Vastu Shastra For Good Luck

We love to design our spaces and now everyone is going towards vastu-friendly interiors to bring good luck. Vastu influences our life in more than one way. Vastu refers to the branch of astrology consulted while obtaining, constructing and decorating any architecture. Vastu alignment accounts for the elements associated with cardinal directions, the position of the Sun, the terrain and the features surrounding the building. With correct Vastu tips to bring good luck, one can quickly feel the positive changes in a short time, and it will last in the long run.

Vastu Shastra can be consulted to make the building more of a positive space to exist in and to influence various other factors in day-to-day life like health, wealth, interpersonal relations, peace, harmony etc. These changes can be brought about by regulating personal habits, apart from the usual house modification. The addition of both natural and artificial objects into the buildings has a profound effect on the energy created within this space and accounts for vastu items for good luck.

If you are also spending hours searching the internet with questions like, How can I increase my luck as per Vastu? how to attract good luck, as per vastu? Then the answers you seek are listed below and follow our InstaAstro website and app for more information.. So let us now have a look at some Vastu Shastra tips for good luck in our life ahead.

Significant Vastu Tips for Good Luck

Now that we know that Vastu influences good luck and fortune, read ahead about various suggestions based on Vastu that can help us bring that change or luck into our destinies. Below are Vastu tips for good luck in different areas of life. Let’s check them out.

  1. Vastu Tips For Good Luck In Life

Some common and easily practicable vastu shastra tips for good luck are mentioned below. These tips include the following:

  • An early riser experiences many benefits, even from the point of view of Vastu Shastra. In fact, in Vastu, it has been mentioned that a person waking before sunrise will receive immense happiness and prosperity.
  • Spider webs are commonplace in many houses. But it has a negative effect on the financial growth of the owner. According to Vastu, the accumulation of spider webs leads to a loss of earned wealth and an increase in debt. Moreover, these items are also known to attract negative vibes and are considered things that bring bad luck to your home, according to Vastu shastra.
  • The house should not have broken idols, mirrors and dead and decaying plants, as it attracts negative energy and can create an imbalance in the place.
  • Moreover, some of the good luck things to keep at home, according to Vastu, include the following - bamboo, evil eye, three-legged frog, laughing buddha, and wind chimes.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the house's North, Northeast, and Eastern parts should have more windows. It is so because that way, the morning sun rays can enter and reach almost all the rooms in the house. Sunlight is an essential source of revitalising energy, and the morning rays aren't harsh, thus making it the best time to soak in some sunlight.
  • Also, it is emphasised in the Vastu that wherever money is kept, that place should never be entirely devoid of cash. That is, there should always be some cash held in that place. The reason is that when the safe becomes empty, it accelerates cash outflow.

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  1. Vastu Tips For Good Luck And Success In Business

Tips to gain and attain luck and success in terms of the business aspect of an individual are as follows -

  • For building the office building or shop, the owners should look for properties broad at the front and gradually narrow down towards the back of a new plot being purchased. In Vastu Shastra, these are known as Shermukhi plots. These are the most auspicious in terms of shape.
  • The entrance and placement are significant in Vastu Shastra. Hence, Vastu Shastra recommends having the entrance door in the North or East direction,
  • The owner is the head of the shop or organisation. Hence, their seating arrangement is crucial in determining the business's success. Therefore, it is essential to build their office or have their sitting arrangement in the South West part of the building.
  • If planned following the Vastu, the employees should be facing North or east and have enough free space. This will lead to a spike in their productivity and, ultimately, in the profit for the business.
  • The office furniture, irrespective of its use, would be symmetrical and of basic geometry, like a square or rectangle; oddly shaped tables may lead to instability and decreased productivity.
  • Water fountains are a great addition to any office. Even a small water fountain, arranged according to Vastu, can tremendously affect the office space and the business's profits in terms of good luck.

