Vastu Shastra For Balcony - Attract Positive Vibes

If you have ever imagined your ideal home, then you have already and always imagined it with a very big and beautiful balcony with the most amazing and breath-taking view. Balconies happen to be a very important part of each and every house. There is nothing better a person can experience being at home than being in theri balcony and enjoying their cup of coffee or balcony. So, using Vastu for balcony can help attract positive vibes in your house.

Moreover in movies also balcony romantic scenes are something all of us want to recreate. Apart from all these balconies also play a very important role in a house by enabling space for ventilation and also helping in to bring fresh air in the house. However, did you know that the placement of balconies in your house can also affect your life. Moreover, what you place in your balcony and how you place an item can also bring significant changes in an individual’s life.

Balconies were built in the ancient and mediaeval eras with careful consideration of the wind's direction. Therefore, people would want balconies that face the opposite direction of the wind. This was done to keep the air flowing into the house and provide a comfortable atmosphere to live in. Many architects still adhere to this principle today. Along with the fundamentals, architects adhere to Vastu for balcony principles to increase the appeal of the apartments or houses to purchasers. And the most important guideline when thinking about balconies According to Vastu, the balcony's direction is related to Vastu. So, now let's discuss some vastu tips for balcony. Follow our InstaAstro app and website for more information.

Direction for balcony according to Vastu:

If you are also spending hours on the internet searching on topics like vastu direction for balcony, south facing balcony good or bad, south west balcony vastu remedies, balcony in south east vastu, balcony in north west vastu, east facing balcony vastu, balcony in west vastu, vastu for balcony in north west, plants for south facing balcony vastu, balcony vastu for north facing house, vastu remedies for west balcony, vastu remedies for south facing balcony, vastu remedies for south east balcony, because you happen to be confused about the direction of your balcony or want to know the ideal and most beneficial direction for your balcony, then read below to find out the best and most suitable position for your balcony.

A terrace in north, east and north-east directions will be advantageous for you if you regularly perform Surya puja. A balcony facing the south or southwest of the apartment or house should not be purchased. In cases when your house plan does not permit the directions mentioned earlier for balcony construction, you can think about building the balcony in the northwest direction. Also, according to vastu it is advised that an individual keeps their balcony floors a bit lower than their house floors.

As a last resort, you are even allowed to have a balcony facing south or southeast, but there must also be a balcony facing the opposite way that is at least as large.
Balconies that stretch to the south and west are seen negatively. Meanwhile, according to Vastu, extending the balcony toward the house's northeast is beneficial.
In order for water to continuously flow from south to east or west to north, the balcony must always slope towards the northeast direction. It is fortunate to include sliding windows into balconies towards the southwest if at all possible.

Vastu Tips For Balcony

Fountain and lighting for balcony :

Fountains are an important aspect in an individual’s home. Not only does fountains bring prosperity in home, but it also promotes a peaceful and tranquil state. In the North East corner of the balcony, like in the image above, a fountain is in harmony with the water element of the direction and is therefore regarded as fortunate.

Lighting for balcony :

Balcony vastu or Balcony as per vastu advises an individual to not have a dim lit or unlit balcony; this means a balcony should always be well lit. Moreover, it is also advised that an individual should always consult a professional before doing anything in their balconies. This is because some of the things can bring unfortunate outcomes or bad luck for the natives.

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Colour for balcony:

Balcony colour as per vastu should be a very light colour. The vastu colors for balcony include tones of pink, green and blue as these are termed to be the most suitable for this location.

According to Vastu, the balcony of the house is a place to unwind, concentrate, and calm oneself; as such, dark colours should not be worn there. To improve the ambience of the balcony, think about utilising serene, light colours like white, beige, blue, and milder shades of pink.

By adding calming lights, you may also enhance the balcony's colours and ambience. When applying Vastu principles to balconies, the colour of the furniture is essential. Therefore, the table will benefit from being polished in light colours.

The balcony's accessories are not monochromatic. Cushions, tablecloths, and other items must be of a light colour. For an ideal home, Vastu, white or mud pots should be preferred while utilising potted plants.

The shape of the balcony :

These days, balconies come in all different sizes and shapes. Additionally, architects don't mind experimenting with novel balcony shapes and sizes when building flats or apartments because people prioritise aesthetics over all other considerations. However, not all-balcony conditions are recommended by Vastu.

Only the square and the rectangle are considered to be acceptable by Vastu, according to specialists. Any other shape of the balcony must be avoided. It would be best if you tried to get the border railings of the balcony in straight shapes at an angle of 90 degrees. You should avoid beams in the balcony as much as possible.

Furniture for balcony :

Every balcony feels incomplete without some furniture. However, if you want to know what will be the best suited furniture for your balcony according to vastu then the answer is just here. According to vastu principles for balcony, the most ideal and favourable form of furniture includes light furniture.

Also, an individual is advised to not place heavy furniture in their balcony as it may increase the effects of negative vibes in their house. Moreover, the ideal spot to place furniture in your balcony according to vastu will be in the west direction.

Swing for balcony:

If you also want to place a swing in your balcony and want to know the best and most ideal vastu for swing in balcony. Then according to vastu, the best and most suitable position for the placement of a swing will be either in the north or the south direction of an individual’s house.

Plants for balcony :

A little bit of greenery is what everyone loves in their balcony. It tends to give that cosy and comfortable vibe that we all crave for. Mentioned below are certain plants for balcony as per vastu.

