Vastu Shastra For Paintings - Attracting Abundance

Did you know that Vastu Shastra is not only about walls and directions but it includes each and every aspect of an individual’s house? Have you ever wondered about the importance of placing paintings according to Vastu Shastra in your house and what impacts do they have on an individual’s life? Who does not like a beautiful personal space? A place where you would like to go to, a place you feel comfortable and relaxed, moreover, a place that has a soothing and beautiful environment that relaxes not just your body but your eyes as well. Well, if you want to cheer up your room, what other way will be better than following our vastu tips for paintings to lighten and brighten your room even more.

Paintings are known to be a great way by which an individual can lighten their rooms and also bring it to feel more alive. Having a beautiful painting or set of paintings can instantly become the reason for you to have a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space. Moreover, a soothing space is known to provide peace and comfort to an individual’s eyes which in turn helps in calming them. Having something beautiful to look at is something that brings joy and pleasure to a lot of individuals as well.

Did you know that the knowledge of Vastu shastra does not only apply to your house or office directions but also has a branch that extends to paintings. Having Vastu approved paintings in your personal space is known to bring an individual with the best and most favourable results. Moreover, placing things in your personal space according to Vastu helps get rid of negative energies and vibes and also helps in attracting a lot of positive vibes and energies in your personal space.

If you are also planning to make your house more bright and beautiful by putting up some paintings then, this is the right page for you. Below we have mentioned the best and most accurate vastu tips for paintings for your personal space that will help attract positive vibes in your personal space and will also bring positive and favourable outcomes for you. Thus, keep reading to know what you should and shouldn't hang in your house in accordance with Vastu shastra.

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Important Directions In Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a years old science of architecture. This Indian science governs everyone’s lives. Keeping your house or any personal space according to vastu helps an individual in attracting positive vibes and keeping their space favourable and beneficial for them. Vastu shastra works on the principle that keeping everything in accordance with the eight directions and five elements promotes harmony, peace and positivity in an individual’s life.

The eight directions that Vastu shastra impose importance on are as follows:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

When we talk about paintings in general we can say that the most suited directions to place any painting in your house according to vastu shastra happens to be your South walls. Placing a painting on walls in these directions of your house is known to attract a lot of positive vibes. Moreover, the south wall of your house, according to Vastu shastra, is dedicated directly for decoration purposes. Additionally, it is also said that placing pictures and paintings on the South wall of your house attracts wealth, prosperity and luck in an individual’s life.

Vastu Tips For Paintings

Vastu Tips For Paintings In Office

Mentioned below are some vastu tips that will help an individual attract positive vibes in their office. Moreover, these tips and vastu paintings for office will also get rid of any and every negative vibe and energy in an individual’s professional space like an office. These tips are as follows:

  • The most ideal and best place to put up a painting in your office will be on the North, South, and Northeast walls of the office of an individual.
  • The South wall painting vastu says that the best and most ideal painting for this wall for the office of an individual will be the rising Sun or sculpture art paintings. Moreover, the paintings with inspirational quotes are also suitable to be put up on this wall of the office area of an individual. Also, it is recommended that these paintings should be in Red, Yellow or Orange colour to gain maximum favourable and beneficial outcomes for an individual.
  • The North wall painting vastu says that the most ideal and best painting for this wall will include paintings of waterfall, flowing river, or a scenery. In a simple sense this wall should be kept to hang paintings that depict nature and nature’s beauty. Moreover, it is also advised that these paintings should be in Blue, white, and other vibrant but light colours.
  • The Northeast walls of the office of an individual should be kept for paintings like artwork and travel related paintings. These may include roads, highways, abstract art, psychedelic designs and so on. Moreover, it is advised that these paintings should be in colour like white, blue, and green. Also, other vibrant colours can be used as well.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Paintings In House

Mentioned below are some Vastu paintings for home that will help the inflow of positive energy in an individual’s house and will also fill the environment with joy and happiness. These paintings will provide an individual with a soothing and comfortable space that will feel quite inviting to them. Let us now have a look at the best and most suitable paintings according to Vastu for different parts of an individual’s house:

  • Entrance and Hall (Drawing Room)

For this part of the house, painting for living room as per Vastu shastra says that the best and most suited paintings are the ones that depict nature. So paintings that include waterfall, rivers, flowers, scenery are the best suited for this area of the house. Moreover, it is advised that the best colour for these paintings according to Vastu shastra comes around to be yellow, blue, green, red and pink.

When we talk about the ideal location or direction, according to vastu paintings living room, to set these paintings up in an individual’s house, then south wall decoration according to vastu shastra are termed to be the best and most ideal direction to place these paintings in an individual’s house. Thus, if you are planning to set up a painting in your entrance or living area then these are the most suited paintings according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Kitchen

Kitchen is also known as the heart of an individual’s house. It is a place where the magic happens. A cosy and comfy kitchen that provides warmth and is also well kept is the a place that makes it the best place in an individual’s house. However, to brighten your kitchen up and add a little life to it, you can add some pictures or paintings in your kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra the most suited paintings for an individual’s kitchen that are set to bring positivity and good luck in an individual’s house are art paintings or some motivational quotes paintings.

