Vastu Shastra For Bathroom

The bathroom happens to be one of the most important parts of an individual’s home. The place where one can relax and, moreover, the place where most people are known to get the most amazing and the brightest ideas tends to be their bathrooms. Have you ever wondered that when we take into account the location and every aspect of our house according to Vastu, then does the vastu for bathroom be required? Well, the answer is yes. Also, when your whole house is according to Vastu, then how can your bathroom be left?

A bathroom built according to Vastu happens to bring positive vibes to the house. Moreover, it is also said that when the bathroom of an individual’s home is not according to Vastu, then it might bring bad luck in aspects of finance and health for an individual.

The bathroom has a special place in every house. It should be well-designed, spacious and practical for all kinds of activities. The Vastu Shastra says that there should be enough space between the wash basin and commode in a bathroom for an individual to sit comfortably and wipe himself after washing his hands. Let us begin with the perfect Vastu tips for the bathroom - tips and tricks!

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Impact of Direction on Bathroom Vastu

For deciding the best direction for bathroom as per Vastu, let us read the below points for constructing the bathroom in different directions:

Bathroom Vastu for East facing house: Not recommended to construct a bathroom or toilet in this direction as it is believed to cause digestive issues in the body and affect the relationship with neighbours.

Bathroom Vastu for North facing house: It is not suitable to establish a bathroom or toilet as it causes loss in business and obstacles in opportunities.

Bathroom Vastu for South facing house: Bathrooms must not be built in the south-facing of a house as it causes problems in marriage and finances.

Bathroom Vastu for West facing house: It is not a good Vastu for bathrooms or toilets as it brings property disputes and shattering of wishes and dreams.

Bathroom Vastu for North-East facing house: Constructing a bathroom or a toilet in this direction can cause health issues for the family.

Bathroom Vastu for North-West facing house: One must avoid building bathrooms and toilets in this direction as it may hamper your relationship with other people.

Bathroom Vastu for South-East facing house: Problems in conceiving child and marriage proposal rejections are seen with having a bathroom or a toilet made in this direction. So, put your doubt about whether a South east toilet is good or bad to rest.

Bathroom Vastu for South-West facing house: Constructing bathrooms or toilets in this direction is not advisable as it brings issues in career, health and personal bonds.

Best Direction to construct a bathroom or a toilet: The west of South-west facing house and the west of North-west facing house is suitable for placing a bathroom or a toilet. Also, the best commode direction as per Vastu is North-west of the North and South-west of the South facing house.

Important Vastu Tips For Bathroom

There are various situations which need to be considered while establishing bathrooms as per Vastu. Following are the significant tips to suit those situations or circumstances. Let us look at them one by one.

Vastu tips applicable for building a bathroom with toilet

Mentioned below are certain tips that an individual must keep in mind while building or having a bathroom with toilet. These tips include the following:

  • Toilet direction as per Vastu, says that the entrance door should face north. If it faces east or west, the toilet will not be auspicious and even cause diseases.
  • The entrance door should be at least 10 feet wide so that everyone can enter easily without any difficulty.
  • If there are other doors in front of it (like an entryway), then these doors should open into the main room instead of directly into the bathroom so as not to cut off any air circulation needed by those entering through them on their way inside; otherwise, they may suffer from colds or flu due to lack of fresh air flow in their lungs while they're inside.
  • According to the toilet as per Vastu, the toilet itself must have three holes: one on top for drainage purposes, another at the bottom level where waste goes down after being flushed out through a pipe system connected directly to the sewerage system outside the house (if available).
  • It's important that this pipe does not leak because if it does, then all water used up during its usage would end up going straight back down into the ground, where plants grow instead.

Tips for size, shape and position of the bathroom

When deciding the shape, size and position of your bathroom, you must first keep in mind the number of people who will be using it. This is determined by multiplying your family’s size (including kids) by two. For example, if you have two children and one adult member in the house, then this will be three people using this particular bathroom. If you have five members living at home, then it would be considered a small household with only two toilets so we recommend that you add another toilet for additional use as per our previous article on how to make more space in your home without spending too much money or hiring professionals.