Vastu plants for balcony include creepers and really tall plants should be avoided to be placed in a balcony as they tend to attract negative vibes according to vastu.
Small bushes must be planted in the balcony's east and north directions.

Please make sure the plants you put on the balcony don't obstruct the sunshine from entering the house through the balcony when you're arranging them there.

  • An individual should always keep a check on their plants and should never have damaged plants in their balcony.
  • If you want to keep some plants on your balcony, then it is advised that you should do so in pairs or even numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on.
  • If you feel like following the trend of having a vertical garden, then according to vastu you can do so on the south or west walls of your house.
  • Moreover, flowering plants should be kept in the west,south or southwest direction of an individual’s balcony.
  • According to Vastu, sap bearing plants bring in more negative vibes, thus they must be avoided.
  • If you want to have a tree in your balcony, then the most suitable for this is the Bamboo tree. Moreover, it should always be placed in the southwest part of the house.
  • If you are unable to take care of your plants and if they start drying or the leaves start falling off of them; then according to vastu you should immediately get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Also the plants that one must absolutely avoid keeping in their balcony includes the following - Cactus, Cotton, and Bonsai plants.
  • Additionally, the most suitable plants to have in an individual’s balcony includes the following plants - Tulsi, Dracaena, Money Plant, Aloe vera, Peace Lily and Jade plants.

The balcony is essential in a home as it is an extension of one's personality and a place where one connects with nature. Although Indian homes traditionally do not have balconies, the country has adopted Western culture, and attached balconies are often seen in Indian apartments. Balcony design plays an integral role in defining the character of your living space, so it is essential to take care when planning yours out.

Sitting area on the balcony:

Here are some Vastu suggestions that you might take into account if you intend to furnish and decorate a sitting space on your balcony:

  • If you are planning to place items like bean bags, chairs,stools and tables, then the most appropriate direction to place them according to vastu will be the southwest direction of an individual’s house.
  • The northwest corner of your balcony is the most favourable and beneficial location to place a swing in an individual’s balcony.
  • If you are confused about what material furniture to put in your balcony, then according to vastu the most ideal and appropriate will be the wooden furniture.
  • Moreover, as mentioned above, try to keep all or most of your furniture in the southwest direction of your balcony.
  • As we know that the swing must be placed in the northwest corner of the balcony. But it is also important to keep in mind that one must always have east or north facing of the swing in order to attract more positive vibes and energy in your balcony.
  • The most ideal shape of furniture for your balcony, that will surely increase the positivity in your house will be square or rectangle in shape.

The placement of the balcony depends on its location in relation to the building's other rooms. As per Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is best suited for balconies. Different favourable directions are West, South-West or North-West. You should ideally avoid placing a balcony in the Southwest corner. Placing a balcony in this direction results in harmful energy accumulation in that area and disturbs the harmony of your home environment. The problem with balconies is that they can be an eyesore. If you don't take care of them, they will start to look very dirty and unattractive.

Remedies For An Ideal Balcony According To Vastu

Here are some Vastu suggestions that you might take into account if you intend to furnish and decorate a sitting space on your balcony.:

The size of your balcony must be appropriate for how much time you want to spend each day or week outdoors (considering this will depend on whether or not there are any plans for children). If possible, try finding something with enough room so everyone can enjoy its benefits without feeling crowded or claustrophobic; otherwise, choose one that offers extra privacy if needed!

Balconies are a great addition to any flat or house as they provide privacy and can be a good place for relaxation. In addition, balconies open up to the outdoors and tend to be your connection with nature. According to Vastu Shastra, having a balcony is favourable, provided it is built in the right direction and with suitable materials. A balcony incorporated, according to Vastu, can help invite wealth into your home and benefit your health and well-being.

The main reason why balconies are beneficial is that they allow people living in high-rise buildings access to fresh air without having any stairs or elevators, which would otherwise be required if there were no such thing as balconies! This makes them ideal places for people who want more space but do not want their homes too big because then this may mean moving elsewhere altogether (which isn't always easy).

Placing a balcony is an essential aspect of Vastu Shastra that can help you achieve your desired goal. Placing a balcony in the North-East direction is recommended as it is believed to be encouraging and beneficial for health, wealth and well-being.

For a detailed analysis and consultation regarding the Vastu for your house's balcony, visit our page InstaAstro and get to know more positives and negatives in your home due to the virtues of the balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per Vastu, Tulsi helps reduce stress and make the environment positive. Money plant is an anti-radiator, and Aloe Vera has health benefits.
As per Vastu, going with the light shade of yellow for the colour of the balcony can halo you gain optimism, stability and study intelligence.
A railing with a grill that permits unrestricted airflow should be preferred when choosing one for the balcony. An attractive grill is preferable to a brick wall. Glass in the grill is not only fashionable, but Vastu specialists also advise it. Make sure there is enough room for the air to go through. Also, make sure the balcony grill, if it's constructed of metal, is kept in good condition and doesn't rust.
the jade plant is known to bring good luck and prosperity if planted on the balcony, according to Vastu.
The balcony is one place in the house where your mind tends to relax, and you might also enjoy meditating there. According to Vastu, calm colours such as white, cream, blue, violet and light pink tones are ideal for your balcony. So, yes, purple colour is the right choice for a patio as it is known for Richness, luxury, graciousness, and pride. So the purple colour of the balcony is a lovely choice.
Ideally the south facing balcony, according to vastu, is not considered to be auspicious. It is also suggested that one must avoid south or southwest facing balconies.
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