Vastu Shastra For Sleeping Direction - Getting Good Health And Fortune

Do you know that designing a bedroom for sound sleeping is an art? Good sleep is essential for a healthy body and a clear-headed mind. Your energy to start the next day depends upon the sleep that you took the day before. If you are unable to sleep properly, you feel sick and exhausted. Moreover, we often do not realise that most health issues occur because of the wrong sleep cycle. We tend to blame it on our busy office schedule and disputes in relationships. But do you know that it has much to do with our sleep direction? Yes, you heard it right. The right Vastu for sleeping direction provides peace, happiness, wealth, health and good relations.

Vastu, precisely known as Vastu Shastra, is the branch of Vedic science that contains principles for constructing and placing a building, house or facility. It includes a Vastu Chart, Vastu Purusha Mandala diagram and other principles concerning directions. It is an ancient concept of architecture based on the compatibility of the five elements - Earth, air, water, fire, and sky.

In India, architects and interior house designers now ensure that they give their clients the best experience. And therefore, they care about the Vastu compatibility of a place. Measurement, spacing, bedding, corners, location and arrangement are based on the eight directions of Vastu - North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Surprisingly, Vastu also has connections with the way we sleep. We, as individuals, need to check our bed direction as per Vastu and where we place our heads while sleeping. It assures a good night's sleep. Sometimes the underlying issue of sleepless nights is not work stress or personal life problems but the wrong direction of rest.

There is a constant presence of electromagnetic pull on the Earth. Therefore, we receive vibrations from the atmosphere every second, which impacts every aspect of our life, including sleep. The vibrations are a mix of positive and negative energies. And it depends on us to choose one out of the two. To attract good energy while sleeping, we need to point our heads in the direction suited to Vastu. Vastu recommends tips for sleeping that help maintain the sleep cycle and boost your mind and body. In addition, it makes you feel more active and relaxed.

Let us read ahead and understand more about the sleeping position Vastu. Also, connect with experienced astrologers at InstaAstro to know if you need a Vastu consultation and other insights about your life.

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Suitable Sleep Directions based on Vastu

In order to sleep peacefully, you need to know the best sleeping direction as per Vastu. Sleeping in different directions creates different influences on your body and sleep. So, let us look at the effects of sleeping in different directions and determine the best one for positioning your head and achieving adequate sleep.

  • Sleeping in North direction as per Vastu

Keeping your head towards the North while sleeping is not a good choice. The earth's magnetic pull moves from the north pole to the south pole, releasing electromagnetic forces. The human body, too, is impacted by the discharge of these forces. The north pole and your head are both believed to be positively charged. And two entities of the same charge tend to repel each other, creating a disturbance in sleep.

Moreover, in the Hindu religion, dead bodies are placed in the north direction until burnt or buried. It is said that the soul leaves the body from the north to begin a new journey in the next life. Hence, a living person pointing their head in the same direction is inauspicious and brings ill effects. It makes you restless and gives you anxiety during sleep. It also leads to severe neurological diseases.

Scientifically, it is also recommended to keep your feet towards the north. This is because the feet keep incoming energies away from the body. Therefore, it sends away negative energies and keeps you safe.

Vastu Shastra strictly instructs avoiding north-facing positions. Research shows that people who have slept with their heads in the north have struggled to reach Rapid-eye-movement (REM), an important stage in sleep responsible for a healthy body and mind.

  • Sleeping in South direction as per Vastu

It is essential to consider the magnetic effect and the Vastu while deciding on a suitable sleep direction. For identifying the correct sleeping position in the south direction, we need to consider two regions, the southern and northern hemispheres.

In the southern hemisphere, the head cannot be kept towards the south direction as this will lead to two south poles pushing each other back or repelling. It can result in adverse health issues. So, any direction except the south is advisable here. Thus, the best sleeping directions, in this case, are north, west and east.