The type of fixtures that need to be installed, such as sinks, tubs, flush valves etc., are based on what kind of plumbing system must be installed within the premises of the home prior to purchasing new homes. Moving into new locations where families live together under one roof despite having separate bedrooms, even though they may not necessarily need any additional rooms, can also be taken into account. Moreover, most families already own multiple bathrooms downstairs along with two smaller ones upstairs; however, some folks might want more privacy since there are kids involved.

Tips for deciding the best place for the bathroom in the house

The best bathroom or toilet location as per Vastu, happens to be in the North-east corner of your house. There are some other factors that you should consider when choosing this location, such as:

  • Bathroom size: The larger and more spacious the bathroom, the better it will work for you.
  • Accessibility: If there are stairs leading up from another part of your house to reach your bathroom, then this could cause problems with getting bathed or using toiletries when you're not at home.
  • Location: The best and most favourable toilet position as per Vastu, bathroom direction as per Vastu and toilet Vastu direction happens to be the west or northwest direction.

Tips for locating a bathroom in different circumstances

If you have a small bathroom, it might be best to place it near the kitchen. This way, you can maximise your space and make use of the extra space or leave it for better ventilation.

However, if your bathroom is large enough for a full bath as well as another room (such as an extra lavatory), then consider locating it in one of those rooms instead of having both separate spaces.

Also, let us consider the below tips for different scenarios or circumstances:

  • While designing your home, keep in mind that some bathrooms will be used more often than others. Therefore, you need to keep in check the cleanliness and hygiene of those ones.
  • Toilets should be separate from the kitchen and living room and instead must be located close to the bedroom and living room.
  • The living room or hall/dining area are not good places for attaching a toilet.
  • The bathroom should be attached to the bedroom. There should be a separate toilet for each bedroom, as this will help in preventing any negative energy from entering through these spaces and causing problems in your life.

Tips for locating kitchen with respect to bathroom

According to Vastu for bathroom, the kitchen should not be close to it. The kitchen and bathroom should be at the extreme ends of your house, especially if you have a western-style home or one with an open floor plan. This means the walls of the kitchen and the bathroom should not be common at any cost. Sharing a common wall is believed to create Vastu Dosha and affect the health of the natives residing in the house.

Moreover, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the doors of the kitchen and the bathroom or bathrooms must not be just opposite each other. These two parts of the house should have other rooms or halls in between and must not have any direct structured linking to each other.

Importance of fresh air for bath area and toilet

It is very important for fresh air to flow through the toilet and bath area at all times. Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of Vastu for bathrooms because it reduces the risk of infection and fire and improves indoor air quality. It also increases oxygen levels in your home, which helps you stay healthy and fit.

Vastu says that a well-lit bathroom should have both sunlight and artificial lighting. Natural light is good for health, mood and energy levels, whereas artificial lighting is good for hygiene purposes. There should also be appropriate space between the wash basin and commode to allow them to operate freely without bumping into each other or getting trapped under foot by someone walking past during use (which could lead to injury).

Placement of sink or tub in Bathroom

As per Vastu Shastra, as mentioned earlier as well, between the wash basin and commode in a bathroom for an individual, sufficient space is needed. This allows one to sit comfortably and wipe himself after washing his hands. This is because it is believed that if one sits on their own toilet or toilet seat without any support, it may lead to back pain. Therefore, if you are planning to install a new sink or tub in your bathroom, then make sure that they are located 1 metre away from either side of this new appliance so that they don’t cause any discomfort when using them at night time because of lack of space between them.

Vastu for bathroom mirror

Installing a mirror as per Vastu in the bathroom is essential as it is associated with the transfer of good vibes in the area. Round-shaped mirrors, rectangular mirrors and square-shaped mirrors all give a classy and elegant look to your bathroom. However, keep in mind that these should be established just above your wash basin under a good amount of light coming over it through the light appliance.

