeast: Prayer room
  • Northwest: Cowshed
  • Southeast: Kitchen
  • Southwest: Armoury

Vastu remedies for Health problems

  1. Plant trees - Planting trees helps as an aid to an ill person. It can help in regulating levels of oxygen in the environment. Vastu suggests planting trees in the house to make the environment refreshing and positive.
  2. Clean home with rock salt- Rock salt eliminates negative vibrations and makes energies positive. They can help one bring fortune to the house.
  3. Save water- Saving water is important because, in Vastu, water is known to be an agent who brings luck and prosperity. In case there is any leakage in the house, it can promote instability. Due to this, it is considered best to keep a check on fixtures.
  4. Store food in the right place- Any food items or grains should be stocked in a southwest direction.
  5. Burning camphor- Burning camphor once or twice a week can make energy positive.
  6. Have a clutter-free Entrance - Items which are not of use should be discarded to maintain a positivity level.
  7. Display fruits - A fruit basket can cheer up one's mood and make one feel cheerful. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the environment by keeping fruits.
  8. Bring in light - It is advised to keep up your house full of positivity; if the aura remains positive, then it can make one feel closer to spirituality.
  9. Choose art carefully- Avoid keeping any type of art form which gives negative vibes or emotions, such as sorrow shouldn't be brought home.


Vastu experts have given us a clear description of why it is necessary to pay attention to Vastu tips for good Health and how Vastu tips for health can help one remove negative vibes from the life of people. According to Vastu, for good health, direction plays an important role in attracting fortune and also taking good care of health. One should beware of the structure and the directions things should be placed in the house. Vastu guidance can save one from falling into the trap of negativity. In addition, you can chat with a Vastu expert from InstaAstro to learn more about Vastu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many remedies can remove illness from the house, like burning camphor, planting trees and pink salt and keeping surroundings clean. These things can help one get rid of negativity. They provide one with the best results, and if you have more queries, you can chat with an astrologer from InstaAstro to know about Vastu items for good health.
Yes, our health depends on Vastu because not keeping things according to Vastu direction can promote instability in the house.
Southeast is the health corner of the house as it is believed that Agni prevails from there, and it helps one to get rid of many health issues.
According to Vastu, for well-being, one should plant trees and save water. These small things will make a significant difference because it brings mental peace and also helps in building a connection with the higher self, which is necessary.
Light colours like warm yellow, pale pink and subtle colours help bring peace and turn on one's meditative mood, which is beneficial for one; it can prove helpful in religious places as well.
Vastu for good health plays an important role. If we keep things according to the direction, then the chances of achieving peace increase. It is important to take vastu tips into account to bring fortune and good health.
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