But in the northern hemisphere, pointing your head towards the south while sleeping is considered ideal. Moreover, the lord of the south direction, Yama, resides here. You get direct blessings from him in the form of joy, health and prosperity. This direction provides you with positive vibrations as it coordinates well with the electromagnetic flow of energies.

Thus, the negative and positive energies get balanced. Head to the south and feet to the north or west eliminate negative vibes like anxiety and also lowers high blood pressure. Sleeping with this orientation is highly recommended by Vastu experts as it provides quality sleep and massively improves your sleeping routine. As a result, you wake up with more energy and a better presence of mind.

  • Sleeping in East direction as per Vastu

The East is where the Sun rises from. It is a house of strength and vitality. Lord Sun, the supreme power, blesses you with a great mind and body. Therefore, it is the best sleeping direction so far. Sleeping with your head towards the east boosts confidence, thinking ability, focus and peace.

Kids are able to perform better in academics if they sleep in this direction. It increases their memory power and concentration. Hence, giving them a habit of sleeping in the east in the early stage of life is recommended.

People in academic professions must sleep in the east direction, like scholars, teachers, professors, and research workers. They are educators, and their memory power gets utilised constantly. So, a proper sleeping routine is extremely important for them.

Moreover, the electromagnetic forces are neutral in the east direction. Hence, the flow of charges is nullified here. This means no disturbance or hindrance to your sleep. Women concerned for their skin can take their beauty sleep in the east. It rejuvenates your skin and strengthens your vitals. This direction is also suitable for quick naps and placing study or work tables.

  • Sleeping in West direction as per Vastu

There have been mixed views on sleeping with your head in the west direction. Surveys and research suggest that some people have encountered scary thoughts and weird dreams while others have found comfort.

But sleeping in this direction is considered to attract opportunities. If you are an opportunist, you can try this. Moreover, it is found beneficial for work-related promotions and business profits.

Some experts believe that it has the potential to keep away negative outlooks and overthinking if we get proper sleep in this direction. Our heads towards the west and legs towards the east are said to bring wealth and improve financial stability, as per Vastu. If it works for you, you may draw a lot of money and luxury into your life.

It is better to avoid sleeping in this direction as it has given confusing results. However, as per Vastu, it advances Rajas Guna out of the three gunas or qualities (Rajas, Tama and Sattvic). Rajas bring energy and ambition to the native. So those with business intent and aim must definitely go for this. But if you are satisfied in life but have a weak heart, you may avoid this direction as it can make you restless.

Some Sleeping Tips to follow

Now that we have proper know-how of different aspects related to the influence of Vastu directions on our sleeping state, let us look at some final tips to make your sleeping experience even better. Here are some dos and don’ts for added safety.

  • A wooden bed is considered good, as per Vastu. Any metal or iron sheet used in the design of the bed contributes to negative energies and hence can be avoided.
  • The chosen bed should be rectangular or square-shaped. It helps keep the right sleeping directions in check and is also considered Vastu compatible.
  • Vastu Shastra recommends decorating your room with plants, sacred paintings, elephant figurines and flowers to attract a positive flow of energy.
  • Certain colour combinations are mentioned in the Vastu Shastra to make your bedroom favourable for you. It is also believed to eliminate Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha from your life.
  • In addition to not placing your head under the light or window, seeing one’s reflection in a mirror is inauspicious. Hence, sleeping in front of a mirror must be avoided.
  • Do not keep your leg pointed towards the south direction while sleeping, as it is associated with bad dreams. Also, avoid keeping your leg towards the room’s entry.
  • Avoid keeping and charging electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, chargers etc., beside your bed as its radiations and electromagnetic waves lead to health issues like restlessness, anxiety and insomnia at night.
  • Many of us have storage attached under our beds. But as per Vastu, it is considered unsuitable for our sleep.
  • Not everyone has a spacious room but try to keep space on both sides of the bed. Also, do not push it to the wall in a corner. Pinning your bed to the corner hinders the flow of vital energies. Instead, place the bed in the centre of the bedroom.
  • Pay equal attention to the master bedroom (often where the head of the family sleeps), guest room and kid’s room. For a person sleeping in the master bedroom, the bed must be oriented south and east-west, while for a guest room, the west direction of the bed is the best. And for the kids’ room, make sure that the bed is not placed facing the door.
  • A newly married couple must have their room in the southwest portion. For a happy married life, it is advised that the wife must sleep in the left direction and the husband on the right.
  • It is further advised for pregnant women to rest their bodies to the left of the bed as it enhances blood circulation and reduces pressure on the liver. It is also considered a safe position for the baby inside a mother’s womb.
  • Finally, avoid clutter and keep your room clean and fragrant. It enhances your mornings, and you tend to wake up with a relaxed mind.

