Vastu Shastra For Home Decor - Using Vastu To Attract Positivity

Home is the one place where a person should feel peaceful after coming back from anywhere. And to maintain the positive energy in the house, it is essential to take care of what things are used to decorate the house. According to Vastu Shastra, home decor exerts a powerful impact on how the energy of the place would be. Be it paintings, showpieces, and even plants, Vastu home decor and their alignment concerning the directions must be thoroughly considered. That needs to be done to make your home the comfortable space you want.

Knowing which are the lucky things for home in India and how to place these artifacts for living room can help you tap into the supreme energy of your living space.
The direction of alignment of Vastu decors is significant to keep in mind because all directions have unique characteristics. And by placement, the Vastu home decors absorb the characters associated with the direction towards which it is placed.

Also, following Vastu Shastra, different objects invoke feelings in the atmosphere. So, suppose you are trying to bring a specific change in yourself or the house, for example, harmony or love. In that case, you should consider adding these room decors from a Vastu items list that attracts the flow of these positives in your home. Placing a certain lucky showpiece for home can help you to regulate the Vastu energy and welcome positivity in home. Follow our InstaAstro app and website for more vastu tips and remedies.

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Vastu Decors For Bedroom

The bedroom is where one retires for the night to rest and re-energise for the upcoming day properly. So, in a way, it is essential to ensure that your bedroom environment is calm and relaxing. Decorative items for the bedroom, which are also Vastu-based, include attractive wall paintings and some particular plant decorations. Beautiful pieces of work, such as artistic wall hangings and family photos, should be included on the bedroom walls. It is so because that is the first thing one sees when one wakes up. Seeing beautiful things in the morning makes your mood happy and positive, which significantly affects how you go through your day.

And in the case of plants, one of the most well-known Vastu-based plant decors is the snake plant. It is well known because it positively regulates the oxygen flow in the room, especially if placed near the window. It is considered to cleanse the air of toxins, thus making it a great plant decor in the bedroom. So, keeping positive energy vastu items for home and bedroom is the ideal solution for right vastu living.

As for mirrors, according to Vastu Shastra, ideally, they should not be placed inside the bedroom. This may lead to disagreements between the couple, But if it has to be identified, the North East walls are the best location. If Vastu for furniture is considered, it is better to put the heavy furniture in the West, South or South West direction in the room.

Vastu Decors For Living Space

Living space is the first thing that makes an impression on the guests when they go to anyone's house. Hence, people try their best to make their living space as welcoming and warm as possible to make everyone comfortable. To make a statement with one's living space, the Vastu-based arrangement of particular objects can have a tremendous impact. These include TV, aquarium, chandeliers, seating arrangement etc.

Since everything enters the home through this path, the entrance or main door is one of the home's most essential components. Therefore, it is crucial to guarantee that the entrance complies with Vastu principles. According to Vastu, the entryway must be more significant than the other doors in the home. It should also be in the house's North, Northeast, or East. The main door decoration items, according to Vastuincludes hanging fresh flower garlands and cravings of promising signs at the front end of the door.

In fact, one should also pay attention to the vastu items for home entrance as it determines the whole vibe of the home. TV is an inseparable entity in the living space, as people often plan matches or movie nights with their friends and family. According to Vastu, the TV should be placed in the South East area of the living room, as it is an electrical device and hence best suited in the fire quadrant. Otherwise, it might get damaged over short durations of time.

The seating arrangement is another important factor while planning your living space. It makes or breaks how effortlessly you can sit and talk with your guests without disturbance. North and East facing arrangements are favourable, according to Vastu. Also, square and rectangle-shaped seats and other furniture should be preferred.

People often use decorative pieces to enhance the aesthetics of their living space. But careful consideration should be made while selecting these pieces. For example, pictures of weeping, violence or any other kind of negativity should be strictly avoided, as they lend a distressing aura to the room. Instead, colourful paintings and religious pictures are the best suited. They can be placed in the Northeast corner of the room. Also, preference should be given to decorative Vastu items for the living room.

Vastu also dictates the importance of the right kind of plants inside the house, as they profoundly affect the house's overall environment. Again, the North East corner is the best suited for keeping lush, green plants. Peace lilies, orchids, lucky bamboo etc., are some of the common Vastu-based plants that enhance the look and feel of your living space. Also, according to Vastu rules, artificial and dried plants, thorny plants and bonsai are strictly discouraged from being kept in the living space.