  1. Vastu Tips For Good Luck And Success In Academics

Listed below are some beneficial vastu tips that can help an individual attain and bring good luck in terms of their studies and also their academic life. These tips are as follows -

  • Each direction has some dominant characters, as per Vastu. It must be followed even for studies. Different subjects are associated with different directions. For example, the North is associated with Maths and Accounting, the Southeast with Science and the Northeast with Hindi and Sanskrit. Check Vastu tips for students on InstaAstro to know more.
  • According to Vastu, the Northeast corner of any house is the most auspicious area. It is said to be charged with positive energy. It can attract good luck, wealth, happiness, harmony and many other positive emotions.
  • It has some well-known benefits, including an age-old tradition of mothers feeding their children dahi chini before the examination. Dahi, a great cooling agent, helps keep calm during stressful situations and hydrates the body.
  • A well-organised study table is a good booster of concentration, as there is nothing to distract the mind. Hence, while studying, the study space should be free from clutter.
  • Focus on pleasing Rahu as it influences a child's mind.
  • As recommended by Vastu Shastra, to tackle the problem of low concentrations, one should have their study space in the North or West direction. It helps to prevent distractions.
  • A soothing colour palette has an instant calming effect on the mind and can help to focus more quickly. For that, green and blue should be the predominant colours in and around the study space, including the walls.
  • Vastu Shastra has some regulations regarding the presence of mirrors. One such regulation is that no mirror should be situated near the studying space. If unavoidable, it is better to cover the mirror with a cloth.
  • According to astrology, Rahu has a profound influence on the brain. Hence, the students should try to please Rahu to have excellent and fear-free examinations.
  • The study table is best if made of wood. Also, it should be of a fundamental geometric shape, like rectangular or square. Lastly, the colour of the study table also matters a lot. Hence, students should go for lighter-coloured tables, as they exude positive energy, aren't distracting, and help them focus quicker and for longer intervals.

  1. Vastu Tips For Good Luck And Health

To attain good luck in terms of health, an individual can follow the vastu tips mentioned below in order to attain beneficial and favourable outcomes. These tips are as follows -

  • Vastu advocates not having a mirror in the bedroom, especially opposite the bed. Having one may trigger nightmares and may also lead to other health complications. This also includes any screen like TV or laptop screens.
  • Light beams can cause disturbance in sleep, leading to frequent and recurring headaches and memory loss.
  • The first and most important Vastu tip regarding health is that washrooms and kitchens should never be built near each other. There should be enough distance separating them.
  • Wooden furniture is best for almost any type of purpose. The same goes for beds. Also, beds with storage space should be avoided if possible. Having iron items around the bed can cause health ailments.
  • Any functional space should not be created in the area under the staircase, as mentioned in the Vastu Shastra. Instead, Vastu recommended staircase space usage for storage. It can also be left blank.

  1. Vastu Tips For Good Luck In Wealth

Mentioned below are some vastu tips that can bring good luck for an individual in terms of wealth and money. These tips include the following -

  • There are specific criteria for the placement of Kuber Yantra laid down by Vastu Shastra to obtain the maximum blessings. Vastu Shastra recommends placing the Kuber Yantra on the house's North, East or Northeast areas to bring wealth and good luck.
  • Lockers are the mini treasuries of the house. It is where all the house's waste is stored; hence, proper care should be taken. To harness the Vastu influence on wealth, one should have a safe place in such a way that its door faces the North. It is one of the most important Vastu tips for money luck.
  • Aquariums at home are one of the most sought-after Vastu-approved home decors because of their multifaceted benefits. Aquariums create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, where watching the fishes can act as a stress-relieving activity. It also increases productivity, especially for people working from home. They also absorb the negative energy from the house's atmosphere and maintain the balance of harmony and happiness inside the house.
  • Pipe and tap leakages are considered to be requiring ultimate precaution in Vastu Shastra. The leakage of any tape or pipe symbolises terrible luck. From a financial point of view, it signifies unnecessary spending, ultimately affecting the overall cash flow in the house. Broken taps are also responsible for water wastage, resulting in Varun Dev Dosh.
  • Vastu has repeatedly emphasised plants' role in balancing the house's positivity and luck. Different plants attract different qualities. As the name suggests, a money plant is an excellent addition to the home if one wants to increase the influx of financial growth and prosperity. Some other plants, according to Vastu, associated with financial Goodluck are pothos, jade plants, etc.
  • Peacocks are birds greatly valued in Vastu Shastra as good luck for the home. Hence, having peacock feather decor in the house is Vastu-friendly and is one of the most good luck things to keep in home. Peacock paintings are also great Vastu plus points, apart from being gorgeous art collections. It is considered to be one of the prominent types of good luck paintings.