The art paintings may include abstract paintings, psychedelic designs and also modern art. Paintings like these will bring positive energy and will also give a modern and beautiful touch to your kitchen. Thus, if you want to level up your kitchen game a bit, then these are the paintings that you could and should go for. Vastu paintings for West wall suggests this to be the best location for an individual to hang these paintings in their house. Also one must always remember the colour scheme which includes peach, yellow and cream colour to be the most suited for this location according to Vastu shastra.

  • Bedroom

A bedroom is a space where an individual relaxes. Moreover, it is also a space where people feel the most comfortable in, in their house. Thus, it is said that a bedroom should always have a pleasant, cushy and relaxed vibe that will be quite inviting for an individual. According to Vastu shastra the paintings that an individual should place include couple paintings, paintings of family and pair of birds.

Moreover, one thing to keep in mind is that the family pictures should not have any photos of your ancestors but you, your partner and your children. When we talk about the favourable colour for bedroom paintings, according to vastu paintings for bedroom include the following - Orange, soft pink, light green, and sky blue. Also the ideal location for these paintings is the Southwest direction.

  • Children’s Room or Study Room

For the children’s room or the study room the best paintings to hang according to Vastu shastra include paintings of Gods and Goddesses. Mainly Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, Lord Shiva, and Nandi are the most recommended paintings one can hang in these rooms. Moreover, it is said that these paintings should be placed on the North or East direction of an individual’s house.

Moreover, when we talk about the colour scheme, the ideal most suitable colours are termed to be any and every colour that is vibrant and bright in nature. It is said that having these paintings in this area of the house will help increase concentration and focus in an individual’s life. Moreover, they will help the inflow of positive vibes and energies in that specific space and will build a comfortable and positive environment and surrounding for an individual.

Paintings - Colour Scheme According To Vastu Shastra

As we know that Vastu shastra has a lot of say in any and every aspect of our life and homes. We know the importance it places on choosing the right colour for the right place and space. Thus, let us now have a look at the best and most ideal colours for an individual’s painting that they have in their house or office or any other personal space.

  • Favourable colours

Mentioned below are the colours that are Vastu Shastra approved. This means that these colours will have a positive impact in an individual’s life and will create a positive environment and surrounding in an individual's personal space. These Vastu approved colours are as follows:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Colours To Avoid

Mentioned below are the colours that an individual must try to avoid for paintings. Moreover, these colours are said to bring in negative vibes in an individual’s house and office or any personal space, thus one must try to avoid these colours while hanging any paintings in their personal space. These colours are as follows:

  • Black
  • Dull Colours

Painting Placement And Remedies According To Vastu Shastra

Vastu Sastra suggests that there are some paintings that can promote peace, happiness, joy, stability and more such positive emotions in an individual’s life. Moreover, these paintings when placed according to Vastu shastra are sure to bring positive and favourable outcomes for an individual. Let us have a look at these paintings and their ideal location according to Vastu shastra:

  • Buddha Paintings

Buddha paintings are known to be the most lucky painting for home according to Vastu shastra. It is advised that if an individual wants to place a Buddha painting in their house then they must do so in the East, North or Northwest direction of their personal space. Buddha paintings are known to bring positive vibes in an individual’s life and also come around to make the environment a little happy and alive.

  • Horse Paintings

Horse paintings are the best and most ideal paintings according to Vastu Shastra to be placed in an individual’s house or office in the East direction. Moreover, it is advised that an individual must place a horse painting that has seven horses which seems like them entering the house.

  • Garud (Phoenix) Paintings

Garud is not just a bird but also a very powerful Lord in Hindu mythology. It is said that if an individual wants to place a Garuda photo or painting in their house then they must choose the South wall. Moreover, vastu paintings for south wall suggests Garuda paintings to be the best suited for this location. Moreover, a Garuda painting is also known to bring in monetary inflow in an individual’s life and it is suggested to place this painting in their office or business place.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the living room it is advised that an individual must keep or place paintings with nature’s beauty in their living room. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers and trees are known to be the best fit for the living space for an individual’s house.
The painting that is considered to bring in money in an individual’s life is a painting of Lord Garud. Moreover, it is suggested that an individual must place this painting in their office or business space to attract more monetary inflow and success.
If you want to know some paintings that will bring positive impact in an individual’s life and personal space, then scroll up and read to know which painting will be best suited for which part of your house.
The most auspicious painting for west wall according to Vastu shastra includes paintings of live family members. Green forest painting can also be preferred.
Paintings that an individual must avoid placing in their houses include paintings that are as follows - animal paintings and even sculptures.
On the South wall the painting an individual can hang according to Vastu shastra include - paintings that have a natural influence in them. These include paintings like mountains, rivers, trees and also lakes and so on.
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