According to Vastu Shanti home decoration and decorations like chandeliers and aquariums also have a proper place. However, chandeliers shouldn't be placed at the centre as it is the Brahmasthan. Instead, the West and South portions make good locations for chandeliers. Wind Chimes also need to be hung near a window. There are some other Vastu tips for hanging decorative items at home. Optimally, fish tanks should be kept in the North, East or North East areas for a better ambience. They make good corner decorations and are aligned with house corner decoration Vastu.

Vastu Decor For Puja Ghar

Spirituality is an integral part of life. It is the way to achieve peace of mind and strength through devotion. And to get deep into their prayers, one needs good surroundings to keep the energy of the area positively charged. So Puja Ghar has to be one of the most adequately designed places in the home, following all the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

But one can always add some extra touch to feel more connected. Keeping positive energy home decor can increase the good effects emanating from your Puja Ghar.
When it comes to utensils offering prasad to the deities, some often get confused about what they should be made of. For example, Vastu Shastra recommends copper vessels, as they are ceremonial and auspicious.

Also, the structure of the aasan or the puja space is interconnected to the energy created in the room. Ideally, dome or pyramid-shaped roofs, like that in mandirs, are considered to be auspicious as it helps to channel the flow of positive energy in the Puja Ghar. It also helps to slip into the meditative state more easily.
Even though artificial lights illuminate the Puja Ghar, a diya should be placed on the right-hand side while praying. For the diya to last long, one can use the covered diyas.

Vastu Plant Decor

Plants have a refreshing presence; flowers' fresh air and sweet smell can uplift anyone's mood quickly. Also, given that many people are taking to gardening as their hobby nowadays. So, it is essential to know the properties attributed to different plants by Vastu Shastra and their effect on the house's atmosphere.

According to Vastu Shastra, plants maintain the house's balance and energy flow. Plants can attract positive energies and rejuvenate the vibe of the house. It also significantly affects the health, wealth and mood of the residents. Overall, if appropriate plants are placed around the house following the instructions regarding Vastu's direction, it will surely bring effective changes in the household. Some plants that are usually suggested as Vastu tips for decorating homes are:

  • Tulsi/Holy Basil: Almost all of us have one at home. Besides its widely-ranging medicinal properties, it also acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Consuming tulsi leaves helps to purify the body by removing toxins. Its presence in the house sets up a happy and spiritual environment. Tulsi plants should be placed in the East or Northeast direction, preferably near a window, as it requires ample sunlight. It is never to be placed at the Southern end of the house.
  • Aloe Vera: Another well-known medicinal plant, aloe vera finds use as a skincare and haircare product and has healing properties for digestive irregularities. It is also a source of fresh oxygen. In addition, it brings an aura of happiness to the house. According to Vastu, aloe vera should be kept in the North or East direction of the house.
  • Lucky Bamboo: An excellent decorative plant, bamboo also brings joy, peace, fame and prosperity to its owner's house. A different number of stalks planted have different benefits. It also makes a perfect gift to give during an auspicious occasion. Bamboo plants are to be placed in the Southeast direction to attract financial gains and in the East for the family's well-being. This plant is one of the best vastu products for wealth. In addition, it is also one of the finest vastu products for business.
  • Money Plant: It is what it sounds like. Money plants profoundly affect financial growth, good luck and happiness. One point that one needs to remember while placing it in their home is that the leaves should not touch the ground. To help with vertical growth, threads can be used. Also, keeping dried-up money plants in the house brings negativity. Money plants are best placed in the Southeast corner of the living space. Also, it should be kept away from the kitchen.
  • Snake Plant: A common Vastu plant, snake plants are excellent plants to create a calm and relaxing ambience in the house. It is better kept in the bedroom as it is a good source of oxygen and purifies toxins in the air. It should be placed towards the Southeast and near a window for an optimum setup per the Vastu Shastra.

