Vastu Shastra For Home - Fill Your House With Positive Vibes

We have already seen how popular Vastu has become, and it is noted as one of the promising ways to bring positivity. We all plan to make our dream house, but most people need help with the direction. Vastu provides us with tips to build positivity in the place. Vastu for home is essential as it can also fill one's life with success. However, if the structure isn't suitable, it can lead to financial loss, etc. The science of Vastu Shastra helps one to fix the negative vibes in the house.

Vastu shastra for home consists of the concept of a proportional relationship in the building, whereas the term 'ayadi' determines the blessings one will get while residing there. A harmonious living environment can be created by using the principles of building and design, according to the ancient Indian science of vastu. Vastu asserts that a home's orientation, design, and decor should boost positive energy and encourage health, happiness, and prosperity.

Vastu principles are founded on the flow of energy, which is influenced by a building's orientation, where its rooms are located, and where its furniture and other accessories are placed. One can make their home a pleasant place to live by adhering to these concepts. In order to let good energy into your home, the main entrance should face east or north. It is advised to have an entrance area that is well-lit and uncluttered.

To encourage good health and prosperity, rooms should be arranged so that the living room and bedroom are in the east or north direction. The study room should be in the northwest corner of the home to foster knowledge and wisdom, while the Kitchen should be in the southeast corner to foster good health.

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Direction For Entrance

The appropriate orientation of a home, according to Vastu, is essential for boosting positive energy and fostering general well-being. Here are some suggestions for home Vastu direction:

  • North-East (NE): According to Vastu, the northeast path is the most auspicious one. To allow for the entry of positive energy, it is advised that the main entrance of the house face northeast.
  • East: The east direction is linked to well-being, tranquillity, and optimism. The living room, dining room, and Kitchen are all suggested to face east.
  • North: The north direction is linked to possibilities, financial security, and job advancement. It is advised to place the study room or workplace facing north.
  • West: The West direction is connected to social ties, creativity, and invention. It is advised to place the kids' room or the study area facing west.
  • Southwest (SW): Stability, security, and money are all connected to the southwest direction. The main bedroom should face southwest, according to advice.

Tips to improve your main entrance

  • We should make the door of solid wood material, and one may choose the quality of the gate between metal and wood because that gives them a solid finish; as we know, the entrance door creates an impression on the people who enter who have a good and can sense the vibe.
  • The entrance door should be more grandeur than the other one, not just because of the symmetry, as they considered it to be the main door with an impact. The door should be at least 7 ft high and 3ft wide.
  • It is the perfect place to put your nameplate, and the design must be simple and grand. People should maintain cleanliness at the main door as it directs a positive energy flow.
  • The door should open in a clockwise manner.
  • Avoid placing the fountain in front of the main door, as it can lead to many problems.

Entrance/Main door Vastu dosh

  • One should not place dustbins or shoe racks near the entrance door as it is not good in terms of Vastu.
  • One should not build a bathroom near the entrance.
  • One should remember not to paint the door black and use neutral hues.
  • It would be best if you had a well-lit entrance main door, but avoid red lights at the main gate. Someone must always switch the light on in the evening and switch it off when they sleep at night. Make sure the area is not left pitch dark, though. For this, use a low-voltage night bulb.

Vastu shastra for Living Room

  • We know the living room to be the most social place as everyone sits there and passes their time or does their work, and this is also where you entertain your guests. All these things make your living room a critical area, from sleeping to getting a good nap to making memorable nights with dear ones.
  • The direction of the living room should be in the east or northeast direction. Vastu's law for the home prescribes different paint colours for the living room. If the living room is in the east direction, then the ruling planet is the sun. Therefore, the person should opt for white colour to paint in their room.
  • If the living room is in the west direction, the ruling planet is Saturn, so the person should opt for blue. Avoid red and black paint in the room. We should place all electronics and other appliances in the southeast direction. If the living room has a mirror, we should put it on the north wall.

