Vastu Shastra For Commercial Properties

Have you ever wondered how one property suddenly attracts so much prosperity, fortune and abundance and at the same time, a property right next to it can be just the opposite?
It all depends upon the kind of energy which ultimately has an opposite effect on your finances. It's all because of the Vastu Shastra, as it combines astrology, astronomy, science and art, including the four directions- East, West, North and South and the five elements- Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth. So, it is helpful if we follow the direction of vastu for commercial properties.

Everyone wants to be successful in life, and as we have been hearing, 'Hard work is the key to success', but sometimes you feel that despite working day and night, you cannot gain prosperity. Your work is going differently than how you imagined it. However, luck is also an essential factor in our lives. According to astrology, Vastu plays a vital role in our life because, as we all know, money is one of the crucial factors for which each of us puts in our efforts and time, but what if that fails?

Every one of us has been hearing that 'precaution is better than cure' then why not take the precaution before to avoid chaos and hurdles in your business? If you want more information regarding other vastus and astrology, follow our InstaAstro web and app. Now, let's discuss the best vastu for commercial properties to gain a positive outcome.

Best Vastu Direction For Your Office

The sector you operate in will also influence the direction. As a reference, facing east in your workplace will be hugely beneficial if you work in the commercial contracts or education sectors.On the other hand, the south-facing office will be more suitable for you if you are working in the medical or pharmaceutical industries.

A vaastu for office space is a west-facing office that will reward you with immense benefits if you work in the corporate, employment, or petroleum industries. Additionally, a north-facing office will deliver better outcomes for you if you operate in the banking industry. However, it has been believed that the north direction is auspicious for any of the businesses because Lord Kuber resides towards the north and is one of the gods for wealth. Therefore, it is believed to bring lots of good fortune and prosperity.

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Vastu Tips For Commercial Properties

People have become so quick in investing in shops, hotels, and real estate properties, but they need to look into a few things before they invest. First, you must remember to invest in something to get profit, financial gains, and prosperity. Here, Vastu Shastra comes into action, where you must follow the principles and guidelines to avoid loss and destruction in your business. Prefer location towards south facing commercial property. Vastu for shop facing north, Vastu for shop facing south, Vastu for shop facing east, and Vastu for shop facing west are required to know how to place your shop for maximum benefits and growth.

Before buying commercial properties for your business, let's check out what things to remember.

  • Location
  • Specification and quality of the Building
  • The direction of the entrance
  • The shape of the Building should always be regular (square and rectangular)
  • Placement of doors and windows
  • Direction of washroom
  • Open space
  • The direction of the Parking Space
  • Colour of the Building
  • Structure of the place

Vastu For Commercial Shop

We have been aware of the benefits of Vastu Shastra and how it can positively impact our lives. The flow of positive energy benefits residential and commercial property, creating a peaceful environment in your homes, shops and business. We will discuss the placement of directions, colours, shapes, and many more. It's believed that West facing commercial building vastu can bring stability and perseverance, but it is better to avoid south facing commercial building vastu for a shop.

However, there has been considerable market competition in business for better profit and stability. How is it possible? You may face a loss in your business or not achieve the expected profits. Then it might be because of the Vastu Dosh. Don't worry. We have a solution for your problem as InstaAstro has Vastu experts who can give you excellent answers to all your problems. Let’s discuss the vastu for commercial shop:

The shape of the shop:

Vastu Shastra advises the rectangular or square-shaped shop, which can be the wisest move. Vastu claims that having a shop with an irregular shape might result in stressful situations and unreliable income. Also, avoid buying a shop in unknown locations with unfamiliar shapes. Keep your shop's front wider than its back because Vastu Shastra states it is favourable for increased efficiency.


The shop's entrance should always be towards the east or north because this position is advantageous for the opening. Also, the shop owner should be aware of the cleanliness of the entrance because the entrance attracts customers even before entering the shop. The doorway works as an outer appearance. However, the customers should feel comfortable and welcoming. Avoid keeping any obstructions such as sharp objects, potholes etc.

Cash Counter of the shop:

Money is a fundamental part of our lives. One should take a proper Vastu consultation for appropriate stability. The convenient direction for a money drawer is southwest or southeast, which is considered to lead the way towards constant growth and prosperity. It's believed that keeping the frame or statue of Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi opens the door to success and growth. However, the most crucial point is the shape of the money drawer which should always be rectangular or angular square.

Vastu for the temple in the shop

The northeast, east, or north is the preferred direction for a temple in the shop. However, the west direction can also benefit and result in increased income. Along with shubh-laabh and riddhi-siddhi, a swastika is another promising sign that can be found in the shop. Keep the statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to the right in the northeast direction. It is recommended to pray in the morning, light a diya, and make offerings to attract better Luck to your business.

Vastu tips for office

The objective of a Vastu for office and office sitting direction as per vastu is to foster positive energy and drive away all aspects of negativity so that the business, or even the employees working in the office, can flourish and succeed in their life. In addition, the office should be Vastu-friendly to minimise business-related issues and accomplish achievement and good progress at the workplace. The decor and placements of the temple at the office should be aligned in the right corner and direction.

