Vastu Shastra For Placing Mirrors

We all have desires to look well-groomed and attractive before leaving the house. Mirror plays a crucial role in building personality and confidence. Therefore, we need to sit in front of the mirror to make sure that everything is in order. As a result, the mirror has emerged as one of the most significant and essential parts of our life.You use mirrors as a decor piece in your homes but remember mirrors can have both positive and negative effects on your house. Hence, you must know the right vastu tips for placing mirrors in your home, office, shops etc., so that you can gain maximum positive effects.

The placement of the mirror decides the entire vibe of your home. If a mirror has positive benefits, remember it can also be very destructive if you don't put it in the right place. The mirror is one of the most important decor elements in your home as it attracts growth and prosperity. Also, if you place your mirror in the right direction, you can reap the most benefits. In this article, we will discuss everything about mirrors, from the pros and cons to the appropriate Vastu tips for placing mirrors in your home.

Vastu Shastra has the capability to improve lifestyles with simple solutions that anyone can implement. Therefore, if you apply these easy vastu mirror layout guidelines while choosing and fixing mirrors in your home, you will live a pleasant life. InstaAstro has experts in the field of vastu shastra, so you don't have to worry about genuine information. Instead, you can consult our professionals via call or chat for all the details for properly positioning mirrors at your home or workplace.

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Use Of Mirror In Vastu

Here, we'll learn a few facts about mirrors and why people started placing them at home.
How mirrors affect our life, so here is all you need to know about mirrors. Have you ever imagined why mirrors were created and how people used to see themselves when they were not designed? These are some of the questions that have arisen in your mind, right? Well, not to worry, we'll explain everything to you in detail. In earlier times, people used to see their reflection in the water.

However, mirrors represented water elements and were created to see what people could not see otherwise. Mirrors have become a necessity in our lives, so we all want fancy mirrors in our bathrooms, living room, and bedroom but keep in mind the right direction to place the mirror which would be North or east direction.

Furthermore, the role of the mirror increases the space. So, for example, in a trial room, they have mirrors on the four sides. That's because it gives you a double image which increases the space, and the whole place looks so big. In addition to that, if you have a mirror in the North or northeast, your mind expands, and you're willing to learn new things and inclined towards growing in life. The importance of placing a mirror in the east is that it expands your social circle and gives you the opportunity to grow, as it is one of the wood elements. For example, water is consumed by wood because we see that we provide water to plants, and the plant grows.

Mirror Location As Per Vastu In West And South West Direction

If you have a bedroom in the southwest or west direction, you still need a mirror there, so in that case, the mirror becomes a necessary item. So, in that situation, you can use a mirror with a wooden frame in the shade of brown and not metallic structures. However, by any chance, if you have a mirror on west wall vastu and north west wall, you can keep a metal, aluminium and steel framed mirror so that you balance the energy.

A mirror is about diversity or making more of what we already possess. Therefore, if the reflection of anything falls upon an individual or an object multiplies wealth and profits, according to mirror placement as per vastu. Mirrors, as earlier mentioned, represent expansion, so you must always keep your money and valuable items in front of the mirror.
In order to magnify the impacts of charm and wellness, ensure that the room's mirror only reflects attractive images.

The Right Direction For Placing A Mirror

According to Vastu shastra, the mirror represents the water element; and as we all know, the northeast direction represents the water element. So here we'll talk about which direction should mirror be placed as per vastu. We are well aware of the fact that when light falls on the mirror, it gets reflected. Similarly, when energies (positive or negative ) fall on the mirror, they also reflect. Hence, one should place the mirror in such a way that the negative energies coming into the house don't stay in the house but get reflected out. Therefore, if the negative energies get reflected back into the house, the people staying there will definitely have to suffer from health issues and many more.

As per the scriptures of Vastu Shastra, we receive positive energies from North, Northeast and East directions and negative energies from south, southwest and west directions. Hence, we have to place the mirror in room in such a way that negative energies coming from the south, southwest and west directions do not stay in the room or house but get reflected outside the house. However, the best mirror direction as per vastu, for placing the mirror are North, Northeast and east directions as these are the favourable directions that can attract positive vibes and help improve your health.

By choosing these mirror vastu directions, you can reflect the negative energies outside and bring in the influence of positive energy in the house. Therefore, to find the best vastu consultant, you can immediately contact InstaAstro. We have experts who can guide you for all the vastu related pieces of information.

