Vastu Shastra For Love - Attract Love using Vastu Shastra

Love holds an exceptional place of affection in our lives. It has a unique code which involves Love, respect and bonding between the two people who share their lives with care, support, understanding, adjustments etc. However, to make the bonds more substantial with time, one takes the help of Vastu. Using Vastu for love can come around to be very beneficial for an individual. Want to know how? Read the entire article and find for yourself.

One branch of vastu also happens to be vastu tips for love relationship. As vastu grabs hold of the negative energies and converts them into positive ones. It connects balance and journals cosmic energy through directions, structures, and mantras. Vastu analysis tells the root cause of the problems with which you can solve them or take actions that can avoid the effect of the harmful waves; however, as it provides you with practical solutions, these can also vary from person to person as every relationship is unique. Nevertheless, there are some general ones which are discussed below:

  • Avoid keeping single-identity decorative items in the room; keeping them in pairs can help you symbolise Love.
  • Try to keep the walls cream or off-white colours, and strictly avoid using blue colour as it hampers the flow of Love.
  • The Southwest wall of your home or room should have a double happiness symbol. Between the north and Northwest walls of your room, place a figurine of a cupid.

Vastu Shastra has several tips and tricks which can help you to improve and better your relationship in every way possible. For example, Vastu can help you to decide where to place your bed.

Ideally, the bed should be placed in the centre of the room, with the headboard facing the room's main door. It would be best if you set no other furniture below the bed, as this can create conflict in the relationship. However, if your room is too small to place the bed in the centre, you can still use Vastu to place your bed. It would be best if you remembered to keep the centre of the room empty and avoid blocking the energy flow.

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Vastu Tips For Love

Everyone wishes for a happy family with Love and prosperity, especially with their spouse. Each of us wants to live a life filled with happiness and laughter. Mentioned below are some vastu tips for love life that will help you find solutions for questions like how to attract love in life astrology, let's have a look at these Vastu tips to improve love life:

  • Keep a mirror in the bedroom. There should be at least one window as a window reduces the anxiety and stress of negative vibes, and there is a boost in the environment by positive vibes.
  • There should be at least one symbol of Love in pairs, attracting the love symbols.
  • There should be a correct way of sleeping; the wife should sleep on the husband's left side and use a single pillow. This will help strengthen your bond and keep a distance from misunderstandings. This simple trick is quite important in Vastu for love between husband and wife.
  • Any unrealistic decorative items, such as flowers, should be avoided as it increases stress and anxiety levels between the partners.
  • You should avoid pictures of God and goddesses in the bathroom and bedroom. Also, you can add a large water fountain picture to the wall on the side of their feet to encourage a sweet and lovely atmosphere.
  • Keeping a money plant helps you become prosperous and helps to solve money-related problems.

Vastu Love Tips

Love is unconditional and is expressed in many forms, which include sweet and passionate affection towards your partner. So if you are looking to increase Love and tenderness in your relationship with your partner, then you must follow these tips of vastu for love birds:

  • As roses symbolise love, hanging quotes related to roses in the room will help attract in-depth love. This Vastu for couples tips works every time!
  • Place pictures of a loved one in the Northwest zone of the house as this is an ideal Vastu for attracting love.
  • Red symbolises Love, so we wear clothes that carry the hank achieves or the phone cases as much as we can.
  • Plan a place in which the bedroom is in the Northwest area of the home as this is the best suitable direction for couples to have some space with optimistic and lovely vibes.
  • The room should have a fragrance of Love, and the colour criteria should be kept soothing, lovely and attractive.
  • Make sure any decorative item is not in a single piece. The article should be in pairs and also should not be broken, as keeping such things will automatically attract negativity.

Love solutions

It happens that often we are not in a good mood, and sometimes, due to anger, we shout unreasonably at our partners. So, to solve this problem, here are some Vastu tips for singles:

  • The room should be clutter-free and dust free. Try to avoid a mess in the room.
  • The direction of the bed should be in the Southwest corner as it will enhance feelings of Love and romance in the marriage. The bedroom should have light lighting and decorative lamps.
  • There should be cushions and bed sheets of light colours matching the curtains.
  • The colours such as light pink, peach, green light red should be used to attract love training.
  • Avoid placing your beds on at least two walls; it should not happen that one of the partners is trapped between the two sides at the corners.

