Vastu Shastra For Daily Life - Get Beneficial Results

In today's world, there are more reasons to get stressed than there are outlets like activities or hobbies to release this stress. As a result, day by day, people are becoming detached from their loved ones and also from their inner peace and happiness. There is no time to practice self-love and maintain relations with loved ones. This may lead to frequent quarrels, disharmony and a hostile atmosphere in the house.

The need of the hour is to have a positive mindset and surroundings; only then can one attract good things in their life. And one easy way to start with this practice is to pay close attention to their home's atmosphere and change it to promote a positive mind. Also, change in daily habits profoundly affects how life will work out for them in the future.

And the easiest way to bring about these changes is to follow some essential daily life Vastu tips for maximum benefits.

Apart from dictating the house's architecture, Vastu Shastra also gives some guidelines for living within the home. For example, facing or lying in specific directions has more benefits than others. Moreover, each direction is associated with particular characteristics, thus making it unique in some qualities.

The state and position of objects in the house are also tied to natural factors' effects on objects. The objects, individually, too can create some influence on the residents of the house. Hence Vastu recommends carefully selecting what things will be around your home and at what positions.

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Vastu Tips for Daily Life

Some common daily life Vastu tips are:

  • Eating in bed is unhygienic in itself. But it also has other side effects, according to Vastu. Eating in bed leads to having nightmares, disturbing one's mental peace. Also, facing the Vastu direction during eating has many benefits.
  • Mornings, the first part of the day, need to be peaceful for the rest of the day to pass with good spirits. One way to ensure that is to listen to devotional music first thing in the morning. This energises the mood and makes the mind relaxed. Also, following the instructions about sleeping directions in Vastu helps to wake up with a clear mind and a well-rested body.
  • According to Vastu, the broom should not be kept in the standing position when not in use. It also should not be moved around with feet, as it may hamper the prosperity you are experiencing.
  • The house should be cleaned with rock salt-dissolved water, as saline water cleanses the negative energies from the home. Though Vastu recommends it to be as regular as possible, with the current lifestyle, once a week can be considered an appropriate interval.
  • Vastu regards cobwebs as an obstacle to wealth accumulation and professional development or advancement. So, apart from keeping the house clutter-free, one should always take care to clean up the cobweb from time to time.
  • The Puja should be finished between 6-8 AM, as during that time, the sun's rays are pleasant and beneficial for the human body and other purposes. The Puja room, apart from being situated in the Northeast corner, as per the Vastu direction for worship, should also be able to get the first sun rays.
  • Wealth is that one thing that everybody prays for. And to attract wealth, a very common Vastu tip is to place a mirror in the front of your locker or where you store all your cash. This is beneficial as the money is reflected and hence symbolises its doubling.
  • Water is an essential element, according to Vastu. And at the same time, the Northeast corner of the house is one of the most auspicious and energy-charged areas. So, it is a good practice to keep a small water body, in the form of a small fountain or a mini pool, in that direction, as it attracts and circulates positive energy throughout the house. Bonus: Water bodies are well known to have a calming effect on the mind; hence their presence acts as an excellent relaxant.
  • Spiral staircases aren't Vastu-friendly even though they look elegant and sophisticated. Hence, avoiding them is better than not inviting negativity into the house.
  • Lord Ganesha, also known as Vighnaharta, is one of the most powerful deities in Hinduism. He is associated with good luck and prosperity. Hence, an idol of Lord Ganesha is a must-have in your house, and it should be placed facing the entrance to get blessed with maximum benefits.
  • One effective way to declutter is to remove variously broken, non-functional or cracked objects and dead and decaying plants in the house. It is discouraged by Vastu Shastra, as the presence of these things may attract negative energies into the home, thus upsetting the atmosphere.
  • The directions also have a profound influence on our concentrating powers and productivity. Hence, the Vastu suggests the student study while facing the North or East direction. This helps them to study for longer intervals of time without getting distracted.
  • Furniture makes or breaks the look of a house. Also, they are costly items to replace. Hence, while choosing furniture, one should also consider the Vastu influence it has on the residents. Wooden furniture is preferred as they are more in sync with the energy vibrations than other materials.
  • Money transaction from hand to hand is not a new thing for many. But even here, there are specific guidelines to follow. The money-paying hand, according to Vastu, should be the right hand. It is so because it is believed that this money will, in turn, bring some good influence or essential things back into the house. In other words, it won't be wasted even a bit.
  • Temples are the holiest place for the Hindus. It is a very energised place, built and maintained following ancient knowledge. Hence, it is required that anyone going there should take care of specific rules too. The temple entry Vastu includes having a bath or washing one's feet before stepping into the temple premise. Also, the footstep Vatu says one should step in with the right leg first. And not just in the case of temples, it should be followed while stepping into any new and auspicious space.
  • Crystals are one of the most effective ways to harness the positive energy in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, having individual crystals or crystal statues around the house helps to reflect light, giving the place a look of liveliness. At the same time, it also absorbs the negative energies from the atmosphere.
  • Having plants in the house is one of the most highly ranked suggestions, both in a general sense and by Vastu. But one should know that not all plants are Vastu friendly, and one should avoid having them in the house. These includes:

Cactus: Thorny plants, in general, aren't suitable as indoor plants, according to Vastu. It is so because it can cause financial stagnancy and chaos in the house.