Remedies for Wrong Vastu

If you have already built your house and you forgot to consider Vastu, do not worry. First of all, get your house’s Vastu checked as soon as possible. And secondly, follow the below-suggested remedies to reduce the ill effects of the wrongly-directed house, also called Vastu Dosh:

  • To make your sleeping experience better, apart from keeping in mind the right directions, also remember to place camphor balls at different corners of the house. The smell of the camphor balls is believed to reduce the negative effects of Vastu Dosh.
  • Consult a Vastu expert who can suggest an element or stone to wear to protect you from bad energies while sleeping.
  • It is also believed that the right placement of the mirror in your bedroom can also help enhance your sleep. Never sleep facing your mirror, and do not have any part of your body reflected on it while sleeping.
  • Keep a Pyramid Yantra image or poster at the place of worship inside your house. It helps receive the favours of Lord Vastu Purusha.
  • Hanging a wind bell or a wind chime in each room of the house brings positive vibes and helps get rid of Vastu Dosh.

Vastu lays principles that ensure the right placement of the bed and the right direction to sleep in. It also suggests which side to sleep on. These principles help maintain a healthy life as well as personal relationships. Making just a few changes in the sleep direction, as per Vastu Shastra, can make you feel the right vibes and have an even more homely experience. Moreover, certain Vastu principles need to be kept in mind even while arranging things in your bedroom. We have also read that there is a Vastu rule for everything, even choosing the correct side of the bed for a husband and a wife while sleeping, i.e. an appropriate husband and wife sleeping direction as per Vastu.

Hence, to conclude, you need to consider Vastu and see what direction your head points. It is an important factor to achieve an appropriate sleeping position. I hope you got a fair idea about Vastu directions for sleep. However, if you still want to know more and want to know exact things for your own house, consult InstaAstro experts today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your head must be kept in the south direction while sleeping. As per Vastu, you get direct blessings from the deity Yama by doing this, and you are safe from mishappenings. Also, scientifically, it coordinates with the flow of electromagnetic waves that flow from north to south, thus, balancing charges.
Sleeping on the left is considered suitable for good sleep. It keeps away evil thoughts and restlessness. But in the case of couples, it is recommended that the wives sleep on the left while the husbands are on the right. It influences their love life and brings them closer.
It is not recommended to sleep in the west direction. Sleeping in this direction has brought confusing results to people. But it is also a success-driven direction and is said to bring good health and wealth to people. Hence, people with strong aspirations and people in business must try sleeping with their heads in the west.
It is best to sleep in the east direction because the sun rises in the east. Sun is the source of supreme power, and hence it provides strength, focus, energy and strong memory power to the people. It also keeps away sleep-related health issues.
We should not sleep with our heads placed in the north direction. Scientifically, your head is a north pole and aligning your north pole with the north direction creates repelling and causes sleep disturbance. Moreover, dead bodies are kept in this direction so that their soul can move to the next life journey.
Yes, direction affects sleep. It gets disturbed if it is not aligning with the magnetic pull of the earth and the direction is not suitable, as per Vastu. As a result, you are restless and face adverse health problems. So, sleeping in the correct direction is highly recommended. One must know how to sleep according to Vastu.

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