The team of InstaAstro can help you lead the way towards success as we have experts in the field of Vastu Shastra who can give you detailed information to make your workspace vastu compliant.

Entrance of the office:

In addition to directions, we'll briefly explain to you about the office's entryway. The door should never be in the corner, according to the scriptures and vastu. Entrance in the extreme corner results in a business failure. Along these, there are health risks for those who work there, making it challenging for them to execute well in an office setting since there will always be some fear in their minds. If your workplace has a setup similar to this, you should shift the entrance door away from the corner.The second rule for the main door is that it should be placed in a different area than the middle of the office.

Vastu for office boss cabin and other departments:

After the main door comes to the man behind the whole office. The boss or any important people in the office should always sit towards the south, southwest, West, or Northwest direction. As per the Research, we have found out that if the boss sits in the southwest corner, their efficiency will be good, and the office will run well. Now let's talk about other departments.

Keeping the conference room, meeting room, and HR department in the east increases their work efficiency. The department of Research & development and innovation in your office should be placed in between the southwest and west directions also, for more information, if in case it's not possible to keep towards the southwest and west direction, then the northeast corner is also favourable for the R & D department. After this, office vastu sitting positions for the people of marketing, media, public relation and advertising should be constructed in the northwest. So this was the vastu for office cabins for all the concerned departments and building your office according to given instructions can benefit you in many ways.

Vastu tips workspace at home

After covid hit the world, the culture of working from home came into action, and many people started working to keep their company's work efficient. These days people are still working, and they have been enjoying it. So when you are working at your desk, there might be some motive behind it and an expected outcome for which you might have been working day and night at your desk, so your desk must reflect that motive irrespective of whether you have ample space or small. For example, many people have kept indoor plants near the working space or small plants on their desks. Have you wondered why?

There are various benefits of keeping a plant pot on your desk. Firstly plants represent growth and increase your attention span. Also, it reduces stress and boosts your creativity level. So, according to our vastu experts, keeping a plant even if you have a small space is advisable.

Also, when you work, you should feel energetic and happy to keep a statue or frame of a Laughing Buddha. We all work on materialistic goals, such as money, knowledge and fame. So you can place motivational quotes, pictures of bundles of cash or actual notes, and five hundred or two thousand rupees which you can frame and keep safely. So that you remember that all your goals are around you when you work, when you feel tired, stressed and irritated, you look towards your goals and suddenly feel energised again. Your working space needs to talk about you and your ultimate goals. Try this vastu for office space, and you'll have a different energy while you work, and the sense of positivity will always be filled within you.

Remedies for commercial properties

Mentioned below are some of the vastu recommendations to ward off all the negativity and bring in peace and prosperity in your business. You can follow these remedies so that they can benefit you and your business in many ways.

  • A painting of the sun shining brightly can be an indication of good fortune and luck. So you can hang a painting in the eastern direction of your office.
  • Placing a pyramid made of copper (Pyramid Yantra) can help remove obstacles in your business that are preventing you from making a good profit.
  • Changing the colour of the building can also improve the ambience of the space.
  • You can place wind chimes at your shop, office, or any commercial building so that the environment is always calm and peaceful.
  • You can also place a crystal ball to avoid mishaps due to improper architectural construction.
  • Avoid planting any thorny plants like cactus, aloe vera at your office, shops, or any commercial buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The floor depends upon the direction of the Building, but according to Vastu, the house should always be on the ground floor because you must always be connected to the ground, and this is one of the guidelines according to vastu.
As discussed with our experts, they recommend that the north and east direction be favourable for the shop and attract more customers. Therefore, the entrance should always be towards the North direction, and the owner should always sit facing the north or east direction as it brings enormous profits and stability.
Directions have a significant role, and each direction has importance per vastu shastra. It's believed that if you construct a home, office or any other thing following the principles of vastu, it will positively impact your life and work. It controls the imbalance of negative energies, fills your workplace and home with good vibes, and gives you a feeling of serenity.
During ancient times, Vastu shastra was used to build temples, but as time passed, people started utilising the principles of Vastu shastra for designing offices, hospitals, industries, schools and colleges. The construction industry has transformed due to this awareness since more and more individuals desire to live in homes that adhere to vaastu. As a result, present developers and architects are implementing this ancient technique into their constructions.

You can keep several showpieces or decor items to maintain the flow of positivity and Luck. Some of the items associated with vastu shastra are:

  • The Statue of Lord Buddha and Laughing Buddha
  • Statues of elephants or frogs are said to be some of the most powerful items.
  • Peacock feathers bring positive energy.
  • Plants bring creativity and zeal to the workplace.
You can contact Instaastro at +91- 6366-937-227 so that you can get in touch with our team, who can assist you through the process and provide you with the best vastu for office space, homes, and shops.

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