Vastu Shastra For Students - Attracting Positivity

The life of a student is not that easy. In today’s world the amount of stress a child has to endure because of their studies is something that is unimaginable even for adults. However, did you know that Vastu Shastra can help you for the same? Did you ever imagine using Vastu Shastra as something that will help your child build concentration and focus? Well, vastu shastra comes around to be more than just science of directions and placement of objects. It is something by which an individual can help attain positive outcomes in their life and will also come around to get favourable and positive outcomes. Moreover, by following Vastu Tips For Students an individual can concentrate better and also improve their grades.

One of the greatest feelings for any person or couple is getting blessed with a child. However, the responsibilities that come with it are tremendous. Every parent wants their children to succeed. Moreover, they put in their best efforts in order to help their child attain all the success and make their future as bright as the sun itself. In order to do so, parents do not leave any stone unturned. Anything and everything that is within their reach, and sometimes even out of their reach too, they do that.

In today's world, the building steps in any child's life include their performance at school. This means most of the time, what the future for an individual will look like depends mostly on their academic skill and background. Moreover, according to the belief of most parents, their child's academic growth is what matters to them the most.

Therefore, in order to get the best for their child, parents do try different methods to help their child attain the best academic results. These measures include arranging for private tuition for their children, giving them a life full of comfort so that they do not get distracted and so on. However, sometimes people also turn to Vastu Shastra in order to attract positive vibes for their children.

With the growing popularity of astrology, people have also started taking a deep interest in topics like vastu shastra. Vastu shastra is known as the Indian form of ancient architecture. Vastu shastra is known to bring positive vibes in an individual's life and also provide them with emotional and financial growth. Let us now have a deeper look at the science behind vastu shastra and also have a look at some favourable and beneficial vastu tips for students.

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Vastu Shastra Importance And Ideal Vastu Direction For Students

Vastu shastra is also referred to as a form of ancient Indian architecture. In the early days people believed that building a house or any space according to vastu helps attract positive vibes for an individual. Moreover, this thinking continues even today. This is why, in the modern times a lot of people believe in constructing their home according to vastu. The importance and growth that vastu shastra has developed in recent times is quite high. Its results have led individuals to put their belief and faith into it.

Vastu Shastra is known to take under consideration eight directions. These include the following - North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Vastu Shastra is known to take under consideration these directions and thus, defines the placement of an object according to the same. Moreover, placing things according to Vastu in your house is known to bring auspicious and favourable outcomes in an individual’s life. Alongside directions Vastu Shastra is also known to take under consideration its 3 basic principles. Mentioned below are the three principles that form the basics of vastu shastra. Let us have a look at these:

  • Bhogadya

According to vastu shastra, Bhogadya means that an individual’s space should be curated and created in such a way that it becomes beneficial and helpful for the individual.

  • Sukha Dasha

According to vastu shastra, Sukha Darsha represents the place to be aesthetically pleasing in nature. It implies that a place which is aesthetically pleasing will help in relaxing the mood of an individual and will provide them with a sense of relief.

  • Ramya

According to vastu shastra, Ramya means that a place should ensure the well-being of an individual. These principles when combined together tend to ensure the inflow of positive vibes and energies into an individual’s space and benefits them with favourable and positive outcomes.

Let us have a look at some tips of vastu for students which will help them increase concentration, and motivation. Moreover, which will also help them attain positive and favourable results and outcomes. Mentioned below are some directions based on vastu that will bring favourable outcomes for the natives if they study in these directions. These are as follows:

  • The most ideal direction for an individual to study is the East direction. Moreover, this direction is also beneficial for the individuals who want to study or are studying subjects like Political science and so on.
  • For the students who are studying in school and want to score well, the most ideal direction for them to study is the Southwest direction.
  • Additionally, students studying subjects like Home Science are advised to study in the Northwest direction.
  • Aspirants and students preparing for competitive exams are advised to study in the North direction.
  • South and Southeast directions are the most ideal for students who want to pursue or are studying subjects related to physical education.
  • Moreover, Southeast is also a favourable direction for students who are pursuing law as their career.

Are you also wondering about what are the benefits or results of following these vastu principles? Well, mentioned below are some effects of following the vastu shastra tips and tricks. These tips include the following:

  • Gets rid of any negative vibes or energies in an individual’s space.
  • Fills the space with positive vibes and keeps away from negative energies.
  • Helps the individual in attaining and gaining economical benefits and favourable outcomes in the same aspect.
  • Moreover, it also helps an individual in gaining emotional balance in their life.
  • Additionally, it also grants an individual with beneficial and desired results.

Vastu Tips For Students

A student’s life is filled with difficulties. Sometimes a little help is what can push a child to work harder and show efficient and positive results. Here is where students vastu tips come handy. These tips will help your child focus more and also help in increasing their concentration. Moreover, by following these tips you can improve and increase the amount of positive vibes and energies in your house, which will in turn help your child to study well and get more focused.