Tips For Best Directions To Place Mirrors

As we mentioned about the right direction for the placement of the mirror, we'll also inform you about the benefits of the mirror so that you can put this into action and gain prosperity, profits and good health.

  • If you want vision, purpose, knowledge and education in your life, then you must place a mirror in the Northeast direction because it will give you purification of mind and understanding.
  • However, if you want a good social circle that will help you get through your hurdles in life, then placing a mirror in the east direction can be very beneficial for you.
  • If you want to increase your opportunities for wealth, you must place the mirror in the north direction to increase your stability and money or Dhan.
  • If you are a student and want to achieve excellence in your studies, you must place a mirror in the northeast direction on the study table or study room.
  • If you are someone who has been facing health issues and has been concerned about your health, then place a mirror in the eastern direction near the dining table.
  • If you are facing a lot of hurdles and troubles or some issues between you and your partner, and you want to improve your relationship.
    In that case, you can place a couple of photographs on the western wall, and you can place a mirror on the opposite of the east wall. Doing this might change your relationship significantly.
  • Career and profession are essential things in life. If you are not doing well in your professional life, then you can place a mirror in your workplace in the eastern direction so that that can bring a positive change in your professional life.
  • Suppose you are self-employed and running your own business. Then you have to place a mirror in the northern direction on your table or the wall of your workspace.
  • Owing to the fact that the TV screen also reflects everything around us, Vastu professionals recommend positioning the television in the room's southeast corner. However, you should always keep the screen covered when it's not being used.

Remedies For Placing A Mirror

Now we know the positive directions for placing a mirror. Let us now look into the things to be noted while placing a mirror. Then, take advantage of the vastu tips for placing mirrors in your room, office or elsewhere.

  • Never place a mirror at entrance vastu wise, as the positive energies coming inside the house again get reflected out, and hence you might not get the benefit of receiving the positive energy.
  • If you are deciding to place a full-length mirror, you should put it at least 2 to 2.5 feet above floor level.
  • If you have a small mirror in your house, remember to place it 4 to 5 feet above floor level.
  • Avoid placing the mirror opposite to one another as it will create confusion in mind.
  • Children should never sit in front of a mirror while studying. It can lead to an increase in work pressure and decrease the attention span of the children.
  • Sometimes, when we renovate our rooms, we tend to place classy mirrors in the ceiling of our room, so you must avoid doing that.
  • According to the vastu mirror direction in bedroom, you must not place a mirror on the headboard of the bed because it creates multiplicity effects, leading to disturbed sleep.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in front of bed vastu wise as the reflection of your body falls in the mirror, which can lead to unnecessary health issues.
    However, if you have such a mirror at your home, you can cover it with a cloth when you go to sleep.
  • If there is an old mirror at your home that doesn't clearly reflect your image, it is recommended to avoid using such mirrors.
  • One should avoid keeping a broken mirror in the house, or in case you see it's broken, you must change it immediately.
  • Always use a square, rectangular or oval mirror and avoid using round, pentagon or irregular shaped mirrors because this will cause more losses.
  • The mirror should always be clean and clear, and avoid placing garbage and clutter in front of the mirror.

Sometimes mirrors are also used as vastu remedies, but the remedies should only be done under the guidance of an expert Vastu consultant, or it can lead to adverse effects.
Above mentioned are some of the simple vastu tips for mirrors which will make a huge difference in your daily life, making it more accessible, more peaceful, and profitable so that you can live your life without any unexpected issues and chaos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Placing a mirror in a pooja room is auspicious as it indicates a new beginning and truth. As we have seen, mirrors are placed in the temples because they reflect positive energies from the four corners of the temples but avoid placing a mirror in a pooja room or at the house's entrance.
You can always place a mirror in drawing room as it adds grace to the space but remember that you must not position the mirror right in front of the door because it reflects back the positive energy entering the room.
It's recommended not to place a mirror, according to mirror position in bedroom as per vastu, but if you have a dressing table in your bedroom, make sure it doesn't reflect while you sleep as you can face a problem of insomnia. Hence it would be best if you always covered it with a cloth while you go to sleep.
According to vastu shastra, placing a dressing table towards the east direction is said to be ideal as it brings out the real beauty of an individual. However, avoid keeping it in the south direction as it brings problems in your marital life.
Ensure that the washroom attached to your room doesn't reflect on your dressing table.
One should strictly avoid placing or hanging a mirror in the south direction as the fire element controls this direction, bringing arrogance, anger and negativity into the house. If the windows are in the south direction, you should cover them with curtains.
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