Miscellaneous Vastu Home Decor

Many home decor showpieces can double as Vastu positive additions to the house, effectively increasing the happiness and contentment of the residents. These vastu items for home are, in fact, usually very affordable and also mix well with the surroundings. Thus, you can easily incorporate some of them while planning your interiors. In addition, these vastu showpiece items or vastu products for home should be placed as per vastu shastra rules. Some items suggested as common Vastu tips for home decoration are:

  • Wind Chimes: They hold particular importance both in Vastu and Feng Shui. According to Vastu, wind chimes prevent unfavourable luck from entering the house. At the same time, it easily lets prosperity and happiness slip through. However, Vastu dictates different positions for wind chimes made of other materials. For example, metal wind chimes should be in the Northwest area. In contrast, the wooden chimes are better suited for the Southeast portion. So, they are the best south wall decoration according to vastu.
  • Tortoise: The idea behind having a tortoise is very deep-rooted. As the hard shell of a tortoise protects it from outside problems and tortoises also have a long life, that's why adding a tortoise is suggested by Vastu to imbibe these qualities in the house. Also, crystal tortoises have particular relevance, as it signifies longevity, well-being, wealth and luck. Vastu recommends putting these decorations on the North side of the house.
  • Buddha Statue: Buddha and laughing Buddha statues are very common and easily obtainable Vastu statue items. Buddha signifies peace and removal of negativity and hence has a significant effect on calming down the house's atmosphere. According to Vastu, Buddha statues must be placed facing East to increase the flow of prosperity and happiness.
  • Elephants: These are symbols of strength, stability, intelligence and wealth, as they are associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Two elephants with their trunks raised is a common showpiece that one might have come across, but it has a Vastu significance. When placed along or adjacent to the main entrance of any space, it is said to bring prosperity.
  • Aquarium: A well-maintained and correctly aligned aquarium has several benefits in the Vastu Shastra. First and foremost, aquariums are known to be absorbers of negative energy, and the fishes in the aquarium circulate the flow of positive energy throughout the house. Keeping an aquarium in the North, Northeast or East direction increases the flow of wealth and prosperity. But, proper care needs to be taken of the aquarium, as stagnant water may lead to financial stagnancy and obstacles in life.


A large part of people's life is spent in their houses. That's why everyone wants their once-in-a-lifetime dream to be perfect. And following the Vastu traditions can develop the positives to a great extent, ultimately helping in the growth and prosperity of the residents of the house. A great deal of planning goes into building the interiors of a home. And then mindlessly adding other things might damage the aesthetics initially planned for the space.

So, it is recommended to have considerations for future add-ons concerning the vibe of the house. Also, one should seriously consider the Vastu Shastra while planning their home only so that they don't have to randomly add or modify things at a later stage. As Vastu has a significant influence on the quality of life, one is leading. Therefore, the new home decoration items should be as per Vastu only.

But sometimes, the problems may persist despite following all the Vastu rules and regulations. This is more associated with the influence of planets on a person's life, as traced by astrology. And to understand the root cause of such a problem, only a genuine astrologer can help. Now, where can one find a verified astrologer in a short time and also in the budget? Look around no more. Your one-stop solution is InstaAstro. Here, over 500+ astrologers are available at almost any time of the day and can be contacted within minutes of requesting a session. And the best part is all of this at a very pocket-friendly cost. It's an of its kind platform that you should check out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some essential Vastu tips one should keep in mind while decorating their home are:
  • The Northeast corner of the house should be clutter-free.
  • The colour of the walls of all the rooms should be of a light hue. This promotes a calm environment in the home.
  • Thorny and dead plants should not be kept inside the house.
Paintings are one way to decorate one's house. But care must be taken that the paintings only positively affect the viewer's mind. For this reason, Vastu recommends having pictures of water bodies, especially waterfalls and other natural landscapes around the house.
According to the Vastu Shastra, animals have innate characteristics associated with them. And to harness that quality, one way is to have animal statues in their home. Some commonly seen figures are tortoises, as they are associated with longevity; elephants symbolise love due to their association with stability and swans.
According to Vastu, different household items have other signs in the house. For example, to promote luck and success in the place, the most common addition one can make is wind chimes. They are good suppressants of ill fortune and effectively channel positive energy and good luck inside the house.
Daily, Vastu Shastra recommends burning camphor or incense sticks around the house to cleanse and energise the place. It also works as a relaxant after a tiring day because of its sweet smell. Another household item that has a tremendously positive effect is peacock feathers.
Positive energy can be accumulated in the house either by cleansing the home of negative energies or channelling the positive energy within the house. The first case can be achieved by installing an aquarium or placing different crystal statues across the house. And to bring positive energy into the home, one brings in plants like jade, tulsi, bamboo, etc.

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