We all are surrounded by the energy known as cosmic energy, and the energy flow is electromagnetic. These waves have the essential need to flow without interruptions. If there is any, then there is a negative effect on our relations, so to deal with these positive, negative, good and bad vibes, one needs to take the help of Vastu. The bedroom is the initial place where the partners are free to express their feelings and feel comfortable, so here are some of the tips which will help you stabilise the understanding of Love and romance and make the relationship healthier:

  • Please do not use a metal bed as this brings negative vibes inside any beautiful place.
  • There should be one single bed mattress for the couple to enhance the harmony of marriage.
  • Try to uplift the room's vibe with flickering lamps; this will help draw more attention to the relationship between you and your partner.
  • Iron and wood are suitable materials for wardrobes. Choose a single-door cabinet with a square or rectangular form. To reduce clutter, organise your clothing regularly. Avoid keeping unneeded or ripped clothing. The cash vault should be placed in front of the almirah's north entrance, while you should store the jewellery to the west or south.

How to get the attention of our beloved ones?

The main requirement to attract anyone towards us is to balance our feelings and understand the next person's perspective. One cannot initiate a step if the other does not want the relationship, so to meet the right time, here are some of the Vastu tips that will attract you good luck and your desired love:

  • Try shifting or renovating your room and ensure it is not faced on the east or South corner of the house.
  • Do not have dark colours on the walls, as this will decrease the loving tendency inside you.
  • Try to put a painting of love birds in the Southwest area of your house.
  • Choose elective colours for the walls of a place with light pink, yellow, peach or soothing colours.
  • Do not keep broken material for long and try to discard clutter for a better flow of positive energy. To gain positive vibrations; make sure that you hang photos of a cloud in the Northwest area. In addition, you should make sure that the pictures are dust free as dust on the images will help gain the negative impact.
  • Increase the source of incoming natural light that will help the environment to manifest positivity.
  • Do not place your bed on the corners of the two walls or just in front of the door, as it symbolises the negative energy that makes a person leave.
  • The universal colour of love and affection, Pink will change the vibe of your room and will help you welcome positivity, intimacy, and love in your life. If you wish to deepen your marital relationship, you can paint the walls a pastel pink. If you or your spouse don't like pink walls, you may still include the shade with a few tiny decor components. Rose-gold metallic accents, such as vases, knobs, and side tables, are a terrific way to bring a touch of pink into your space.

As per Vastu, the southwest side of the house is ideal for placing the primary bedroom as this side balances a relationship and helps them create a positive dynamic.
In addition, according to Vastu Shastras, the position of the mirrors in the bedroom plays a fundamental role in relationships.

Vastu Remedies For Love

If you are single and looking for Love, Vastu has some tips.

  • If you have a fish tank, make sure it is placed in the northeast corner.
  • Similarly, if you have a mirror in your house, make sure it is placed in the southeast corner.
  • If you have a cactus, make sure it is growing in the northeast direction.
  • The colour blue is believed to attract love and romance. Therefore, you can place blue objects or pictures in your house to attract Love. Alternatively, you can paint your room blue.
  • The colour red is thought to be a colour of passion and attraction. So you can paint your room red to attract Love. Alternatively, you can place red objects or pictures in your house.
  • Apart from the bed, there are many other Vastu tips for couples. For example, if you have an aquarium at home, make sure it is placed in the southwest corner. Fish are symbols of harmony and Love and can bring balance to your relationship.
  • Likewise, if you have a mirror in your house, make sure it is placed in the southeast corner to reflect the Love in your home.
  • Similarly, if you have a picture of your or your partner's parents, make sure it is placed in the room's northeast corner. Finally, if you have a cactus in your home, ensure it is growing in the northeast direction.
  • Cacti are symbols of eternal Love and are believed to bring good luck in relationships.

Vastu can help improve your love life in many ways. For example, it can help you to create a positive and harmonious environment in your home and can help you decide where to place your furniture. It can help you to choose where to put your bed, aquarium, and pictures. And it can also help you to bring blue and red colours to your home. If you want to improve your love life, you should follow these tips and make your home Vastu-compliant. And once your home is Vastu compliant, you will see a positive change in many aspects of your life, including your love life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the following mantra for 41 days to attract your desired person. Om Chamunday Jai Jai Stambhya Stambhya Bhanjya Bhanjya Mohay Mohay Sarvaste Namah Swaha
Red and pink colours are the best suited for love, as they enhance the love factor.
The bed should always be on the southwest wall of the room and should not face the door. The best sleeping position for couples is to keep the head towards the south, southeast, or southwest. It is strongly advised not to keep your head towards the north while sleeping. It can make you stressed and exhausted.
Vastu recommends lying down with their head pointed southward direction.
To attract Love towards you, keep an artefact or painting of love birds in the South-west area of your home.
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