Bonsai: Bonsai are miniature plants, artificially made so. Its slow growth also adversely affects the progress in various aspects of the residents. Therefore, it also resists prosperity, according to Vastu.

Mehendi: According to Vastu, Mehendi plants, even though they have many medicinal benefits, don't make good indoor plants. It tends to attract negativity, and its smell can cause chaos and confusion in the house.

Date Palm: With all its exotic look, one might think it's an excellent addition to their garden. Smaller versions are cultivated for the sole purpose of being used as decorative plants. But according to Vastu, palm trees should be avoided, given it acts as a deterrent, even degrading the financial stability of the house.

Basic Vastu Tips about Maintaining the House

  • The house's entrance is one of the essential parts of the house, as everything enters the home through this path. Hence, it is necessary to ensure the entrance follows the Vastu guidelines. Vastu dictates that the entrance has to be larger than the rest of the doors in the house. Also, it should be in the house's North, Northeast or East sections. Also, the number of main entrances to the home is of significance. It is recommended not to have more than two main entrances, as it may negatively affect the residents. Even if there are three or more doors, the combination of directions in which they are present also needs to be considered. Also, three doors should not be in the same line. Shoe rack Vastu is also important, as most people tend to have a shoe rack near their entrance door. The orientation of the shoe rack is as important as the shoe placement direction, as instructed in Vastu.
  • The kitchen is the lifeline of the household, as it determines the residents' health of the residents upto a large extent, thus affecting their productivity and interrelations. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the kitchen is in an ideal location. According to Vastu, the Southeast corner is the most appropriate direction for building the kitchen. Also, from a health point of view, the kitchen should not be above, below, adjacent or opposite to the washroom. To maintain the sanctity of the Puja room, the kitchen should not be placed above or below the Puja room. Also, one has to ensure no leaking pipes or taps in the kitchen or washroom. Leakages may result in Varun Dev Dosha as water is an essential element for the household; hence, it needs to be respected. So, water trickling away symbolises the family is going into a cash deficit and may soon incur debt. The utensils that make up an integral part of the kitchen can also influence the household's health. Hence, Vastu's utensils should be followed to maintain the family's well-being.
  • Bramhasthan, or the centre of the house, is given great importance in Vastu Shastra. Known as one of the most powerful ones in the house, Brahmasthan can harness great positive energies if maintained correctly. So, to have an active and auspicious Brahmasthan, one should ensure that no rooms or pillars are constructed here. Also, this space should be fully clutter-free and extremely tidy.
  • The bedroom is the one place in the house where people tend to be the most vulnerable. So, one has to ensure that the bedroom is very protective and has a good influence on the sleep of the occupant. The Vastu tip to have peaceful and nightmare-free sleep is to not place a mirror or TV opposite or in front of the bed. This also helps with reducing marital disagreements and fights. Aromatic candles and essential oils are good add-ons to create a calming environment in the bedroom. Also, following the Vastu for sleeping position works wonder as a remedy for a peaceful sleep.
  • The living room, also known as your social space, can drastically affect your interpersonal relations. If the vibe of your living space is welcoming and comforting, people will tend to seek you out more and visit you often, helping you build strong connections. Also, living space is usually where many important decisions regarding various aspects of life are taken. So, one has to ensure that their living space is a relaxing place where one can think freely and rationally. To create such an environment, Vastu Shastra recommends the furniture be placed in the Southwest or West quadrant of the room, as the West is associated with stability. Also, to create a positive vibe in the living space, one can consider including wind chimes, aquariums and paintings of water bodies. And most importantly, the room should not look stuffed and should always be kept clutter free and organised.

Also, due to space crunch in some houses, it is common practice to have the living space double as the dining space. If so, Vastu suggests placing the dining table to the east or Southeast of the living space. Also, it should be close to the kitchen.


The key to happiness and peace nowadays is to de-stress as soon as one gets home. And to make that happen, one needs to have such an environment in their house where they get a welcoming vibe, a good mood to have deep and meaningful conversations with near and dear ones, nutritious food for a healthy life and a peaceful sleep at night to wake up energised and happy the next day. All these are extremely necessary to acquire productivity, wealth, success and prosperity. And living according to Vastu helps to achieve these easy goals upto a great extent, even without having to put in extra effort daily. So one can say that a one-time correct decision can go a long way toward having a fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, one should consult with the expert if the energy of the house/plot is sufficiently positive. If not, can it be made positive with appropriate practices? Also, one should check if the house's energy is compatible with its residents.
The house's entry must be immaculate and bear auspicious signs for positivity to be attracted to it. Hence, it is suggested to install portraits of Gods and Goddesses at the entrance. Pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are most preferred, as they symbolise wealth, success and prosperity.
Salt is a good cleanser of the house's atmosphere.Sea salt is the best type of salt to counter Vastu dosha. Uncrushed seas alt has the potential to absorb the negative energy in the house. Alternately, using a pinch of salt in the water used to clean the house has the same effect.
According to Vastu, the South is the ideal direction to place one's head during sleep. The reason for this is that this way, the person is aligned with the natural forces.
As per Vastu, the Southwest direction is the most stable. Hence, it is most suited to carrying heavy furniture. Also, to add to the stability of this area, one should build thicker walls on this side of the house.
The northeast direction, also known as the Ishaan, is the most actively energised. Hence, it is considered the most promising direction, and special attention should be given to it. So the first ideal preference should be given to a Northeast-facing home if one follows the Vastu Shastra.
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