If you also want to know these beneficial vastu tips then read below. The vastu tips are as follows:

  • Starting with vastu for students room, the study room should ideally be in the North, East or North-East direction of an individual’s house. These directions are considered to be very auspicious for a native and helps in improving focus of an individual.
  • It is advised that there should be no direct sunlight coming on the study table of an individual.
  • Moreover, the door of the study room should face either the East or North direction.
  • One of the vastu tips to increase concentration in studies for a student includes placing a Saraswati yantra on their bedside or their study table.
  • The best direction for study table according to vastu in hindi is the East or North direction.
  • The best and most ideal position for windows in a study room is on the East, North or West walls of the study room.
  • It is also advised that the natives should not build a washroom in their study room according to vastu shastra.
  • According to vastu shastra in students, a study room should not be under a toilet or staircase. It tends to decrease the amount of focus an individual has according to vastu shastra.
  • One of the most beneficial vastu tips for memory includes an individual not placing any bookshelves on the side or above their study tables.
  • According to vastu shastra, a study room should not have any mirrors. However, if you have a mirror it is advised to place it in a way that there is no reflection of the study table in the mirror. Moreover, one should always cover these mirrors at night without fail.
  • According to vastu for students sitting, a student should sit in such a way that they have their heads facing South direction.
  • The best direction to study according to vastu is the East direction. This vastu tip is known to help a student gain and attain more concentration.
  • It is also advised that an individual should have and keep a pyramid in their study room in order to maintain a balance of energies.
  • Also, the study room’s door should not be right behind the study chair.
  • It is also considered inauspicious for a study room to have the front wall empty. Thus, it is advised that you can put up posters or motivational quotes on the front wall in order to fill it.
  • If you want to increase the aesthetics of your study room then you can also place an aquarium in your study room according to vastu shastra.
  • The ideal study chair according to vastu shastra should be made of wood. For some comfort, individuals can have a little cushioning on it.
  • The study room should be filled with ample sunlight and should not be dim lit.
  • According to vastu shastra it is essential to have a table lamp at an individual’s study table. Moreover, the ideal placement of the table lamp will be on the left side of the table.
  • One of the most important and basic vastu tips is that an individual, at all times, should keep their study room and study table very neat and clean. An untidy place tends to attract negative vibes, thus, keeping the place clean ensures the inward flow of positive vibes into an individual’s life.
  • Moreover, the study table of an individual should not be in direct contact or against the wall. There should be some space between the study table and the wall in order to allow the flow of creativity and ideas in an individual’s mind.
  • If you are wondering about the ideal colour for study room according to vastu shastra, then you must choose light colours. Light colours are the ebay suited for a study room according to vastu.
  • Moreover, no matter how attractive those round and circular tables are, according to vastu an individual should have a regular shaped study table. These shapes include squares and rectangles.
  • Moreover, if an individual wants to hang their achievements in their study room then they can do so on the Southwest wall of their study room.
  • Moreover, another helpful tip is that an individual should place a globe on their study table. Additionally, it is also advised that an individual should move it a bit occasionally.
  • If you want to hang some auspicious and positive vibe bringing items in your study room, then you can place and hang objects like portraits of Ganesha and also Saraswati Maa. Moreover, you can also hang paintings of horses and rising sun in your study room.

Remedies According To Vastu Shastra For Students

Mentioned below are certain remedies and tips that a student can use in order to increase their concentration and also get their desired results. By following these simple tips, according to Vastu Shastra, an individual can decrease the amount of stress and tension they have in their life and can also calm themselves. These remedies are as follows:

  • According to vastu a student must also practise yoga in order to improve their concentration ability.
  • If an individual has a computer, then according to vastu it should be placed in the Southeast or Northwest corner of the study table.
  • Moreover, it is also recommended that a student should not keep a lot of books on their study table and should keep it neat and tidy always.
  • If your study room is dim lit, it is advised that you should place more lamps or lights and try to keep it well lit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best and most ideal position that would help an individual or student to study with more concentration and focus is the sitting posture facing the south direction. In order to get more concentration it is recommended that a student should sit in the East direction according to vastu shastra.
To get successful results in exams it is recommended that an individual should place a Saraswati yantra near their bed or on their study table. Moreover, it is also recommended that the study table of an individual or student should face the East direction according to vastu shastra. North direction is also considered to be the second best option for an individual to place their study table.
To have better performance, an individual or a student should keep their study rooms and tables clean. Moreover, another helpful tip is that an individual should place a globe on their study table. Additionally, it is also advised that an individual should move it a bit occasionally.
Students and individuals who want to score well in exams and want to excel in their academics are advised to sleep with their head facing north according to vastu. Moreover, it is also advised that individuals and students should never sleep facing north; this will make the students lose focus and concentration.
Vastu tips are known to benefit individuals. They fill a space with positive vibes and energies and also get rid of any and every negative vibe. Moreover, in a student’s life, these remedies help them gain a lot of focus and also help them concentrate better. Vastu shastra is a tried and tested method that a lot of people swear by. Thus, it is guaranteed to give beneficial and favourable results to an individual.
For students living in hostels it is advised that the individuals should keep their room and study table very clean and tidy. Moreover, it is also advised that the individuals should also preferably keep their study tables in the north or west direction in order to have better concentration according to vastu shastra. These will help a student score well and will also have beneficial impacts on the native.

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