Vastu Remedies for Good Luck

Sometimes, even after following all the important Vastu tips or advice, we face major setbacks despite putting our best efforts. It is probably a case of Vastu Dosh where your locality is not constructed as per Vastu. Below are the important remedies that one can look for in such scenarios.

  • Practise Good Karma: It is very important that you perform good deeds and be a nice person in order to bring Vastu’s good luck into your life. You must know the difference between good and bad karma.
  • Carry Salt: Carry salt in a knot of handkerchief wherever you go. As per Vastu, it is believed that to absorb all the negativities and the cast of a negative shadow from the native. At home, make sure that you keep a bowl of salt on your dining table but avoid it on Sundays.
  • Place Horseshoe: Keeping a horseshoe at home and the office is believed to offer good fortune and prosperity in life. It also increases the possibility of becoming rich if one is working hard for it and also enhances your social status.
  • Flowers and Camphor (Kapur): A vase of fresh flowers and camphor or kapur in every room of the house and workplace is also indicative of good luck and the eradication of bad energies.

In conclusion, one should try Vastu tips and observe the changes it brings in their fortune. They must also witness the positivity it offers to lives through certain Vastu corrections. But even after that, if someone is not satisfied with the changes occurring in their life, they should seek the help of someone who holds the knowledge to look into the underlying cause. Another reason for not getting the results can also be that various Vastu Shastra tips for success and fame are long-term habits that are built over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vastu tips are straightforward to follow and can significantly help to manifest luck, wealth, prosperity etc. Some commonly observed tips to know how to attract good luck as per vastu, are:
  • The house's entrance is the first thing anyone sees about the home, even what we are trying to attract on a subconscious level. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the entrance is always kept clean, decorated nicely and obstruction-free.
  • Wind chimes are a great accessory in the house if you are trying to attract good luck.
  • If an aquarium is already present in the house, you can try adding more goldfish. According to Vastu, goldfishes are considered the forebears of good luck and are known to bring prosperity to the place.
Before making positive changes in the house, we must eliminate or fix all the hindrances and negativity-attracting elements. Otherwise, these two effects will negate each other, and we won't experience any changes. As prescribed by Vastu, we should try our best to avoid the following things:
  • Leaking taps and pipes in the house as it symbolises unnecessary expenditure and a damaging outflow of wealth.
  • Shoes obstruct the house's entrance, Attracting negative energy to the place.
  • Picture violence and weeping people, as it causes restlessness and anxiety in the viewer's mind.
Happiness in the home is associated with the peaceful state of mind of the residents. Some standard Vastu practices to increase satisfaction at home are:
  • The whole house should be well-lit and accessible to sunlight. This negates the gloominess and makes the overall disposition of the house cheerful.
  • Laughing Buddha statues are another excellent addition to lighten up the mood of the residents of the house.
Wealth is associated with the North direction in Vastu Shastra. Hence, one easy way to attract money is to place a Kuber Yantra facing the North. Kuber yantra is the symbol of the God of wealth. Kuber is said to bring financial growth by leaps and bounds quickly.
Prosperity is proportional to how much Vastu positive you house it. Therefore, one can try adding various positively influencing items to make it even more prosperous. Some include water fountains, wind chimes, crystal statues, etc.
Pets are rapidly growing in percentage as a part of the family. The bond between humans and their pets can benefit both of them. In fact, as per Vastu Shastra, having a black dog in the house can bring good luck to the family.
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