Vastu for Living Room Furniture

  • Furniture adds colour to any room and is needed to make people sit comfortably. The article should be square or rectangular. Sofa sets are the soul of the living room; they should face the east direction facing the maximum sunlight from the east direction.
  • The best direction for the TV must be the southeast, which will elevate the comfort level, and the top level of the sun will bring positivity. The living room is the best place to relax and be in our comfort zone. Keep the area clean to make the surroundings look neat and cheerful.
  • Check out the cabinets and make sure everything is in place. There is a saying, 'Clean House and Clean Mind', as it is necessary to maintain peace and tranquillity in that area. When the surroundings are clean, then people can maintain a level of stability in their minds.

Vastu for Bathroom and bedroom

  • The first place we wish to go after waking up in the morning is 'the bathroom'; we all know how integral it is; humans can only freshen up once we visit the bathroom. Sleeping makes us fresh, but we get fresh when we spend some time here.
  • The direction of the toilet should be in the southward direction as it helps people maintain good relationships. According to Vastu, colours play an essential role in adding energy to the structure; one should always avoid using dark colours and opt for many light colours in the bathroom.

Vastu for Bedroom

    From when we feel relaxed to when we are ill, the bedroom is the only place in the house that gives us peace. According to Vastu, it is necessary to place beds in the right direction; Vastu directions for house bedrooms should be South, Southwest and West. Avoid a bedroom in the Northeast or southeast direction of the house, as the former may cause health issues, while a bedroom in the latter direction may cause quarrels among couples.

    It is recommended not to place the TV and mirror in front of the bed as the reflection in the TV can cause domestic eruptions and quarrels; married couples may get into a lot of fights.

  • They advised it to use wooden furniture rather than metal because metal furniture brings in negative energies.
  • A dressing Table is a must in the bedroom, but it is necessary to place it in such a direction so that the bed is not visible in the mirror, as it creates a negative aura.
  • Ensure that the bedroom is clean and in place so that whosoever visits can have positive effects,
  • Use mood lighting and lit aroma candles so that the environment remains peaceful.

Vastu for Pooja House

  • For a blissful start to the day, it is recommended that we worship or devote a few minutes to standing and expressing gratitude to god. The inclination towards spirituality heals everything.
  • The direction for the pooja house should be in the right direction so that the nature of the house can radiate positive vibrations, which will help one dive into the vibrations of spirituality.
  • According to Vastu, for home, the idle height of the deity should be 9 to 12 inches. We should place the windows in the north direction, and the colours should be vibrant enough so that the person can focus. The pooja room shouldn't be placed against a wall or beside the washroom.

Vastu for the Meditation room; Spirituality

Inclination towards spirituality lifts our mood and helps us attain peace inside. Meditation is done by Chanting Mantras, which can help one create a peaceful aura and help one connect to a higher self; only when the Vastu direction for home is right to do they know the east direction to be the best place for meditation.

  • Facing east when you meditate will increase positivity
  • Create a sacred altar and decorate it with candles or incense sticks
  • White, beige, light yellow or green are great colour options for the room.

Vastu for Kitchen

  • The idle place for the Kitchen is in the Southeast direction of the house; it is believed that Agni prevails from the southeast direction, which can help to cool down our hunger and can set us free from any type of health issue. If the Kitchen is made in the north direction, it can lead to quarrels and build negativity in the house.
  • The colours of the Kitchen should be very vibrant so that while cooking, the person can feel positivity. We should place water and Earthen pots in the NorthEast direction. Decluttering and cleaning the utensils before sleeping attracts good vibes in the house.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the door of the bathroom should not be made in front of the Kitchen. We should place the cylinder in the southeast direction. Be it living or nonliving; one can generate negative vibes. One should be very particular about such things so that any energy can't divert the energy flow.

Vastu for Children's Room

We have seen children falling ill randomly or may not be concentrating on their studies; the reason behind this is not just science but shastras as well. According to home Vastu in English, the perfect direction of the children's room will cause success.

  • Study Table- Keep the study table at such a place in your child's room that they should face the North or East direction. This will help them achieve their goals, and they will work accordingly.
  • Globe - If you want your child to be wise in studies, keep the globe in the North-East direction. The placement of a world in this direction helps transmit knowledge. This also allows the child to excel in studies and score good marks.
  • Photo Frame- It is recommended that the photo frame should be kept in the west direction as it brings fortune to the child.
  • Usage of colours- Use such colours in your child's room that make the child happy and feel good. They considered Green as the best colour for the child's room. This colour symbolizes freshness, peace and progress. This colour sharpens the mind and keeps it refreshed.
  • Child's bed- A child's bed is not only meant for sleeping, but frequently they do their homework or project on it. We should lay the bed in such a position that the face should be in the South or East direction while sleeping.