We also recommend installing separate sinks for each gender (male & female) within close proximity as well as keeping some distance between all other items such as mirrors etc., according to Vastu for bathroom mirrors, so that no matter who uses them first after taking a shower, there would always be enough room left over before anyone else comes along later.

Vastu for bathroom fittings

All bathrooms should have high-quality sanitary fittings as per Vastu shastra to ensure they last long and do not need frequent repairs. With right Vastu, the bathroom will be able to get rid of all the germs which are harmful to healthy living.

The bathroom should have a well-designed shower or bathtub with an overflow pipe at the base. This will prevent water from getting trapped in your pipes and clogging them up, making it difficult for you to use your shower or bathtub when there is no water pressure available in your house's plumbing system (and if this often happens enough then we recommend calling an expert plumber). All taps should be kept clear so that they do not leak when turned on.

Vastu Remedies for Bathroom

In the case of Vastu Dosha, i.e. when your bathroom or your entire house, for that matter, is not built as per Vastu Shastra, Vastu experts suggest remedies to reduce its negative impacts. Let us read about them below.

  • Keep Kapur crystals or balls in your bathroom and at the corners of each room.
  • Chant certain Vastu Mantras that a consulted pandit or priest suggests. This will help seek blessings from Lord Vastu Purusha and ask for his favours.
  • Put an image or page of Pyramid Yantra in your house temple.
  • Wear a suggested auspicious stone suitable to your zodiac sign while using the bathroom, even bathing.
  • If possible, ask a builder to shift the toilet’s pit to the North-west.
  • Paint the walls in black colour.
  • It is also advisable to keep a vase of fresh flowers in your bathroom and change them every day without fail.
  • Expired items in the bathroom are believed to have a direct effect on the health of the natives. Therefore, all items kept in the bathroom must be checked for expiry dates.
  • A Horseshoe, glass and salt are meant to remove the ill effects of Vastu Dosha and hence be kept in the bathroom.
  • Avoid keeping any religious items, statues, paintings, or decorative stuff in the bathroom area.

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful information on how to design a bathroom in your home. These days, many people are spending more and more time indoors, making the importance of a healthy environment all the more important. If you are looking for inspiration on how to make your bathroom look better, then considering Vastu can be a great thing to start with! So, we highly recommend you consider the above tips and create a perfect Vastu for bathroom.

For a detailed analysis and consultation regarding the Vastu for your own house's bathroom, visit our web or app InstaAstro and have a chat with our experts in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the bathroom door must be positioned in the north or east direction. Always use a wooden door in the bathroom rather than a metal or steel one. Don't hang photographs or other items on the bathroom door. Also, the bathroom door should always be kept closed at all times when not in use. Negative energies harmful to your connections can enter your space if the door is left open.
Yes, the southeast-facing toilet is not auspicious. It can create problems in marriage and conceiving parents. Furthermore, it can result in financial issues and drain of wealth.
You can Install an exhaust fan facing the north or northeast of the home or bathroom. Also, place a Vastu pyramid on the house's exterior wall facing southwest. See that the bathroom door is kept closed all the time. To correct the Vastu defect or Vastu Dosha, the bathroom in the southwest direction needs to be painted in a pale yellow colour. It is considered to be beneficial Vastu colors for bathrooms.
Obviously, you can keep the plants in the bathroom but choose plants that can withstand damp air and excessive humidity, like money plants, snake plants, spider plants, Aloe vera plants, etc. For plants to thrive, a window is a need in the bathroom.
According to Vastu principles, it is recommended to install a tap or store water in the bathroom facing east, north, or northeast. On the other hand, putting fixtures or storing water is not recommended in the southwest or southeast directions.
According to toilet Vastu, one must keep their exhaust in the south direction. Moreover, it is also important to remember that the facing of the commode should never be in the north or west direction.
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