Vastu for Balconies and staircase

  • To feel fresh, we always have a place to sit on a balcony; the right place can do everything. They advised the patio should be in the northeast direction.
  • . If the house's focus is in the south direction, then according to Vastu, the position of the balcony should be asked by the astrologer. In addition, you can chat with an astrologer from InstaAstro.
  • Vastu for Staircase

    The direction of the staircase also plays an important role. The staircase must face the north or northwest direction. The staircase should end with an odd number then ending with an even number will bring misfortune. The staircase should not be in a spiral.

Top 10 Vastu tips for home

  • Light up lamps and diyas in the house to maintain a positive aura; it is believed that lamps and diyas carry energy which can help in lifting up the mood of people living in them.
  • The staircase must face the north or northwest direction.
  • The balcony should be in the northeast direction.
  • Plants are known to provide light and lift up the energy of the house. Avoid using rubber and cactus plants, as they attract negative energy.
  • Chanting om every morning makes the aura positive and affirms the life of people living in the house.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal all over the house to attract positivity.
  • Declutter the environment by keeping all the unused stuff that brings in bad vibes, which is not good for the people and the house.
  • In addition, use wooden furniture, which is known to bring in positivity. The shape of the wooden furniture should be rectangular, circular and square shapes.
  • Paint on the wall should be light in colour as it offers a peaceful environment.
  • The Pooja house should be in the north direction. The mirror should not be placed in front of the bed.

These vastu tips for house will bring positivity and happiness to the house.

Room Colours Suitable and Inappropriate according to Vastu

RoomsSuitable colour according to VastuInappropriate colours according to Vastu
Main entranceBlueShades of dark red colours
Guest roomWhiteShades of dark red colours
Living roomWhite or other light coloursDark colours
Dining roomGreen, yellow and blueGrey or grey colour
CeilingWhite or creamBlack and grey
Kids roomwhiteDark blue and dark red
KitchenOrangeDark grey, blue, brown and black
ToiletwhiteA dark shade of any colour.
HallYellow or whiteA dark shade of any colour
Pooja roomYellowRed
The outer wall of the houseYellow-white, creamBlack
Main entranceWhite, silver or wooden colourRed and dark yellow
StudyLight green, blue, and whiteBrown and grey colours
BalconyLight blue, cream, light pink and light greenGrey and black


Vastu for home carries a lot of relevance in today's time; we know what types of house we wish to build, but we fail to create a place in the best direction that ‌ will save us from harm. Whenever we make a house, the best way to bring in positivity is by decluttering unwanted items and lighting up lamps in the room. Inclination towards spirituality also brings in a lot of peace and turns one meditative mood which frees the house from any violence between the members.

The right home's orientation, design, and décor can improve the flow of good energy and advance general well-being. To create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, it is advised to use light colours and design, situate rooms in the east or north, and have a well-lit and clutter-free entrance area. In order to encourage a favourable energy flow, vaastu also emphasizes the significance of natural light, ventilation, and cleanliness. You may design a house that supports your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and fosters general happiness and prosperity by putting these Vastu principles into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

-The best Vastu for house directions is Northeast, as it would bring in a lot of wealth and maintain the flow of energy. The southeast direction is considered to bring in a lot of misfortune. It is not advisable if the rented house or any flat is in this house. In addition, you can learn about the best Vastu direction from an astrologer from InstaAstro.These are vastu for residence and are going to be beneficial for putting this in the best direction.
-We consider all houses equally promising, but the first and second choices are northeast, and the other option is west.
-The most crucial thing in vastu is that the entrance point is not just an entryway but a way to welcome positivity into the house; it is a way of welcoming progress in life.
-The best direction is south as it helps in bringing fortune and it helps in luck to the person and the family.
-The photo frame should be placed in the living room or in the pooja room to adorn them with honour.
-No, building a kitchen near the washroom is not acceptable because it radiates negativity and can block progress in one's life.
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